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What is a Percolator Bong & How Does it Work?

Percolator Bong

The term percolator, also known as perc, refers to a part of your bong lowered into the water chamber to create additional bubbles after taking the hit. Percs come in a vast assortment of shapes and sizes; however, the basic idea is a tiny glass device that water runs through to form the appearance of a filter. This results in more smooth hits and big ones that are more comfortable.

Inhaling smoke diffuses through the holes in the percolator and transforms into a plethora of tiny bubbles, which make the bong's classic crack sound. The bigger the bubbles there are, the greater the surface area that the smoke will have to be able to travel across.

A longer distance signifies that smoke remains over water longer, resulting in smoother, more relaxed, and less sharp and smoky hits. The impurities are also eliminated more efficiently when they are swept across the bubbles in the percolator. This is why beginners should look for bongs that have an integrated percolator. It reduces the frequency of coughing and makes adjusting to a new bong much easier.

What Does a Percolator Do in a Bong?

After establishing what a percolator bong is, it's time to look into these small devices. What is a percolator's role inside bongs? Simple: they provide an additional layer of filtering for your smoke. If you want the smoothest and cleanest experience possible, Percolator bongs are the best option.

If you're using an unperforated water pipe perc, the smoke has only been through the water once. Even though this will remove some contaminants and cool down the smoke slightly, many consumers require the smoothest, most cool smoke they can get. The truth is even the newest bongs can let some contaminants through. In addition, more than adding Ice to the bong is needed for certain people in terms of temperature cooling.

However, when you include percolators into the mix, smoke must go through several levels of filtering. We prefer to consider percolators being "mini bongs" within your bong. The extra filtering layers give the smoke enough time to be cleaned and relaxed before it reaches your lung. We're sure you will taste and feel the change.

Do Percolators Affect Your High?

It's not a secret that a percolator can successfully cool down your smoke. The primary purpose of this gadget is to make smoke easier to breathe. If you are having trouble getting a bong to work, test it with percolators and check the results.

However, the most critical issue is how much it influences your high quality. Some believe that the percolator enhances THC absorption. However, it's incorrect. Percolators don't get you any more potent than a regular bong.

A slight increase in THC disappears in bongs equipped with percolators than in bongs that do not have them. Even though the added water is not a factor, more goes to the glass in the extra chamber. But don't worry about it. This difference in intensity is minor in that it doesn't affect your high in any way. Most people say getting the more smooth hit is worth it.

Why Use a Percolator Bong?

In addition to addiction, it is essential to have fun when you smoke. Making a joint can be time-consuming and doesn't last for long. However, using the top percolator bongs, you shouldn't have to return to the joint anytime soon. Percolator bongs are a smoker's most trusted companion for various reasons.

Better smoke taste:

Smokers and non-smokers are often confused about whether smoke is a flavor. It certainly does. This is why you can have a variety of flavors available. Percolator bongs have the same result. It draws the purest vapor out of the cannabis you smoke and then holds it for a lengthy time. This allows you to achieve more powerful highs in just a few drags. You can also experience the herb's flavor rushing through your throat and into the lung.

Stable and stronger:

Percolator bongs are built with a sturdy base, which can prolong their life. If you're clumsy, you likely spill the water in the bong. However, percolator bongs have an excellent base resistant to spilling the contents while smoking. In addition, glass percolator bongs are made from scientific-grade glass. In other words, even if you accidentally drop the bong, the chances of sustaining harm are much lower.


Using a percolator bong is your most suitable alternative for those who do not want to go through the hassle of rolling your joint. All you can do is empty the water chamber, pour cannabis into it, then smoke it. Once the smoke spreads throughout the room, take a long breath, and you will be amazed at how wonderful life can be. You should now be aware of what is the percolator bong. If you're considering smoking marijuana, consider using a percolator bong rather than a joint. You will feel the difference right away.

Why are Percolator Bongs Superior to Regular Bongs?

Think about how a typical bong functions. A smoking substance is put in a bowl attached to a tube that connects the bowl to an enclosed water chamber. Inhaling via the mouthpiece, the lighted material is pushed down the line and eventually into the water chamber, producing bubbles. When they travel across the surface of the water, the surface of these bubbles permits the cooling and filtration of smoke.

In the standard regular-style bongs, the hole in the bottom of the downstem creates a few large bubbles with a small surface area. In contrast, a percolator bong produces lots of tiny bubbles and substantially more surface area than the ones made by standard water pipes.