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Dab torch and how to Identify the Best one for you?

Dab torch and how to Identify the Best one for you?

Dabbing has become a popular way to utilize Cannabis. People love dabbing, which is evident from the fact that in 2022, concentrate sales in the USA reached 8 billion dollars. It is one of the efficient ways to use Cannabis.

Dab Torches are small butane or propane torches which heat a dab straw or quartz banger of a dab rig. It is similar to a blow torch. It is a dab tool that helps in the quicker and easier burning of Cannabis.

 It can generate flames at exceptionally high temperatures and provides the rapid

heating of quartz bangers which is not achievable by regular lighters. Several different styles of torches are available in the market. From discrete to larger ones, the latter heats the nail quickly, while the discrete ones are easy to carry and portable. 

Why is Dab Torch Essential for Enjoying Concentrates?

 Dabbing concentrates does not just mean the combustion of Cannabis or any other smoking flower. Instead of directly burning the Cannabis on fire, we heat the nail to such an extent that just placing the concentrate on the bowl's bottom vaporizes the Cannabis. In this way, you can inhale the fresh vapors rather than first heating the chamber and puffing the stored vapors. This is the main reason that Dab Torch is necessary for enjoying concentrates. With the torch, one may also need butane cans stashes.

Right Fuel for the Dab Torch:

While buying a Dab Torch, you need to consider the fuel being used in it. Both propane and butane torches are available in the market, and you can buy any of them according to your preferences. You need to consider the following factors while deciding whether you need a propane or butane torch.

Heat Delivery:

The chemicals released during Dabbing can interfere with the safety and taste of dabs. Butane Torch has a high-temperature range of 2,400°F – 2,610°F. It also has the option of low heat delivery, which might take ample time to heat the nail. For persons preferring low-temperature dabs, a butane torch is the best option.

Propane Torches have a temperature range of 3,600 °F. It provides quick heat delivery. It heats the nails faster when compared to butane torches. One disadvantage of this torch is that it can cause premature devit of your quartz bangers. It is the ideal choice for high-temp dap lovers.


One might hesitate to use a propane torch as it produces a high amount of CO. If you have titanium nails, it might also affect the taste of dabs. The high heat causes the faster wearing of your nail.

Butane torch provides you with a cleaner dabbing experience with lesser CO. It is safer for your nails no matter what material they are made of, whether ceramic, quartz, or titanium. Low temperature prevents your nail from damaging faster.

Style and Size:

Butane torch has an open-end and straight tip that provides total flame emission. You can control the flame size according to your preferences. Hence, it is ideal to be used with large nails and bangers. They are available in various sizes. Most of them are discreet and suitable for travelers.

The propane torch has an inwardly curved smaller head. It provides a flame that heats the area closer to the torch. It is appropriate for domed nails but can produce hot spots. You need to pull the torch away to spread the flame, causing low heat delivery.


The aerosol fills for Butane torches are comparatively hard to find due to the low demand. Most people prefer the propane torch as it is versatile. You can easily find refills for propane torches at reasonable prices.


If you prefer low-temp Dabbing and want your nails to last longer, go for a butane torch, but if you like quick Dabbing and intense flavors, you need a propane torch. If you are concerned about the safety and release of CO (Carbon monoxide), a butane torch is the safer option.

Propane torches are cheaper than butane torches. They are prone to gas leakage if properly closed. Remember all the above factors, and choose a preferable torch for dabbing according to your preferences. 

E-nails vs. Torch: Which is better for Dabbing?

We can utilize and enjoy cannabis products using various ways. We can enjoy it using Dab Rigs that are particular for the concentrates like sugar and budder. They require heating of nails before putting concentrates on them, typically done with a blow torch. 


Recently e-nails have been used, which use an electric heating mechanism. These electronic dab vaporizers can be attached to a water pipe or dab rig. It achieves optimal vaporizing temperature using the heating elements from a power source. We can use it as a standard nail replacement.

Dab Torch:

It is used to heat the banger, vaporizing the concentrate or resin. Dab Concentrate is a smokable concentrate. The concentrate is placed on a formally heated dab nail before inhaling the puff.

The Similarities of Dab Torch and E-Nail:

Dab Torch and E-nails both are designed to use Cannabis. They can be used with a dab rig. Both e-nail and dab torch heat the bangers hot enough to vaporize the concentrate to be placed on them.

An e-nail requires setting the particular dabbing temperature, and the coil is directly heated. Using a dab torch, we need to heat the banger and allow it to cool before placing the concentrate. We can use both e-nails and torches with different Dab devices.

The Differences of Dab Torch and E-Nail:

The heating mechanism is one of the most significant differences between torch

dabs and e-nails. We use a butane blow torch to heat the nail in the torch dabs. After heating it significantly, we will let it cool and apply the concentrate on it. E-nails heat

the nail using electricity. It does not require any cooling mechanism. We need to set the dabbing temperature using e-nails.

Depending on your smoking preferences, you can use either an e-nail or dab torch. 

The Importance of Temperature Control when Using a Dab Torch:

Temperature control is significant while using a Dab torch. The main reason is terpenes; these are the compounds present in Cannabis that give a unique smell. Cannabinoids are sensitive to temperature and are mostly odorless. 

Every terpene in Cannabis has unique therapeutic benefits. Terpenes produce a particular flavor and are heat-sensitive, creating a vaporization point. The extraction method of concentrates and the dabbing temperature of concentrates affects the interaction of terpenes and cannabinoids along the flavor profile of concentrates.

If you are not monitoring and controlling the dabbing temperature, there are chances that you might overheat the nail. Using a torch to heat a quartz banger or titanium nail, we might torch the surface for a long time. Heating for a longer time might result in attaining a temperature over One thousand degrees Fahrenheit is a very high temperature to vaporize the concentrates effectively.

High temperatures can affect the psychoactive effects of Cannabis. These compounds are responsible for the flavor of Cannabis; directly heating these compounds may cause their burning, bitter taste, and lose their benefits.

Identifying the Best Dab Torch:

For adequate ingestion, dabbing demands high heating temperatures effectively delivered using dab torches, also referred to as butane hand torches. Buying a suitable dab torch can be a tiresome task. You need to differentiate between mediocre dabs and great dabs.

Buying the dab torches requires you to consider various factors like physical and mechanical setup, knob strength, safety, grip, firmness, and flame size. You can then buy according to your personal preferences. Consider the below-mentioned factors while purchasing the dab torch:

  • The butane capacity of a torch.
  • The refill frequency of the torch.
  • The even dispersion and consistency of the torch's flame.
  • The physical quality, the body's durability, and the dab torch's base.
  • The warranty of Dab Torch.
  • The safety lock of the dab torch.

You can also consider various other factors depending on your preferences. While buying dab torches, many options are available, like Butane hand torches, butane lighters, and mini-butane torches.