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9 Tips to Fix a Vape Pen Battery that Wont Charge

vape pen smoke high

Having trouble with your vaporizer? Is your vape pen not working after charge? We understand the anxiety this can cause, but fear not! There are some simple solutions to common vape problems.

In this article, we will cover various actions you can take when your vape pen not working after charge is not working after a charge. As many different pens as are on the market, just as many problems can arise. We’ve covered everything from flower vape pens to e-cigarettes; the main topics of conversation here will be:


  • How to fix a vape battery
  • Vape charger stays green
  • Kandy pen not working
  • Brass Knuckles battery not working
  • Other pre-filled cartridge vape pens not working
  • Smok Alien won’t turn on
  • Smok Alien not charging
  • Vapes won’t charge
  • Smok Alien screen not working
  • Brand new disposable vape not working
  • Smok Alien Firmware update not working
  • How to reset Smok Alien

So let's get started!

vape pen thread smoke

Vapes come in all shapes and sizes, including thin like this Thread Pen. Photo: @threadchemistry

Vaporizers take many different forms, so make sure you know what type you're working with before finding the solution. You could have an e-cigarette pen, something that vapes concentrate, or it could be a flower vaporizer (like this awesome Linx flower vape, which made it onto a list of our favorite dry herb vapes).

Flower vaporizers are for placing dried herbs inside and then vaporizing them. This is much healthier than lighting your herbs on fire and smoking them, which is why we think everyone should consider using a vaporizer. This is especially true if you’re smoking joints, as joints are tobacco products that still fall into the "pretty unhealthy" category of things you can smoke.

Galaxy Treats vape pen
If you're looking for a great vape, try the Galaxy treat Vape pen. It's a true beaut that is known for its power and durability.

Pre-filled cartridge vapes are another way to get your fix. Personally, we're big fans of the O2 Vape- they're well priced and high quality. Pre-filled vapes aren't legal everywhere so make sure you know the laws of the area you're in; you'll mostly find them in cannabis-legal states in the US and in Canada.
02 vape pen

O2 Vape has all sorts of amazing vapes you ...can use to vape all sorts of herbal goodies. Their "vapes" are concentrates vapes that are as affordable as they are easy to use.

Another version of the pen is the disposable vape, which doesn’t have a separate battery. Rather, the batteries are already attached. You may find the Delat Extra vape pen to your liking! We appreciate the rubberized outside for firm grip and ultra-portable design, so you can confidently take it with you on your day's adventure. These are also only really available in North America.
Delta extrax disposable

If you're looking for a simple solution to taking your concentrates on-the-go, the Delat Extrax Watermelon Disposable Vape is one of our top picks for its durable, thoughtful design.

What to do if your vape pen is not working after a charge!
vape pen broken high

Does your vape look like this? Let’s see if we can offer some helpful tips… Photo: @jcreightonj033

If your vaporiser isn’t working there are many different things which could be affecting its use. Have a go at the list below and see if anything helps. If you're still having trouble then your problems may not be solvable from home. If this is the case, you can contact the supplier and hope that they have good customer service. Try to return your vape or ask for a refund; we find that most suppliers are pretty gracious when it comes to faulty products. 

First, we will talk about the potential problems that you can have with any pen, and then we will discuss a couple of specific companies and what you can do to solve problems with them.

1. My vape pen won’t hit

If your pen won’t hit, there could be a few problems with it. If you’re working with a pre-filled cartridge then there could be something blocking the airflow of the vape. This can happen when you have used the same mouthpiece for a while, as the oil inside pre-filled cartridges (or disposable oil cartridges) often leave bi-products behind that can build up over time. This can lead to the airflow being completely blocked. If you look at your mouthpiece and see some fluff and some orange chemicals there, then you should definitely give this a deep clean.

In order to clean your pen's mouthpiece, you will need to detach the mouthpiece from the vaporiser and, if it’s metal, place it in boiling water for a while. Let it soak, and then get something thin, a paper clip perhaps, to dislodge anything that may be blocking airflow. Once you've carefully used the paper clip or other nimble tool to clean, dry the mouthpiece off - you can always use a hair dryer if you want it to dry faster - before you reconnect it. If you re-attach the mouthpiece and there’s still a problem with the vape pen, then you have a different problem (but at least now you have a clean mouthpiece!).

If your brand new disposable vape not working after a charge because of a blockage and it’s made of plastic, then get a hair clip or unfolded paper clip or something similar and try to pick all of the blockages out. Make sure to be gentle as you prod. This should help with the airflow of your disposable vape pen.

If your oil vape pen cartridge is still not hitting, then you may have to tamper with it further. There is a video below that shows you how to open up a specific brand of vape pen. If you look for loose points in your connection plate to the vape pen's 510 thread vape pen battery, then you should be able to fix most problems. If necessary, you can buy a new 510 thread vape pen battery pretty easily. We like these options: 510 Thread Auto Draw Battery from Kind Pen, and the KandyPens 350 mAh Battery compatible with almost all 510 threaded pens (don't let the KandyPens logo make you think it's exclusively for KandyPens!).


 vape battery charge

Once you know your vape uses a 510 thread connection plate (most do), pick up a rechargeable 510 thread battery from Kind Pen. May your travels take you to such beautiful spots as where this battery is chillin'!

