25 Best Vape Pens for Prefilled Cartridges - Whatever Your Budget!

Dec 28 , 2018

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25 Best Vape Pens for Prefilled Cartridges - Whatever Your Budget!

Welcome to our article including all things to do with pre-filled cartridges. These aren’t very well-known outside of the cannabis communities that allow them. They are still illegal in Europe, so the only people who have access to these products are in North America. These dab pens are becoming increasingly popular out there, but there's lots to know about them; life isn't necessarily guaranteed to be better with a vape pen in it. Find out everything you need to know and more about these pre-filled CO2 or distillate cartridges:

  • Which are the best vape pens
  • What are the advantages of vape pens
  • What are the disadvantages of prefilled vape pens
  • What are CBD vape pens
  • What are the best flower vapes
  • What are the best 3 in 1 vapes
  • What are the best 4 in 1 vapes
  • What’s the difference between distillate and CO2 cartridges
  • And much more

What’s the difference between a disposable vape pen and a cartridge refill?

There are four different types of cannabis vaporiser:
  • Disposable
  • Cartridge
  • Flower vape
  • Oil/wax/dab pen

This article is going to tackle both the disposable and cartridge varieties of the vape pen, but (as an honourable mention) a flower vaporiser is for dry herbs to be placed inside. You then simply press the button, and it blows hot air over the cannabis. This is probably the healthiest way of taking marijuana, except maybe eating it. This is because there’s no combustion of plant material, paper, and no vaping of essential oils. The other honourable mention is the dab pen, which are basically pens you place wax or shatter inside, and then vape.

Ok now that we’ve established what this article isn’t about, let’s talk about what it’s going to be about. The newest craze in the cannabis community, prefilled cannabis vape pens.

What is a prefilled cannabis vape?

vape prefilled cartridge cannabisGood things await inside! Photo: @solar_grow

The first thing you need to know about these products is that there are a lot of varieties. If you’re vaping a disposable vape cartridge pen, then that’s all you need. You simply need to (be in a MMJ legal state or Canada) buy the prefilled disposable vape pen, and toot away. They are filled with cannabis oil and they have their own vaporiser system attached to the product already. They’re really simple. However, if you’re instead going down the prefilled cartridge route, then you will also need to purchase yourself a battery.

The best 510 battery vape pen for prefilled cartridges

vape battery high marijuanaDon't mistake these for your car keys! Photo: @lsdgallery

There are many different batteries that allow you to vaporise these products. You simply need to make a choice. There are some which are shaped like car keys, which gives you a subtle and discreet vaping experience. There are some which are simply shaped like e-cigarettes. The only thing you really need to know is that they are almost always 510 thread batteries, and they are incredibly simple to use. Simply screw your chosen cartridge onto the end of the battery, press 3 times, and then wait. Once the light stops flashing, take a toke. Toke for as long or as short as you want. These weed vaporizers are incredibly simple to use, and offer a potent alternative to smoking flower.

What is the difference between 420 vape juice (AKA THC E juice) and pre-filled cartridges?

vape marijuana ejuiceTHC E Juice droppers. Photo: @budderbabies

THC E Juice is a completely different product from pre-filled cartridges. Basically, the main difference is that one is for use with a standard 510 thread battery, to be used when you want to get high. However, THC E juice is E juice mixed with THC. This can be done either by a company or by stoners who are also e juice vapers. It’s actually pretty pointless to do this yourself, because the process is more difficult than simply soaking your cannabis plant matter in e juice. You also need so much cannabis for just a tiny bit of e juice that, again, it’s practically pointless. Instead, we suggest buy CBD or THC E juice from a company whose sole purpose is to make these products. The other option is buy CBD or THC drips, which can be added to E juice. The only problem with this is that THC drips are illegal in most places, making access to them incredibly restricted.

