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Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolates: A Guide To CBD Types

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolates: A Guide To CBD Types

It’s hard to miss out on cannabis, given all the buzz around it. There’s so much popularity with cannabis, with more countries and states recognizing and legalizing its use for recreation or medical purposes. You might know a thing or two about it, but this also doesn’t mean you have all the facts straight. There’s much more to know about this cannabis, particularly cannabidiol (CBD).  

To start, CBD is one of the active components in the cannabis plant. Its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system brings forth its effects, starting with creating a sense of balance. Along with this effect, CBD also has several health benefits, as varied as its many different types.

Today, the discussion focuses on the latter. You’ll learn more about CBD with information on the different types, so you can decide on what to buy, whether in retail or through full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate wholesale.  

  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • A full spectrum CBD is a type of CBD that has all compounds of a cannabis plant. It contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound responsible for cannabis’ psychoactive effect.  

    Because full spectrum CBD has all compounds of the cannabis plant, an ‘entourage effect’ is expected as a result. For instance, you can have CBD, essential oils, terpenes, and flavonoids working together synergistically, potentially increasing the effects of CBD than when it’s used alone. 

    To come up with full spectrum CBD, the oil goes through the usual cannabinoid extraction and filtration, but no other compounds will be removed. This results in products like salves, balms, creams, capsules, and tinctures. 


    Among all the different types of CBD, full spectrum is the one identified as the most effective, given that it still holds all the compounds found in the hemp plant. There are many benefits of using full spectrum CBD, but the most notable could be its healing properties, like for anti-inflammatory purposes. 

    The only downside to a full spectrum CBD product is that it could still come with its natural flavor and aroma. If you’re not a fan of its taste, you’re better off using broad spectrum or isolates instead. 

    Pros And Cons

    Some are for full spectrum CBD, while others are against it, with its unique pros and cons. One advantage of full spectrum is that, as mentioned, it has low levels of THC percentage. This makes it safe for those who do not like the ‘high.’ Moreover, it has potent anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety health benefits. 

    On the other hand, its low levels of THC become a disadvantage for individuals who use CBD oil to enjoy its therapeutic effects and the psychoactive ‘high’ as well. Furthermore, it’s illegal in other states.

  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • A broad spectrum CBD product contains most components of a cannabis plant, except for THC. This component is necessary if you want to enjoy the full benefits CBD has to offer sans getting high.

    Extraction Process

    Broad spectrum CBD also goes through the extraction process, with the end goal of entirely removing THC in the final stage of the whole process. With this, broad spectrum CBD products are best used in places where THC is still illegal.  

    Pros And Cons

    As for broad spectrum CBD, an advantage of this is it could produce heightened effects of taking in CBD, the phenomenon known as ‘entourage effects,’ brought about by additional compounds of the cannabis plant working together.

    On the other hand, a disadvantage is that it may have trace amounts of THC, which becomes a negative thing for cannabis users who don’t like THC and its effects.

  • CBD Isolates?
  • Lastly, CBD isolates contain only CBD, not other cannabinoids like THC. As its name suggests, the extraction method used here isolates CBD from all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant compounds in hemp. Hence, it cannot bring about the expected entourage effect. 

    Absence Of Entourage Effect 

    CBD isolates don’t have the entourage effect that full-spectrum CBD products do. This makes it ideal for individuals sensitive to THC or other CBD compounds.  

    Extraction Process 

    CBD isolates are generally extracted in the same manner as other CBD types. However, the difference lies in how CBD is filtered out once the other cannabinoids have been fully extracted. This is the separation process.  

    Once done, the remaining substance goes through a chilling process, referred to as winterization, to thoroughly remove fats, waxes, and lipids from the extraction. The last step is eliminating all other impurities and unwanted particles using heat and pressure. 

    The thorough and meticulous process CBD isolates go through is the main reason CBD isolates can also be one of the most expensive types. However, that price is justified because CBD isolates are the most potent product in a dispensary.  

    Pros And Cons

    CBD isolates are advantageous because it’s the purest form of CBD, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally taking in THC, especially if you’re against the latter. In addition, it won’t appear on drug test results, especially if you want the therapeutic effects of using CBD oil but are also concerned about taking an upcoming drug test. 

    On the other hand, it can be disadvantageous because you miss out on the ‘entourage’ effect, as discussed earlier. It takes a longer and more detailed extraction process from a manufacturer’s perspective.

    Kinds Of Products 

    Most companies sell CBD isolates as a crystal or powder, making them easier to consume. However, some can also have oils available. These crystals or oils have no distinct smell, are tasteless, and are in a stark white color. You can take your pick depending on your personal preference. 

    The Basics Of How CBD Works In The Body 

    Now that you have a more profound knowledge of the different types of CBD, it’s vital also to understand better how CBD works in the body. Regardless of your type, the interaction in the body is the same. This is made possible through the natural cannabinoid receptors in the human body. 

    It’s only through receptor activation that CBD can interact with the body. The body can inherently create its cannabinoids, influencing several activities and actions. Instead of altering those interactions, CBD affects them to continue with the natural processes it goes through. 

    With that, it’s safe to say that in its best form and quality, CBD doesn’t alter anything chemically in your body. 

    CBD Flower

    Other Kinds Of CBD Products 

    Each type of CBD can be further refined into different types. It’s essential to know what products to look for in a dispensary. A few of the other products are:  

    • Edibles like gummies, candies, and baked goods
    • Tinctures
    • Topical products like lotions, balms, and creams
    • Capsules
    • Flowers

    No single product reigns supreme over others, so ultimately, the choice depends on your need and preference. 

    The Bottomline 

    As you can see, each type of CBD is distinct from the others, usually based on the type of extraction method. These can further be narrowed down to different products under each type. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so what matters most is how you intend to use CBD and what effects you wish to get out of it. Most importantly, choose good-quality products above anything else. Regardless of the type, the health benefits will never be yours to enjoy if the CBD products you use are questionable, quality-wise.