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2024 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Stoners: Elevate Your Love with These Unique Finds

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Stoners


Choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for a cannabis enthusiast? Simplify your search with our 2024 Valentine’s Day gift guide for stoners, featuring a curated list of top-rated accessories, edibles, and experiences designed to surprise and delight.

High on Love - The Ultimate Stoner Gift Guide

This Valentine’s Day, take your love to new heights with our collection of cannabis-infused gifts designed with stoners in mind. These unique finds are perfect for sharing great moments and creating lasting memories with your stoner sweetheart. Here are some of the best options:

  • Best for Sweet Treats: JustCBD CBD gummies

  • Best for Couples: HighOnLove’s Lip Gloss

  • Best for Relaxation: CBD Living’s bath salts

  • Best for Rolling Enthusiasts: Puff Pack of pink papers and cones

  • Best for Intimacy: GoLove CBD lube

  • Best for Smokers: Dad’s grass’ CBD prerolls

  • Best for Hygiene: Mooselabs MouthPeace

  • Best for Tea Lovers: Willie’s Remedy pyramid bag and loose leaf teas

Each of these products offers a unique experience tailored to different preferences and occasions, perfect for a holiday gift. Whether your loved one is a fan of browsing Etsy for flowers, sweet treats, relaxation baths, rolling their own joints, or tea.

There’s something for everyone.

Best for Sweet Treats: JustCBD CBD gummies

Price: $20


  • Wide selection of flavors and potencies

  • Made from organic USA-grown hemp


  • Offers a diverse selection of flavors

  • Induces a state of profound relaxation

  • Exceptional taste without an undesirable hemp aftertaste


  • Might be too sweet for some tastes

Sweeten your stoner sweetheart’s day with JustCBD gummies. They offer a diverse selection of flavors and potencies to suit every palate and preference. From the classic Clear Bear Multi-Color Bears to tangy Sour Bear and fruity Blueberry Raspberry Rings, variety is the spice of life. Expect a state of profound relaxation, typically lasting 1 to 3 hours. The quality of these gummies is underscored by the use of organic USA-grown hemp, customized dosing recommendations, and convenient portability. Customers laud the brand’s expedient delivery and excellent customer service.

Rating: 4.5/5

Best for Couples: HighOnLove's Lip Gloss

Price: $35


  • Infused with a hydrating formula containing mineral and hemp oils

  • Can be used for intimate purposes


  • Enhances the appearance of lips

  • Made from natural, vegan ingredients

  • Crafted in small batches for quality control


  • Some users have reported mixed results regarding its lip-plumping capabilities

HighOnLove’s Lip Gloss offers a sensual experience with the following features:

  • Infused with a hydrating blend of mineral and hemp oils, enhancing your lips’ appearance while nourishing them

  • Crafted from natural, vegan ingredients, minimizing irritation

  • Positive feedback on for its moisturizing effects and appealing scent

Despite mixed reviews on its lip-plumping abilities, this classy and unique great gift is sure to impress your partner.

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Best for Relaxation: CBD Living's bath salts

Price: $30


  • Combines CBD with aromatherapy from essential oils

  • Includes Magnesium Sulfate for muscle relaxation


  • Offers comprehensive physical and mental relaxation

  • Available in a variety of scents for different outcomes

  • Formula moisturizes and soothes the skin


  • Not suitable for those allergic to essential oils

CBD Living’s bath salts offer an indulgent experience, combining the benefits of CBD with the soothing properties of aromatherapy. The formula includes Magnesium Sulfate, known for relaxing muscles, easing lactic acid buildup, and alleviating muscle pain and spasms. Users can choose from a variety of scents based on their desired outcome, such as Lavender for relaxation and sleep, or Coconut Lime for a revitalizing bath experience. While the product is ideal for a relaxing bath before bedtime, it may not be suitable for those allergic to essential oils.

Despite this, the bath salts are an excellent choice for anyone looking to unwind after a long day.

Rating: 4.5/5

Best for Rolling Enthusiasts: Puff Pack of pink papers and cones

A pack of pink rolling papers and cones with cannabis buds

Price: $10.88


  • Made from NON-GMO organic wood pulp

  • Includes standard 1 1/4” papers, king-size slim papers, and pre-rolled cones


  • High-quality, vegan-friendly materials

  • Slow and even burning

  • Aesthetically appealing pink hue


  • Pink hue may not be as vivid as expected

The Puff Pack of pink papers and cones is a must-have for any stoner who loves rolling their own joints. Crafted from NON-GMO organic wood pulp and organic pigments for a natural dye, these papers offer a high-quality smoking experience that is also vegan-friendly. Users have praised the papers for their slow and even burning quality, along with their ability to roll neatly without tearing. While the pink hue may not be as vivid as expected, users find it aesthetically appealing and enjoy the various products in the bundle, especially the pre-rolled cones with a subtle smoked flavor.