Best THC vape pens pre-filled oil cartridges

vape cartridge thc cannabisCartridge refills for days! Photo: @smokeskipe
This is a very tough question to answer. That is because there are two categories  you should base your opinion on. Firstly, there is potency, and secondly there is quality of oil. For example, you can have incredibly potent prefilled cartridges that are actually filled with pesticides and stored in one of the following chemicals:
  • Polythene Glycol (PEG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Coconut Oil

We here at Weed Republic don’t want our customers to be lied to about the safety of these products. A lot of the bigger companies (we won’t name names here) have had their products sent to labs by users of their products, and the results are shocking. Products that are apparently clean and safe and are being sold as such contain pesticides. These pesticides are not in the slightest bit healthy to vaporise. Although this point seems very obvious, it’s definitely worth saying. These pre-filled vape cartridges are NOT AS SAFE AS PEOPLE SEEM TO THINK. Vaping pesticides is a surefire way to develop some nasty lung problems, so please be incredibly careful with the products you buy.

Now that we’ve made this point, let’s talk about the most potent THC pre-filled cartridges or dab pens:
  • 710 King pen cartridge
  • Brass Knuckles cartridge
  • Bhang sticks
  • California Dab Co. cartridge
  • Jetty Extracts
  • Ocean Live Resin cartridge
  • Heavy Hitters cartridge
  • Supreme cartridges
  • Liquid gold cartridge
  • O Pen Vape cartridge strains
  • Brite Labs cartridge
  • Thin Common Cartridge
  • G Pen Oil Cartridge
  • The Clear cartridge review
  • Sesh cartridge
  • And much more

These are the strongest THC pre-filled vape cartridges available in California. If you want to try these products you will have to be over the age of 21 and be in possession of a Medical Marijuana card. These cards are actually pretty easy to get, and you don’t have to be a Californian resident to get one. However, be very careful with trying any of these products. The border force do not take lightly to those folks coming over to California simply to get stoned. Products from companies like Supreme Brand Oil cartridges can be found across the US, but the main problem is the lack of quality control. Heavy Hitters probably offers the highest THC cartridges available on the market, and they also offer the 1 gram vape cartridges or full gram cartridges, both of which have become pretty famous. They even offer a 2.2g cartridge, which is frankly ridiculous, and would probably last about 5 months (even from daily usage). Video below.

The cleanest THC vape pen cartridges

The most potent cartridges are listed above, but here is a list of the cleaner products. The cleaner products are normally made from CO2, and try their absolute hardest to offer a clean and safe experience:
  • Dosist
  • Ganja Gold Honey Oil
  • Bloom Vape Pax era
  • Bloom Farms Highlighter vape
  • Bionic Bees
  • Alpine Vapor
  • Ocean Live Resin
  • W Vapes

Some would also consider these products to be the best. The trade-off is between potency and cleanliness. Many people would definitely consider the 91% concentrates pre-filled cartridges to be a much better choice. It's up to you, really, to make your own decision about what's more important to you. We simply recommend doing your homework before jumping into a purchase. There’s so much information available surrounding all of these products. Just a tip: don’t only go on the companies’ official websites. They are incredibly biased in their own favour, and some of them outright lie about their products.

What is the difference between BHO cartridges (AKA distillate cartridges) and CO2 oil cartridges?

vape co2 oil distill cannabisCheck out the golden hues of freshly distilled Co2. Photo: @burns_kush
BHO or Distillate cartridges are created using an extraction technique that uses a chemical, normally Butane, to strip the plant material of all of the cannabinoids you want. This process is also called Butane blasting, and has some downsides to it. For example, often times there is residual butane left behind. Furthermore, the process of making this should definitely be left to the professionals. People have been known to burn their houses down attempting to make this product. However, the final product should almost always be distilled, which should remove any residual butane. The problem with this method is that it also removes all of the other products from the cannabis oil, including the terpenes. This leaves behind what is known as cannabis distillate. Companies then add either real or fake terpenes to the cannabis oil to give it flavour. This is what most of the companies do to create their pre-filled cartridges. This is much more potent than the alternative, which is the CO2 extraction method.
The other type of pre-filled cartridge or disposable cartridge is the CO2 disposable or pre-filled cartridge. These are considered to be much cleaner. This is because liquid CO2 is used to strip the plant material of the CBD and THC. As CO2 is non toxic, it’s considered to be a much cleaner method. The only problem is that the potency suffers, with the average CO2 cartridge sitting at around 60% potency, whereas the average distillate is around 90% potency. It’s a choice you have to make yourself: do you want potency or healthiness?

