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What Is Kief - Everything You Need To Know & More!

What Is Kief - Everything You Need To Know & More!

Kief is the sticky and tiny crystals covering the cannabis flower. You can also refer to this substance as dry pollen or sift. It is a form of cannabis plant created after the removal of fuzzy coating, crystals, and resin glands from the trichomes. The ratio of the terpenes and cannabinoids in the keif is the same as the buds. This indicates whether the keif is low in CBD and high on THC remains the same.

Many expert weed consumers prefer keif because the substance has a strong concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. As a result, they get powerful hits and make them feel high than other products. There are different types of keif depending on the potency. The strength of the keif depends on the marijuana plant. However, experts found that that the substance contains 50% tetrahydrocannabinol. This means that it offers a higher hit than marijuana flower which contains an average of 12 to 25 percent of THC.


If you want to consume cannabidiol, THC, and cannabigerol without including the plant material, kief would be the best method to use. That way, you can reduce your harsh smoking habit. Another reason why many veteran smokers are consuming kief is that you can easily consume and extract this component. Also, the extraction process can be budget-friendly, depending on the concentration you want. The best part about switching to kief from cannabis flowers is that you can collect them at home.

There are numerous ways to consume kief. Most of them are lung-friendly including vaping the substance or including them with baking products. These safe methods of consumption eliminate the ingestion of toxins and dangers from combustions.

If you want to process kief at home in huge quantities, purchasing a kief box will be the best idea. The box includes two chambers. You can use one of these chambers to sift cannabis flowers and the other will help to catch kief. Place the substance in the box and properly shake it. Shaking the box will remove the trichomes and it sifts from the mesh screen. This will help collect the trichomes on the kief side of the box.

After extracting the cannabis kief, you can consume the substance in numerous ways. Here are some ways you can try to intake the substance:

  • You can directly smoke kief with the help of a glass pipe and other instruments.
  • Sprinkling kief on marijuana flowers and rolling a joint will boost the potency.
  • Adding kief to your morning tea or coffee will give a long-lasting and strong buzz.
  • By blending kief with butter you can include the substance in baking products such as kief brownies and cupcakes.


To keep it simple, consuming kief in any way will provide a strong effect on the body. The THC level in the kief depends on the quality and can reach up to 70 percent. This indicates that you will require less material for a stronger effect. Kief includes numerous different strains offering you a variety of mix. The mixture includes flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. According to many veteran smokers, consuming kief offers them strong effect causing them to sleep peacefully.

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