Rating: 4.5/5

Best for Intimacy: GoLove CBD lube

Price: $50


  • Water-based formula

  • Does not contain THC


  • Provides a thicker and silkier feel than standard lubes

  • pH-balanced and safe for intimate use

  • Can provide relief from painful sexual conditions


  • Higher cost in comparison to regular lubes

For a distinctive and intimate Valentine’s Day surprise, GoLove CBD lube is a perfect choice. This water-based lubricant provides a wet feel that outperforms standard lubes in thickness and silkiness without any psychoactive effects. Even with a higher price point than regular lubes, its potential to alleviate painful sexual conditions like vaginismus, vulvodynia, and endometriosis makes it a solid investment. It’s pH-balanced and safe for intimate use, making it the perfect enhancer for pleasure and intimacy on this special occasion.

Rating: 4/5

Best for Smokers: Dad's grass' CBD prerolls

Price: $14


  • Contains 100% organic hemp flower grown in the USA

  • Free of additives, pesticides, nicotine, tobacco, trim, and shake


  • Provides a classic smoking experience with the benefits of CBD

  • Slow, satisfying taste and pleasant herbal flavor

  • Quality ensured through third-party lab testing


  • Higher price point

  • Milder effect may not meet expectations for a stronger CBD experience

For those who enjoy a classic smoking experience, Dad Grass CBD pre rolls are the perfect choice. Crafted from 100% organic hemp flower grown in the USA, these pre rolls offer a smooth, satisfying taste and a pleasant herbal flavor. While the price point is higher than some other products, the quality and experience provided by these pre rolls justify the cost. Users have praised them for their slow and even burn and their pleasant flavor that does not alter the taste of the herb. However, those seeking a stronger CBD experience may find these pre rolls to have a milder effect.

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Best for Hygiene: Mooselabs MouthPeace

Price: $29.37


  • Utilizes disposable filters made from biodegradable materials

  • Can fit a variety of smoking devices


  • Reduces germ transmission and offers a cleaner smoking experience

  • Comes with a lanyard for convenience

  • Available in 21 different colors


  • Some users might find the filters expensive to replace

If hygiene is a priority during social smoking sessions, Mooselabs MouthPeace is an ideal pick. It boasts:

  • Disposable filters made from biodegradable materials and activated carbon, reducing harsh resins, tar, and germ transmission for a cleaner experience

  • Equipped with a lanyard for convenience

  • Accommodates a variety of smoking devices due to the dual-sized ends of the Mini version

  • Available in a palette of 21 colors, so you can select one to match your style or mood

However, the cost of replacing filters may be a drawback for some users.

Rating: 4.5/5

Best for Tea Lovers: Willie's Remedy pyramid bag and loose leaf teas

Price: $30


Pros of Hemp-infused teas:

  • Several flavors available, including Hemp-infused Hibiscus and Hemp-infused Green teas

  • Can be used to manage anxiety and stress

  • Provides a sense of cool, collected calm with a moderate boost of energy


  • Some users might find the teas a bit expensive

For the tea-loving cannabis enthusiast in your life, consider Willie’s Remedy pyramid bag and loose leaf teas. These teas offer a harmonious balance of calm from hemp with energy or focus dependent on the tea variety. Users have reported that Willie’s Remedy teas help provide a sense of cool, collected calm with a moderate boost of energy without inducing caffeine jitters. The teas are recommended for daily use to holistically incorporate CBD in managing anxiety and stress. However, some users might find the teas a bit expensive, especially if they consume multiple cups a day.

Rating: 4.5/5

Choosing the Perfect Stoner Gift for Valentine's Day

A heart-shaped box filled with cannabis-themed Valentine's Day gifts

Selecting the ideal stoner gift for Valentine’s Day involves contemplating your loved one’s preferences, their experience level, and the unique experiences the gift can evoke. Be it a personalized vaping device, lavish CBD-infused bath salt, or a smooth-tasting pre-roll, the best Valentine’s Day gifts are those that strike a chord with your loved one, making the celebration unforgettable.


This Valentine’s Day, elevate your love with these unique finds for the cannabis enthusiast in your life. From sweet treats and relaxing bath salts to intimate lubes and classic pre-rolls, there’s a gift for every stoner’s preference and experience level. So, go ahead and make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable celebration of love and cannabis!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good Valentine's Day gifts for a cannabis enthusiast?

You can consider giving CBD-infused gummies, bath salts, pink papers, or pre-rolls as unique Valentine's Day gifts for a cannabis enthusiast. These items would make a thoughtful and enjoyable surprise for your loved one!

Can I use these products if I'm new to cannabis?

Yes, you can use products suitable for beginners, such as low-THC strains or edibles with clear dosing instructions. Just start with lower dosages and increase gradually as needed.

Are these products safe to use?

Yes, the products mentioned in the guide are safe to use, but it's a good idea to check for any allergies or sensitivities before using them.

Can these products be used for social smoking?

Yes, the Puff Pack of pink papers and cones and Dad's grass' CBD prerolls are great for social smoking. Enjoy!

Are there any products that can help with relaxation?

Yes, you can try CBD bath salts or relaxing herbal teas like Willie's Remedy for a calming experience.