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Discover Your New Favorite: Fun Things to Do While High

fun things to do while high

Ever find yourself sitting on the couch, Mary Jane by your side, wondering how to make this high more entertaining? You're not alone. Whether you've just sparked up a joint or are in full-on couch lock mode from that heavy indica strain, we all need some good laughs and fun activities to enhance our elevated state.

Now imagine playing video games with heightened senses - each explosion and victory amplified. Or maybe a fun things to do while high could be relaxing in a hot bath filled with bath bombs after a long day of smoking weed?

A world where everything feels new and exciting awaits you beyond the smoke ring. From outdoor adventures like hiking through breathtaking scenery to indoor pastimes such as board games that become strategic battles for supremacy...are you ready for an epic journey?

Enhancing Your Cannabis Experience with Fun Activities

The magic of Mary Jane isn't just about the high, but how it enhances your favorite activities. From exploring the great outdoors to enjoying a live performance, there's an adventure waiting around every corner.

Embracing the Great Outdoors While High

Cannabis and the great outdoors are a match made in heaven. They're like two peas in a pod - they enhance each other perfectly. Smoking weed while embracing nature is one way to elevate your marijuana experience.

A simple activity like playing frisbee at a park can turn into hours of laughter and fun when you're high. According to researchers from The University of Mississippi, cannabis may increase feelings of joy during recreational activities, making that frisbee game feel even more exhilarating than usual.

Biking or hiking are also excellent options for those who want some fresh air mixed with their smoke sessions. You get to enjoy both physical activity and connect with nature – not forgetting that these activities give your body good vibes by releasing endorphins. In fact, going for a hike while high can be such an invigorating experience; it could become part of your everyday life.

Kayaking: A Serene Experience While High

If water sports are more up your alley, why not try kayaking? It provides both a workout and serene environment perfect for heightened senses after smoking weed.

Sailing through calm waters as birds chirping surround you feels surreal when enhanced by Mary Jane’s effects. But remember safety first. Ensure you’re comfortable controlling the kayak before lighting up because reaction times might slow down when high.

Stimulating Your Senses with Art and Music

Cannabis has been a social lubricant and source of creative inspiration for centuries. It's no surprise that many artists, musicians, and even everyday folks find their senses heightened after lighting up a joint or taking an edible.

a live concert. There's nothing quite like the energy of a crowd, all grooving to the same beat. Attending a live show is an incredible opportunity to bond with other music aficionados and potentially make some new acquaintances.

Key Takeaway: 


Enhance your high with fun activities: Whether it's exploring nature, playing frisbee at the park, or kayaking on calm waters, Mary Jane adds a new dimension to these experiences. Plus, art and music take on new depths after lighting up.


Safety first. Always remember, when indulging in outdoor activities while under the influence, safety should be your top priority.

Indoor Activities to Enjoy While High

Whether you're seeking some solitary relaxation or planning a chill session with friends, smoking weed can turn simple indoor activities into extraordinary experiences. So, light up that Mary Jane and let's explore the fun that awaits indoors.

Unleashing Creativity with Cannabis

Cannabis has been known to unlock the doors of creativity for many users. One way it does this is by making ordinary tasks seem fascinating, thus stimulating your creative juices.

If you enjoy playing video games while high, then there's a world of adventure waiting for you right on your couch. Under the influence of cannabis, board games, card games and first-person shooter video games become more immersive experiences. They provide heightened senses and slower reaction times which could lead to intense gaming sessions.

Key Stat: Video game marathons are among favorite fun things stoners indulge in while high due to their immersive nature.

Apart from electronic gaming options like playing board games can be an excellent social lubricant if you have company over - or even just want something more tactile than pressing buttons on a controller. The enhanced sensory experience from cannabis makes each move feel significant and keeps everyone engaged throughout playtime.

You might also find yourself lost in laughter watching funny videos online or binge-watching your favorite TV shows; it’s another great start towards having good times inside while enjoying some quality herb.

Potential painters out there? Grab those brushes. There’s nothing quite as soothing as creating art after puffing some good weed — plus, who knows what masterpieces may emerge?

Key Stat: Painting and puffing is a popular activity among cannabis users due to its therapeutic benefits.

If you're more into words than visuals, writing can also be an amazing outlet. Whether it's poetry, a short story, or just jotting down your thoughts in a journal, writing while high can lead to some profound insights and creative ideas.

Key Stat: Writing under the influence of cannabis has helped many writers overcome writer’s block and tap into their inner creativity.

Key Takeaway: 


Light up, chill out and dive into the extraordinary world of indoor fun while high. With cannabis fueling your creativity, enjoy everything from immersive video game marathons to creating art or writing profound insights. And if you're in for a laugh - funny videos or board games with friends are just perfect.

Cannabis and Food: A Match Made in Heaven

Ever wondered why that frozen pizza tastes so much better after you've smoked some good weed? Well, cannabis can play tricks on your taste buds, making every bite a delightful surprise.

While high, trying out new restaurants or whipping up a dish at home takes food appreciation to another level. This isn't just about munchies - it's an exploration of flavors heightened by Mary Jane herself.

The Relaxation Benefits of Cannabis

Apart from the laughter fits and creative spurts we all love, cannabis is also renowned for its relaxation benefits. It's like having a long day unwinding with each puff. So imagine pairing this comfort with the joy of savoring delicious food - pure bliss.

Research shows that certain cannabinoids increase our sensitivity to smells and flavors by stimulating our olfactory receptors.

This could explain why food becomes more enjoyable when high – because your sense of smell directly affects how you perceive flavor. Combine this sensory enhancement with the relaxing properties of cannabis, and mealtime transforms into an event worth remembering.

Tasting New Flavors High

If there’s one thing stoners appreciate (apart from quality bud), it’s good food. The synergy between different strains and dishes create unique experiences sure to tickle any gourmand's fancy while high.

  • New Restaurants: Want adventure without leaving town? Consider exploring local eateries after smoking some herb. Supporting these businesses makes you partake in community building as well.
  • Savory Home-cooked Meals: If you prefer staying in, try your hand at cooking. With cannabis stimulating your taste buds and creativity, who knows what culinary masterpiece you might create?
  • Munchies: Yes, we're all guilty of raiding the fridge or pantry post-session. It's a classic stoner move for good reason – everything just tastes better.

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Key Takeaway: 


Smoking cannabis enhances your taste buds, turning every meal into a tantalizing experience. It's not just about satisfying munchies - it's an adventure of flavors boosted by weed. Plus, cannabis offers relaxation perks that amplify the joy of savoring food. So whether you're exploring new eateries or cooking at home while high, expect unforgettable culinary experiences.

FAQs in Relation to Fun Things to Do While High

What do you do while you're high?

You can engage in outdoor activities, stimulate your senses with art and music, or play video games. Writing, painting, or cooking are also great options.

What to do on 420?

On 420, attending a local event is common. You could also host a movie marathon at home or have an adventure outdoors - it's all about celebrating cannabis culture.


Smoking weed is just the start of your journey. Elevating it with a blend of indoor and outdoor activities can turn an ordinary day into a memorable one.

Amp up your game night by playing video games or board games while high. Each win feels like a triumph, each loss becomes another reason to laugh.

Creativity takes on new dimensions when you're high - painting, writing, even cooking become forms of self-expression. That frozen pizza suddenly transforms into gourmet cuisine!

Outdoors beckon too! A simple hike or bike ride turns magical as Mary Jane enhances every color, every scent around you.

Fun things to do while high? You've got plenty now. So go ahead and spark that joint...and let the good times roll!