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A Brief Holiday Etiquette Guide for Cannabis

A Brief Holiday Etiquette Guide for Cannabis

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means you’re about to spend another few weekends in close proximity with loved ones who might not be as deep in cannabis culture as you are. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to quit your favorite hobby cold turkey. Rather, you should simply study up on the most important rules for stoner etiquette and practice safe smoking all season long.

Rule 1: Be Able to Explain CBD and THC

Unless you are keeping your favorite hobby a complete and total secret, you are bound to get questions about cannabis during the holidays. As legal recreational use of marijuana spreads — and as studies demonstrating the healing powers of THC and CBD proliferate — those previously resistant to weed are beginning to show curiosity. It’s incredibly likely that the older generation in your family will pose queries like “What’s the difference between THC and CBD?” and “Why are there different ways to take the same drug?” and “Do you experience medicinal benefits?”

First, you should equip yourself with the most accurate information possible, so you don’t mislead anyone about cannabis. Misinformation has long plagued cannabis culture, resulting in improper and dangerous use, so you should strive to speak with honesty and precision. If you have gaps in your marijuana knowledge, you should do online research using the following trustworthy sites:

Next, you should strive to be calm and confident when fielding your relatives’ interrogations. For many older folks, even talking about marijuana feels like a transgression, so you should remain considerate of their feelings by avoiding harsh language or dismissive attitudes. By conversing about cannabis in an educated manner, you will improve their opinions of pot and those who use it.

Rule 2: BYO Cannabis Paraphernalia

Even if your loved ones are, as a whole, deep in the kush, you shouldn’t go home expecting to take advantage of someone else’s stash. Different people partake at different times of day and in different ways; there is no guarantee that your hosts will have your preferred method on hand. What’s more, by relying on someone else’s cannabis goods, you could be denying them a peaceful and fun high. If you feel the need to light up, chow down or otherwise partake, you should have your own paraphernalia with you.

Rule 3: Ingest Before You Inhale

In almost every way, ingestibles like edibles and oils are superior to inhalations like joints, pipes, bongs and vapes. For one, eating or administering weed sublingually is more discreet; this has a few different benefits, most prominently your ability to get high even when around those who disagree with the practice. Additionally, even marijuana sympathizers don’t always want their surroundings to smell like skunk, so nibbling a gummy or dosing with oil is simply more respectful.

However, another reason you should prefer to ingest is how the high hits. Smoking cannabis is a fast way to feel high, but it doesn’t linger for long. Edibles, on the other hand, might come on slower, but they can keep you high for hours, which means you don’t need to re-up nearly as frequently. Plus, if you are partaking for medical reasons, sublingual dosing is much more precise, ensuring you get the exact right about of THC or CBD as needed.

Rule 4: Hide Your Habit With a Vape

When you must inhale, you should use a vape. Unlike other forms of inhaling, vaporizers rely on processed cannabis concentrates, which gives you a cleaner and more concentrated high. Yet, more important from an etiquette standpoint is that vapes are much less intrusive than other inhaling tools. Concentrated vape juice generally doesn’t produce a noticeable odor, and the latest and greatest vapes don’t even generate much of a cloud. Plus, vape pens are small and sleek, looking more like classy USB drives than the clunky and flashy vapes of yore. It’s likely that family members who oppose marijuana use won’t even notice you sipping on a vape, so you can effectively hide your habit.

Rule 5: Go Easy on Other Substances

The holidays tend to be the time of year that everyone lets loose, and that means that other substances will be available in abundance when you head home for the holidays. However, weed doesn’t always play nice with other substances; specifically, marijuana and alcohol don’t always mix well. Most often, crossfading leads to an enhancement of the effects of both substances, which can be either exceedingly fun or especially disastrous. A good rule of thumb is to take it easy on drinking, even if the hard eggnog is calling your name.

Not everyone can quit cannabis cold turkey for the holidays — and not everyone has to. If you adhere to a few key weed etiquette rules, you can continue to enjoy your favorite pastime and spend much-needed time with loved ones.


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