Best CBD prefilled cartridge

vape cbd cartridge marijuanaNow that's what we call a healthy breakfast! Photo: @wvapes_nv

I'll speak from my own personal experience here first: the best CBD prefilled cartridge has come from W Vapes. Their products were very impressive to me, and their ratio of 6:1 CBD:THC worked particularly well. In addition to this, their disposable vape pens are incredibly handy. They also taste good and don’t feel particularly harsh at all. The only downside to this particular brand of vaporiser is that they break very easily. Mine rolled off the side table at nighttime and smashed. This meant that I could no longer vaporise the cannabis oil. In the end, I put it on top of a bong so it wasn't all completely wasted. However, the frustrating thing about these products is that they’re not accessible outside of North America. The rest of the world is seriously lagging behind places like Los Angeles, who have a wealth of knowledge and innovation when it comes to these products. If you’re fortunate to be out on the West Coast, then definitely give W Vapes’ products a try. If you’re not, then wait patiently for the laws to change. The great thing about CBD cartridges is that they don’t make you feel high, even with this small amount of THC. As such, those who are searching for the medicinal benefits of cannabis, but don’t want to feel completely mashed, can do so with these products.


There are plenty of CBD vape products available in Europe right now, but they are almost all made from hemp. These products are inferior to something like W Vapes, and simply don’t have as many health benefits. However, this doesn’t make them completely useless, and they will alleviate some symptoms. The problem is that cannabis as a medicine is thought to have an entourage effect. This means that the cannabinoids work together to help fight symptoms, and each one isn’t as strong as all of them together. These hemp CBD vape pens only contain CBD, or incredibly (negligible) low amounts of THC as well. This means they’re by far not as effective as the vape pens which do contain both.

Frequently asked questions about pre-filled cannabis vape cartridges

Can you remove oil from prefilled cartridge and if so, how to transfer oil from one cartridge to another?

Yes. You can remove the oil. There are really only a couple of practical applications to doing this. Firstly, your vape battery has stopped working on a disposable vape pen, and you therefore want to move the oil from one cartridge to another. It’s only really possible to add to a prefilled cartridge, and you simply put the cannabis oil inside this cartridge. Some cartridges make this impossible on purpose, to force you to buy from them again. The other practical application of removing cannabis oil from a prefilled cannabis cartridge is that if you don’t want to vape essential oils, but still want to get high. You can do this by removing the oil, and then decarboxylating it. Some products may already be decarboxylated, though most won’t be. Once you’ve decarbed your cannabis oil (we have a guide for this here) then simply add it to something tasty. Once you’ve eaten it, give it a few hours, and you should feel incredibly stoned.

What are the different THC or CBD cartridge sizes?

vape pen cannabis marijuanaWedding Cake was distilled down into this vape pen. Photo: @_danks420_z

Cartridges come in many different sizes. They are normally in milligrams or grams. The most common sizes for THC or CBD cartridges to come in are:
  • 250mg
  • 500mg
  • 750mg
  • 1 gram
  • 2.2 gram

The 2.2 gram cartridge sizes are pretty rare, but Heavy Hitters is one example of a company that sells them. These cartridges should last you a hell of a long time. If you smoked this in under two weeks, you’re probably not going to feel fantastic. Simply pick the cartridge you think is best for you. If you don’t smoke that much, get a little 250mg cartridge and see how long it lasts you. If you’re a heavy stoner and you already know which cartridge you like, there’s no real point buying anything less than a 1 gram cartridge. Disposable cartridges also come in these sizes, but some disposable companies also sell 100mg cartridges.

What is the best vape pen for oil?

If you’re interested instead in ‘dab pens’, then we recommend a 3 in one or 4 in one vaporiser. A 4 in 1 vaporiser contains the tools you need in order to vape the following products:
  • Wax, shatter, concentrates etc.
  • Dried cannabis flower
  • E-juices
  • Medicated oils

This basically means if you can vape it, this pen will allow you to do so. There are many 4 in 1 vaporisers, so just check some out online.

