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Top 5 CBD Products for Pets: Unveiling the Best in the US Market 2024

Top CBD products for pets

Like CBD for humans, CBD for our pets comes in many different shapes and sizes, benefiting them in the same ways it does us. In fact, there may be more variation amongst pet CBD products because of our pets’ diversity. There are CBD oils for dogs, which come in different potencies for their sizes. Then there are CBD items for animals you probably never thought would be given cannabis for their health, like horses and pigs. 

Today, we are taking a look at the top 5 most popular pet CBD products in the United States. 

To help, we are going to be looking at Innovet Pet’s CBD products as examples to help clear up all the confusion over which CBD product is right for your pet. 

Projected to be almost a 56 billion dollar industry globally by 2028 (According to, the only place CBD is going is into more medicine cabinets around the world. And you’re definitely going to want to know if it’s right for your furbuddy. 

1. CBD Oil For Dogs

Let’s start our list off with the most popular CBD item for our pets. Which is CBD oil for dogs. Dogs currently make up the majority of pets who are given CBD, though our cats aren’t too far behind. 

CBD oil is a great place to start with your dog. 

Taking a look at Innovet Pet’s PurCBD oil, you’ll find it includes the required carrier oil. In this case, it’s hempseed oil vs. MCT oil. Both are perfectly fine, though some pets find hemp seed oil milder on the stomach. Then there are additional health properties too. 

As well, you’ll notice a dropper for administering the CBD. And this is one of the reasons CBD oil is the best version to get when unsure which dosage is best for your dog. 

How much CBD you give your pet is based on several factors, from their weight to their health to their unique blood chemistry. The dropper makes it very easy to make small changes in dosages, helping you find what works best.  

Last, you’ll notice Innovet’s CBD is labeled full spectrum. This means it contains the full profile of cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp. For our pets, research shows this is the best version for them as well as for us. 

CBD Oil For Dogs

2. CBD Oil For Cats

While dogs were overwhelmingly the pet most given CBD 5 years ago, cats have about caught up to them. 

CBD can help our cats in many ways, from helping them with their anxiety to reducing swelling in their joints, all without getting them high!  

Like CBD oil for dogs, CBD oil for cats is identical, however, it can have a twist, as seen with Innovet Pet’s CBD oil for cats, which includes catnip oil. Unlike dogs, not every cat likes the grassy and dank flavor of hemp. 

Many of us are familiar with the strength of that flavor too, and totally understand! 

Besides enticing our cats to take their CBD oil, catnip has calming effects that can work synergistically with CDB’s anti-anxiety effects. 

CBD Oil For Cats

3. CBD For Horses

Our horses have lots of options when it comes to how they can take their CBD from pastes to oils to pellets

With CBD oils for horses, the big thing you’ll notice with it is how much more concentrated in CBD it is. This is, of course, to account for their incredible size. 

But it’s their size that makes CBD pellets a great option, even when you’re unsure about the best dosage for horses. 

CBD pellets are great for other livestock animals, like goats and cows. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that protects and balances important regulatory systems like the immune and nervous systems.

So far, it appears CBD can help all animals with issues relating to regulatory health. 

CBD For Horses

4. CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats are a fun twist on the conventional CBD oil. There are even soft chew versions for smaller dogs and dogs that struggle chewing harder treats. 

Incredibly easy to give, the ballpark dosages these treats provide are perfect for the majority of dogs. 

Treats do come in different sizes for large and small dogs. 

And this is great because breaking up a large piece into smaller chunks for smaller dosages can have vastly varying results even when the pieces appear to be the same size. 

CBD Dog Treats

5. CBD Capsules 

CBD capsules are a great way to disguise the flavor of CBD without throwing it into a treat that adds unwanted calories to your pet’s diet. 

The CBD in the capsules is identical to CBD oil. The capsules themselves are usually made from gelatin or cellulose, as seen in the case of Innovet’s Gold CBD capsules

CBD Capsules

Is CBD Right For My Pet? 

From dogs to horses to rabbits, CBD can help all who have an endocannabinoid system; this includes all mammals. How can it help? Well, that’s simple CBD helps our pets the same way it helps us

Surveys show most pet owners are giving CBD to their pets for help with anxiety, chronic pain, immunity, mobility, epilepsy, and cancer. 

Because CBD supports the mother regulatory system, it can help with preventive health too, making it a great option for maintaining daily wellness. 

One big thing we want to note is that where CBD products with THC levels that don’t exceed 0.3% are safe for our pets, high-THC marijuana products can have very different effects. 

For example, unlike us, dogs can much more easily overdose and die from too much THC because they have more receptors in their brain that THC activates. 

So always play it safe and make sure you’re always giving your pet CBD derived from hemp and tested by a 3rd party lab for purity and accuracy.