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How Do You Use A One Hitter?

One Hitter

One Hitter pipes are discrete and easy to use. Fill the bowl or chamber with cannabis, pack tightly, heat it, and enjoy puffing. To enjoy the best hit, inhale steadily and 

slowly. Use the following steps to enjoy using a One Hitter.

  • Place your desired herb into the bowl. Keep it tight enough and leave space for air to flow through.
  • Place the mouthpiece of One Hitter between your lips and inhale lightly.
  • Inhale the smoke by taking a deep puff.

 You can use various techniques to make your smoking experience more enjoyable.

Use the Perfect Consistency:

You need to use the perfect consistency of cannabis or weed to avoid the ash inhaling. Don't use finely ground weed, as it will quickly change to ash when lightened up in One Hitter. Weed should be broken up so that it easily fits in the bowl and is large enough not to change to ash and get mixed with the smoke. To avoid ash, use a small piece.

Packing the One Hitter Vertically:

No one wants the One Hitter to get very hot while smoking. Heat the pipe for 1-2 seconds, so it doesn't get too hot rapidly. Position the pipe to point towards the ground and keep the flame far enough from it to avoid its rapid heating.

Different Types of One-Hitters and How to Use them?

Let us discuss the most common types of One Hitters. The two most common types are Chillums and Dugouts.


Smokers have used chillums for over a thousand years. To use them:

  1. Place the pipe firmly between your fingers.
  2. Make a fist of your hand, having the mouthpiece between the ring and middle fingers.
  3. Wrap your other hand around your fist tightly so the smoke cannot escape.

Your fist forms a smoke chamber that catches and cools the smoke.

You can also use the single-handed method to use your chillum. In this method, you will use your thumb and pointer finger to make a small circle. Insert it on your palm through the hole. Place it vertically and then lighten it using a heat source. Inhale from the mouthpiece, and don't directly put your mouth on the chillum. After using it, immediately clean it by removing the filter and cleaning it with a cloth.


Dugouts have two chambers, one acting as one-hitter while the other stores' weed. After grinding the herb, pack it in the Dugout. You can use a piece of paper to fill the weed in it. After loading it, you can use it.

 For using the Dugout, one Hitter inserts the required amount of marijuana into a bowl, then light it with a match and inhales from the mouthpiece. Once you finish smoking, empty the bowl and place it away for use next time. It is an easy way to enjoy marijuana.

One Hitter Pipes vs. Traditional Pipes: Which is Better for You?

To answer this question, you need to have a brief overview of One Hitter and Traditional pipes and then choose according to your smoking preferences.

One Hitter:

One Hitter has the qualities of both bowls and joints. It is generally a narrow pipe with a screened thin bowl designed for single inhalation of weed smoke. It is particularly made of metal, ceramic, or glass. It is easy to use and can easily fit in your pocket. It enhances your smoking experience making it enjoyable for you.

 It helps you to conserve your staches. 

Whether smoking a pipe, bong, or joint, it is convenient to pack and complete the entire bowl. However, One Hitter helps you to use a small quantity of weed at a time and allows you to conserve your stash by providing powerful puffs every time. This helps to reduce the chances of over-smoking or over-packing.

It is popular among stoners due to its affordability. It comes in varying sizes, qualities, and materials. Most of them are very affordable, and users can buy them without worrying about money.

Traditional Pipes:

Traditional Pipes are very easy to use. You must load them, burn the weed, and take a puff. They are made from wood, stone, and metal. They typically have a carb held down and then released to provide an intense hit. Some stoners may prefer traditional pipes as they are convenient.

We can say that One Hitter is better than traditional pipes as they are easy to use and conceal. They don't use a lot of herbs. No one can beat them in terms of efficiency. They are particularly designed for single hits; hence they require lesser material. They have smaller bowl sizes, so you don't need to worry about leftover material or extra burning. Therefore, One Hitter is far better than traditional pipes for smoking weed.

One Hitter Pipes for Micro dosing:

Microdosing is becoming very popular nowadays as it helps you enjoy cannabis without getting high. It also has several therapeutic benefits, like better sleep and lowering anxiety. One-Hitters are perfect for micro-dosing. You can use tinctures and edibles for micro-dosing. Tinctures provide an immediate effect, while an edible may take 4 hours to show its impact.

Inhaling provides you with an immediate effect of tinctures. One Hitter can hold 25 mg of cannabis. They are an excellent choice for micro-dosing. Taking small and accurate puffs, the consumer can enjoy the blissful cannabis experience. It is a great way to lower weed consumption and complete the day without giving up too much functionality.

The Etiquette of Using a One-Hitter Pipe (Do's and Don'ts):

If you are an ardent One-Hitter user, you need to consider the following things while using them:

  • They may get jammed. You must clean them immediately after use, as the cleaner pipe provides smoother and more intense hits. If not cleaned properly, it may jam up dirt, resin, and hair.
  •  For cleaning a metal one-hitter, you first need to loosen the bowl from a bat. After this, scrap out the bowl with the help of a wire brush or anything similar. Carefully remove the residue from the bottom and sides. After doing this again, attach the bowl to the bat and fill it with alcohol. Leave it for a while, and then pour out the alcohol. Repeat the process with water. Let it get dried before using it again.
  •  You need to use the right consistency of weed to avoid ash inhaling. Don't use too finely ground cannabis, as it quickly turns to ash as soon as you light up your One-Hitter.
  •  The weed you use should be broken up to fit in the bowl easily. Use a small piece of weed so that neither it turns quickly into ash nor should it be so large that it does not fit into the bowl.
  •  Don't light it for a more extended period as it may get overheated, burn your lips, and produce toxic gases.
  •  For a pleasant smoking experience, use Glass One-Hitters as they are easy to clean and produce fewer toxic gases,
  •   Light it for one or two seconds as they have a small amount of weed that easily gets burnt if heated for longer.