 (@the_kindpen, can we go with you on your next photoshoot?)

 kandypens battery vape

Even the battery gets stylish advertising from Kandypens. They leave no detail behind, and this 350mAh battery with a 510 thread connection plate is no exception.

 (Kandypens' insta is well worth a scroll, though this image came from the product page.)


2. How to fix a vape pen battery

The best way to fix a vape's battery is to not let it break in the first place. This may sound obvious, but there are many things you can do to ensure that the battery enjoys maximum life.

Firstly, you should allow your vape pen to fully charge every time you plug it in and deplete fully with every use. This means that the battery will last for the longest time possible.

If your battery has stopped working and you need to fix it, then you may have to adjust the connection plate inside the 510 thread. This is technical, and will require some simple tools like a paper clip. If you see that the LED on your battery still turns on during use, but you have no draw and it’s not transferring power back to the cartridge, then it may not be defective, it may simply need tampering with. For some batteries you will simply need a paper clip, but for others you may need a screwdriver.

Once you’ve opened it, look for loose connections, the video above should help you with this. If your pen is blinking 10 times or if your pen is blinking 3 times then the battery probably just needs to be charged. Charge it overnight, then test it to see if it’s working. If the vape charger stays green, it probably means that it’s fully charged and is ready for use. If your pen remains inactive, you may need to purchase a new battery. Find out what type of battery will fit your pen before purchasing, but we find that most 510 threaded batteries like this one will do the trick!

3. Kandy Pen not working

vape pen kandy cannabis

Let’s try to fix your broken beauty! Photo: @

If your Kandy Pen has stopped working, then you will first need to find out what the problem is. If it’s not charging, then you may need to open it up and check for connectivity issues, including if the connection plate is loose, preventing the pen from being able to draw power from the vape pen battery. If it’s not drawing, use a paper clip or other nimble tool to reposition the loose connection plate. You may also need to charge the vape pen battery, which is usually easy enough to do on a Kandy vape pen. Check your vape cartridge as well. Are there air bubbles? Is the heating element in your pen warming up adequately? If not, again, it may be a connection or battery issue. Simply go through each possibility step by step until you find the answer. If it’s actually broken at some point in the vaporiser, then you may need to either buy a replacement or see if your warranty covers the breakage.

The best thing about Kandy Pens is that they offer both concentrate and flower vaporisers, as well as offering them in many different colours. Go with a classic look like the donut, get the super unique Oura, go fully e-cigarette with a RUBI, and/or power up with the mighty MIVA 2.

kandypens donut vape

Place your precious concentrates into Kandypens Donut's deep-dish 100% ceramic atomizer, select one of three pre-set temperatures, and toke-away with this sleek oil vape pen!

 (@kandypens - too many good photo options to choose from, but we're not complaining)

vapor concentrates cannabis

Bring the cool with this super unique concentrates vaporizer from Kandypens. Choose the colour combo that best fits your vibe, gather your friends, then load with your favourite concentrates and enjoy.

 (@kandypens - the source of this photo and the source of inspiration for the many ways to party with Oura)

 kandypens travel toke

If you're going for more of the I-wish-this-looked-more-like-a-USB-stick vibe, the RUBI is your gal. She's sleek, she's modern, and she pulls like a true winner.

 (Photo courtesy those pro photogs at Kandypens - all rights reserved)

 miva herbal flower vape

Not sure if you'll be vaping herbs or concentrates? With the MIVA 2 vape pen you can switch it up. With advanced features, including precise temperature controls, the MIVA 2 allows you to customize your toking experience.

(@Kandypens can keep the photo simple when the product offers enough on its own)

In order to get the longest life from your Kandy Pen, you should vape your herbs at a lower temperature. This has several advantages, the main advantages of which are:

  • The left over and very potent already vaped bud (AVB) can be mixed with a fat or an oil to make edibles
  • It tastes better when the temperature is lower
  • It’s healthier as well, as the lower temperature doesn't burn your plant material
  • Easier on the heating chamber of your vape cartridges over time
  • There’s no risk of burning the plastic situated at the mouthpiece

4. Brass Knuckles vape battery not working

vape pen brass knuckles smoke

Even the ever popular Brass Knuckles pens need a fix from time to time. Photo: @f1lthk1ck all rights reserved

Brass Knuckles are one of the most popular vape companies in the world. They sell millions of their pre-filled vape cartridges to their fans across California, and are so popular that some unscrupulous companies have even started making a fake Brass Knuckles vape cartridge.

They also offer their own vape pen battery that fits their cartridges. However, sometimes these vape batteries also stop working, leaving the heating chamber useless and your cravings for a good toke totally let down. The most common problem with Brass Knuckles battery is that the mouthpiece becomes blocked, so definitely look for this first. If you’ve cleaned the mouthpiece (using isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab is a sure way to clean thoroughly) and there’s still no draw, then you have another problem. Again, you should open up the pen and see if you can see any loose threads or a loose connection plate. If that still doesn't charge up the heating element, you should consider buying a new vape battery; it won't set you back too much financially and you'll be a happy camper again once your oil is baking in the heating chamber again.

