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4 Things To Know About Recreational Dispensaries

4 Things To Know About Recreational Dispensaries

Generally speaking, a dispensary is a facility where a pharmacist dispenses medicine and medical supplies. With the legalization of marijuana and its steady, growing acceptance among the general public, dispensaries have become more associated with medicinal marijuana.

But did you know that recreational dispensaries exist? From the name, it’s clear they aren’t for medical purposes but for the sale of recreational marijuana. In this article, we’re giving you the lowdown on what they are. Read on:

  • Where They Are Located
  • The legality of marijuana varies from state to state. Some states have permitted the use and sale of medical marijuana, which requires a prescription, and others have allowed its recreational use. Where it is legal—or where there are legal loopholes like DC’s Initiative 71—you’ll be able to find dispensaries.

    For example, the first recreational dispensary opened in New York in December 2020, marking the first of many in such a lucrative market. Depending on your state laws, you may also find one in your location. You can also find resources such as the Cannassentials DC weed guide, which lists where you can get recreational weed in DC.

  • What Do They Sell
  • What forms of cannabis are available at recreational dispensaries? Most dispensaries stock weed as creams, pills, oils, cookies, gummies, drinks, and flower buds. The choice depends on your preferred form of enjoying weed. If you like smoking, the flower bud is ideal. For discrete consumption, cannabis edibles are the way to go. Your choice also depends on the amount of marijuana you’re willing to consume. Some forms have a higher concentration than others. Cannabis edibles are said to be more potent than the oils or the bud itself.

    Besides cannabis, dispensaries like Cannassentials also stock smoking accessories like dab rigs, weed grinders, stash boxes, pipes, and vape kits. Your choice depends on how you prefer to smoke your weed and other needs like storage.

  • What Do You Need To Carry
  • In most, if not all, states that allow recreational marijuana, you must be of legal age to purchase these items. The legal age differs from state to state; for some, it’s 18 years, while for others, it’s 21. Do your due diligence before heading to these dispensaries. You don’t want to take a trip to the dispensary for nothing. The attendant will also require some form of identification to prove your legal age. Therefore, carry your identification with you. 

    Money is the other thing you need to carry with you. Most recreational dispensaries prefer cash payments to cashless ones. It’ll help to call the dispensary and inquire about this beforehand.

  • What Are The Restrictions
  • For most states with recreational dispensaries, some restrictions come with these purchases.

  • The Quantity You Can Buy
  • Although legal, most states restrict the quantity of cannabis you can buy at a go. For instance, in Colorado, you can get only up to 28 grams of cannabis in one transaction. If you buy cookies, oil, and flower bud, the three should equal 28g. 

  • The Amount You Can Possess
  • The amount you can possess refers to the amount of cannabis on you on the go. It doesn’t apply to what you have at home. Most states only allow you to have 28g of the products on you, that is, in your pockets or backpack. Once again, this weight is, in totality, not each substance you have.

  • Where You Can Enjoy Your Cannabis
  • The public use of cannabis is frowned upon, even if its recreational use is legal. Most states require you to enjoy your stash, be it edibles or not, in private spaces like your house or hotel room if you’re a tourist. However, some states will allow public consumption in select restaurants and bars.

  • The Ability To Travel With Cannabis
  • For most countries, traveling with cannabis isn’t illegal as long as it permits recreational marijuana. However, most prohibit you from carrying it outside its borders once you buy weed from a recreational dispensary. Doing so might lead to arrests at the airport or train station.

    Regarding restrictions, it’s important to find out what works in your state and what doesn’t. It’s information you can find online. Alternatively, ask the attendant at the recreational dispensary to guide you. Some will have brochures at their stores to advise you on recreational marijuana consumption.


    The legalization of recreational dispensaries is great news for lovers of marijuana. As you enjoy the new addition, it’s important to know as much as possible about these facilities and the aspects surrounding them, from buying to consumption. The discussion has made this easier by highlighting what you should know about recreational dispensaries. Be sure to comprehend and use this insight to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.