If you want a specific brand of 3 in 1 vaporiser, then I’d highly recommend the Storm Vaporiser. This vape pen allows you to vape:
  • Dried flower
  • Oils, wax, shatter, concentrates
  • Hash


vape cannabis pen smokeThe Storm vaporiser pen is one type of vaporiser to choose from. Photo: @goldenharvestshop

This basically means you can vape all of the cannabis products you can think of. Vape pens are thought to be the healthiest way of taking cannabis. This is because there’s no combustion of plant material or paper, thereby keeping the bi-products to a minimum. If the product you are vaporising is pure, then the vapor should also be pure. There are many advantages to using a dry herb vaporiser, including:
  • Already vaped bud can be recycled and used again to get you high again
  • Safer and cleaner
  • Portable, discreet, less smell
  • Easy to use
  • More cost efficient, you need less bud to get as high
  • Tastes great


Does vaping get you high? How does vaping work? How to push button vape pen?

Vaping gets you even higher than smoking regular flower through any other method, except maybe dabbing. Dabbing and edibles will normally beat vaping in terms of strength and potency, but aside from these two products, vaping is almost certainly the next in line. Vaping prefilled cartridges gets you incredibly high, especially if it’s a distillate. However, vaping dry flower also gets you pretty stoned.

How does vaping work exactly? Well, you need heat to get stoned. This is because cannabis doesn’t actually contain THC, it contains THCA. The process of decarboxylation, which activates cannabis, requires heat. Vaporising simply heats your cannabis plant matter or liquid at a lower temperature than burning it. This means that it’s much cleaner. A dry herbal vaporiser works by simply blowing hot air over your buds. In the process, the THC, CBD, and other active ingredients inside cannabis are brought with the air to the back of your throat. You can feel this when you’re toking on a vaporiser. This tastes great, and is a lot healthier than smoking or dabbing.

If you need help with literally how to press the button on a vaporiser, you’re probably too stoned to read this anyway. But simply press the button quickly either 3 or 5 times, depending on the vape pen. Once you’ve done this, a light should appear. After the light has stopped blinking, this means that the vape chamber is hot enough. Either press and hold the button at this point, or simply toke without pressing anything (again, depending on the vaporiser).

If you’re vape cartridge isn’t working with your battery

This is a common problem, which has one of two causes. Firstly, your battery is dead and needs charging before use. Simply plug in your 510 thread battery (normally it’s just a USB port) and then wait. The second cause of this problem is that the cartridge you bought is not compatible with the standard 510 thread battery. This is done by some companies to force you into buying their battery, rather than using a battery from another company.

How long will a 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1 gram or 2.2 gram cartridge last? 

vape cartridge smoke cannabisIt looks like someone's in need of some new cartridges! Photo: @stoned_in_boston

This is very dependent on how often you take a hit from your terp cart. However, for a general outline: A 250mg lasts about 60 puffs; 500mg lasts about 120 puffs; 750mg lasts about 180 puffs; a 1 gram cart lasts about 250 puffs; and a 2.2 gram will last about 600 puffs. This is only a general outline, and definitely also depends on the thickness of the oil. If the oil is thick inside the vape cartridge, it will last longer than thinner oil. It also depends on how long your hits are, as some people take massive hits (which is terrible for your lungs) and some people simply take little hits. The only real way to know how long these carts will last you is buy buying one and finding out.

In Summary:

If you want a new way to light up, trying a vape pen might be a great option to pursue! Hopefully this guide was a helpful way for you to learn more about vapes, the cartridges that can go inside them, and some of the basic ins and outs of vape culture. Whatever your reason - health, discreetness while on the go, simply want to try something new - we say best of luck to you! Enjoy your vaping, and don't forget to let us know how it went for you.


Okay, that was a lot! Check out this video if you're up for more info:

Written by Hamish

Have you used vape pens before? Let us know what you thought and if you have any favorites in the comments below!

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