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Unveiling the Natural Harmony: The Benefits of Smoking CBD Flower

The Benefits of Smoking CBD Flower

CBD has become quite popular over the last few years, so the chances are that you have read or heard about it and its multiple benefits. At the moment, CBD is the most talked-about and recognized cannabinoid. Unsurprisingly, a few companies have gone to the extent of making inaccurate medical claims about the use of their CBD products.

Unlike other sources, this article will not make any unproven claims. On the contrary, it will go over smoking the CBD flower. There are different methods of ingesting CBD, and while smoking may not be the most discreet way of using CBD, it does have its benefits. Besides, smoking the CBD flower is a true and tested consumption method.

But first, we will go over the basics.

What Is The Difference Between THC Marijuana And CBD Flower

THC marijuana and CBD hemp flower are almost similar in appearance. In fact, most hemp flower strains available today are developed from high-yielding marijuana strains.

However, it is worth stating that when you smoke the CBD flower, you will not get the "high" you may experience when you smoke THC marijuana. CBD hemp flower has to contain less than 0.3% of the delta-9 THC as a dry weight to be classified as hemp.

Top 5 Advantages Of Smoking CBD Flower

There are different advantages of smoking a CBD flower. These include:

1. Smoking CBD works fast

There are multiple ways to get your CBD dose, but smoking the hemp flower is the fastest way to get your CBD dose. When you smoke CBD, the cannabinoids contact the lung tissues, meaning they instantly get into your bloodstream.

A couple of studies suggest that once you smoke CBD hemp flower, it gets to its highest concentration in about three minutes in your bloodstream. On the other hand, it will take about two to three hours to reach peak concentration when you eat the CBD.

2. You Get Full Spectrum Benefits When You Smoke CBD

When you buy CBD products such as artisan CBD flower under .3% D9 THC, you will notice that brands may use terms like 'full spectrum' or 'broad spectrum.' These terms slightly describe the various ways of producing and consuming cannabinoids.

You will essentially be consuming full-spectrum hemp when you smoke the CBD hemp flower. This means that all the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids present in the hemp plant remain present in the finished product.

Most individuals believe that this is the best way to consume CBD as it allows the user to feel the full effect, which is the effect you get when all the cannabinoids work together, giving you a feeling of relief and calm.


3. When You Smoke CBD, It Increases Its Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a substance's proportion getting into the circulatory system after it is introduced in the body, making it possible to have an active effect.

In comparison to sublingual ingestion like tincture drops under the tongue or eating it, smoking CBD will increase the overall bioavailability of the cannabinoid, which can sometimes go up to 50%.

But how does that work? For starters, CBD is not water-soluble and does not absorb in the bloodstream in your digestive tract or your mouth as it will readily absorb when it is in a vaporized form getting into your lungs.

4. Lack Of A Psychoactive/"High" Effect

You will not experience that intoxicated/"high" feeling when you smoke CBD flower. 

Not all hemp flowers give you that "feel good" feeling. But how is that possible?

THC is a cannabinoid made in all cannabis plants and is the reason people get that psychoactive high when they consume marijuana plants for medicinal or recreational purposes.

The Federal government demands that a CBD contains less than 0.3% of the delta-9 THC by dry weight to be recognized as hemp. Although, the predecessor of the delta-9 is THCa. There are specific hemp flower strains that contain high concentrations of THCa, while others have low concentrations of delta-9 THC. THCa converts to delta-9 THC when it is heated.

Would you like to smoke CBD hemp flower without getting high? In that case, you need to take a close look at that specific flower's analysis certificate. A certificate of analysis is often from a third-party lab and lets you know the full THC potential. It also contains the CBD's total potential and the different cannabinoids present. Ensure you select a strain with a relatively low overall THC percentage if you do not want to experience a psychoactive high.

5. It Is More Affordable To Smoke CBD

Overall, hemp flower needs relatively little added labor and processing so smoking CBD hemp flower is an affordable way of ingesting most CBD milligrams and allowing you the best experience from CBD

CBD  is available in different forms, including topicals, edibles, and tinctures. These forms of CBD require a lot of equipment to process and need a lot of processing to make the final product. In contrast, the hemp flower is relatively low maintenance, and all it requires is to learn how to harvest, trim, and store the finished product correctly.

If you plan to harvest and store your CBD hemp flower, ensure you learn to keep the hemp flower properly.


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