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Why Eyce silicone bong is the perfect choice for the cannabis enthusiast


A silicone bong is a smoking device that is used for smoking herbs, cannabis, weed, tobacco, and other substances. They are made of high-quality silicon making them flexible and durable. They usually have down stems or removable bowls they are easy to maintain and clean.

They are quite famous among travelers and outdoor smokers as they are very durable and light-weight. They are also an ideal choice for clumsy and careless smokers who tends to drop their bongs. Eyce Silicone Bong are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. You can also get customized silicone bongs according to your needs and preferences.

While purchasing the silicon bong you should consider its quality as cheap and substandard silicone bongs can contain toxic chemicals. Conduct complete research before buying a bong as it will help you to find the best silicon bong. You need to maintain and clean your bong regularly for optimal use.

Eyce Silicone bong:

The Eyce Silicone Bong is a water pipe that is designed for smoking weed and cannabis. Unlike other glass bongs, these bongs are made of high-grade silicone making them easy to clean and indestructible. Eyce Bongs have a borosilicate glass bowl and a removable down stem to provide you flavorful and smooth smoking experience.

They may also have built-in percolators and ice-catchers providing you with cleaner and cooler smoking. We can say that Eyce Bongs are a practical and durable option for smokers looking for the convenient and portable smoking devices.

Eyce Silicone Bongs are popular among ardent cannabis smokers for the following reasons:


These bongs are made of high-quality silicone making them indestructible, unlike glass bongs that easily break once dropped.


These bongs have a compact design and are lightweight making them feasible for carry and best choice for on-the-go use.

Easy to Clean:

These bongs are made of high-quality silicone which is non-stick material. You can easily disassemble and clean it using warm water and cleaning solution.


These bongs are affordable when compared to glass bongs. They are cheaper than other bongs; hence don’t affect your budget.


These bongs have detachable silicone down stem which you can easily replace with metal or a glass bong. Hence they allow the customer to customize their bong according to their smoking preferences.

The Eyce Silicone Bong is a classic choice for ardent cannabis smokers who are looking for the versatile, durable, portable, and affordable smoking devices.

The Benefits of using a silicon bong for cannabis consumption:

In recent years Silicone Bongs have become extremely popular due to the various benefits it offers to its users. They are durable and indestructible even when dropped down. They are easy to clean, you can easily clean them using soap and water. They can be cleaned using dishwasher making cleaning process even easier.

As these bongs are made of silicone, they don’t change the flavor of weed so you can enjoy the pure flavour of weed providing you smooth and pure smoking experience. They are easy to carry so you can enjoy on the go smoking. One of the major benefits of Silicone Bong is its affordability.

How to Use a Silicon bong?

Silicone Bongs are very easy to use. Follow the below-mentioned steps to use a traditional silicone bong:

  •         While using the silicone bong you need to fill the water in the bong. Pour enough water to cover the downstream and percolator. Don’t fill the water too high so that water doesn’t spill out while using it.
  •         The next step after filling the water is to grind the herb. You can grind the herb using a grinder. The herb should be ground smooth to provide an even burn.
  •         After grinding the weed, pack it in the bowl of bong. Pack it tight enough so it stays in its place but don’t close it too tight that airflow gets restricted.
  •         After packing the bowl, light the herb using match. After burning the weed inhale using mouthpiece. This will help you to pull smoke through water chamber due to the vacuum created.
  •         After burning the herb, inhale the smoke until the chamber is filled with smoke. After this release carb to release the smoke.
  •         After using the bong, clean it thoroughly to remove any residue or buildup using a brush or warm water. After cleaning it with water dry it before storing it.

Silicone Bong is very easy to use but you need to follow the above-mentioned steps to enjoy a smooth and clean smoking experience.

The durability and portability of Eyce silicone bongs:

Eyce Bongs are popular among smokers due to their portability and durability. They are made of high-quality that is indestructible and heat-resistant making them very portable and perfect for use anywhere.

They are easy to pack, lightweight and portable making them the best choice for travellers. The small size and material of these bongs make them durable and portable for its consumers. They are easy to clean as you can disassemble and was it using water and soap.

Eyce Silicone Bongs are the best choice for a smoker searching for portable, durable and easy to use device. Using these bongs, you don’t need to worry about their breaking or difficulty in carrying them.

How to Buy Best Eyce Silicone Bongs?

While buying Eyce Silicone Bong you need to consider the following factors:

Size and Design:

These bongs are available in various sizes and designs. You can choose the size and design of the bong according to your preferences. You can buy a large or a portable bong according to your preferences.


While buying a bong keep in mind its durability. Look for a bong that is made of high-quality material so you can have a life-long smoking experience.


According to your preferences you can buy the bong with additional features like percolators and ice catchers. You can customize Eyce Silicone Bong according to your needs.


Reviews are the best way to find the quality of a bong before buying it. Always read the customer reviews as they give you an idea of performance and quality of bong.


Eyce Silicone Bongs are available at different price range. High-quality bongs are usually expensive but expensive bongs aren’t always of good quality. Hence look for your affordability and quality for buying Eyce Silicone Bong.

Considering all these factors you can buy the best Eyce Silicone Bong according to your needs.