5. Other vape pens’ batteries not working

If you have any of the following oil cartridges and they’re not hitting, then you should follow the general advice listed above. The best thing to do is to check for a blockage in the mouthpiece. It's never a bad idea to implement a cleaning routine that includes some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to keep your mouthpiece clean and clear. If there isn’t a blockage, then try opening up the battery to see inside. A compromised battery can mean your pen's heating chamber isn't receiving the energy needed to heat and it may be stuck at room temperature forever! If you can’t find any loose connections, then the problem could be much more difficult to solve, and you should consider asking about a refund or buying a new pen. The following companies experience similar problems with their batteries:

  • Jupiter Vape
  • Alpine vape
  • Exxus vape
  • Kind Pen
  • Heavy hitters battery
  • Kurvana battery
  • Vertex vape
  • Micro vape
  • Abx battery

If your brand new disposable vape pen  is not working, there’s not really much you can do. Try to clear out any junk in the mouthpiece, but if it’s not working still, opening them up can damage them easily. It’s better to just buy a new one.


6. Smok Alien problems

Smok Alien problems are fairly common, so now that we’ve covered the oil cartridges and the vape batteries, we will now talk about e-cigarettes. The most common problems appear to be with the Smok Alien not charging or that the Smok Alien screen is not working. If the Smok Alien screen is not working, then try pressing the fire button 5 times, which will take it out of stealth mode.

If your Smok Alien 220w gx350 is not charging, leaving the heating chamber disappointingly cool:

  1. Click the fire button on the side 4 times
  2. Scroll over to settings
  3. Hold down the fire button
  4. Scroll to download option
  5. Hold down the fire button again
  6. Say yes you want the Smok g150 or Smok Majesty firmware update
  7. This temporarily fixes the charging problem, as it starts to charge
  8. You will have to do this every time you want it to charge, until a firmware update fixes it; this may seem annoying but it’s better than not charging at all and having an inactive heating element.

7. Smok Alien won’t turn on

In general, e-cigarettes rarely have problems. They are well made and they are generally expensive pieces of equipment. However, some products are bound to develop faults, and the Smok Alien is no different. If you're experiencing problems with your Smok gx350, then follow these steps:

  1. Take off your tank/atomiser
  2. Set your atomiser somewhere safe
  3. Slam your e-cigarette onto some place hard
  4. This won’t break your mod (don’t slam it too hard)
  5. This should knock something around inside and may help your problem
  6. If this doesn’t work, then you will have to try something else

There are many different options for fixing the problems with your Smok GX350 or Smok Alien. If the above doesn’t work, then you could have potentially charged the batteries for too long, leading them to be messed up. If your Smok Alien won’t turn on after doing the above steps, press the fire button 5 times. This turns off stealth mode, and your Smok Alien may have been turned on all along, but the screen could have potentially been turned off. This is a problem that many users don’t realise, and is a very easy fix. If the batteries are fried from overcharging, then you will have to get them replaced. Some shops do this for free, whereas others may charge you for the privilege. A lot of vape shops will do this for free, so if you have problems with your battery then you should take it to a local vape shop.

8. How to reset Smok Alien AL85 mod if Smok Alien firmware update isn’t working

vape e cigarette smok alien

Let’s get this fixed so you can get your fix. Photo: @heavengiftscom

If you’re attempting to upgrade your Smok GX350 through a firmware update and it’s not working, you may have to perform a reset on it. It can be difficult to find out how to do a reset, but once you figure it out it’s actually incredibly easy. In order to hard reset your Smok Alien 220 TC or GX350, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the battery door
  2. Hold your Smok upside down, with the battery door facing upwards
  3. Hold the two adjustment buttons down at the same time
  4. Close the battery door, continuing to press down the buttons
  5. This will supply power, and the screen should turn on in 1-2 seconds
  6. After the screen turns on just press yes when it asks you if you want to factory reset

Once you’ve performed a factory reset, this should help with many of the problems of your Smok Alien, especially if it’s not updating.

Common Issues and Solutions for Vape Batteries

If you're having trouble with your vape battery, it can be frustrating. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Learn how to fix an overcharged vape battery, troubleshoot a dap pen that won't charge, and troubleshoot issues with Vapmod and Brass Knuckle batteries. We also have an ABX battery tutorial to help you get the most out of your device. Plus, learn about damaged batteries, green lights, flashing green lights, and how to ensure your battery is properly conducting electricity. Keep your vape running smoothly with these tips and tricks!

In Summary

Vaporisers are a convenient, sleek way to get your smoke on. Like any type of technology though, problems can develop. Make sure to take good care of your products by cleaning them regularly and charging them properly you'll find that they'll last you a long time! If you do encounter problems though, we hope this list has boosted your confidence and you feel like you know more about how to fix a broken vape pen. Good luck and happy vaping!

Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. All photos were sourced from | updated 2021

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