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10 Best CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kits

Best CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kits

What is a CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit?

To be classified as a CBD oil vape starter kit it must contain:

  • CBD vape pen 
  • Vaping oil ingredients
  • Vape pen charger (if necessary)


Basically, the kit must include everything you need to start vaping CBD. We’ve compiled a list of our top X brands which we would recommend that you start on. Please note: not all of these brands will ship to you. This is because CBD is still not necessarily legal to ship everywhere in the world. For example, a lot of these companies may be from the United States. Despite the US recently legalizing hemp in a recent farm bill, that does not mean that hemp or CBD products are free to ship all over the world. A lot of these companies will only ship within the U.S. for now, but you can expect this to change sometime in the near future.

Some of these kits may be all in one, like a disposable vape pen. They would not typically be considered kits, but as they contain everything you need to start vaping CBD oil, we’ve included a few.



Thrive Vape Bright CBD


Thrive Vape Bright CBD Starter Kit

What better way to spend a beach day than thriving bright under the palm trees with the Thrive Bright Vape Pen?   Photo :@vapebright

As our first choice, we’ve selected the Vape Bright Starter Pack - 200mg with battery. This contains everything you will need to immediately start vaping CBD. It is also made from hemp, which means that they could potentially ship to the UK and other places around Europe, although you will have to check this yourself. It has a 510 battery and is one of those perfect vape combos. Each hit from Thrive gives you a 1 mg hit of pure organic CBD and it doesn’t contain PG or VG. Thrive's cartridges are made from organic hemp oil (made from the seeds and stalks) and is placed in MCT oil.  MCT oil is probably slightly better than PG or VG, but it’s still not great to inhale after being vaporized. It’s a tradeoff though, and it’s up to you whether you think it’s worth it.  1mg of CBD is actually pretty good as a dosage, and vaping is better than taking oil sometimes because of its instant onset. The battery only takes 30 minutes to fully charge and the price isn’t too bad either, at $55. This Thrive starter pack for its Thrive CBD vape is right up there with the top dogs.


The HealthSmart CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit

Health Smart CBD Disposable Pen

CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit by HealthSmart. Photo: @healthsmartlabs

Not everyone likes the taste of cannabis or terpenes. As such, some companies like HealthSmart Labs offer a completely different experience. Instead of offering traditional weed strains, they have seperated their CBD Cartridges into three flavors:

  • Calm - Hybrid profile with herbal, citrus flavors
  • Relax - Indica profile with lavender, grape flavors
  • Awake - Sativa profile with fruity, strawberry flavors. 

The HealthSmart CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit comes with 0.5ml of 200mg full spectrum CBD oil, a 510 threaded rechargeable battery, and a charger. This combination makes the HealthSmart CBD vape kit a great choice for a middle of the range CBD vape oil starter kit. It is also 100% organic hemp extract and does not use PG/PEG/VG/MCT, a massive advantage in the CBD concentrate market. The pens themselves come in 3 different moods, calm, relax, or awake. This is a common theme which you see in the cannabis industry and allows you to feel calm, relaxed, or awake, without the intoxicating psychoactive effects.


The Kind Pen - Slim Oil Vape Pen

cbd oil vape travel

We have a lot of respect for the Slim Oil Vape Pen by the experts at The Kind Pen. Thoughtful as always, the makers of this slim new friend have simplified the art of smoking your tasty oil into a no-hassle process. Simply fill the wickless chamber with an oil or e-liquid of your choice and draw on the mouthpiece. Your draw will automatically kick the pen into gear and you'll be puffing away in seconds. It's as easy to tuck into any pocket as it is to draw from, so we love this Kind Pen for its portability and simplicity.

What we love: 

  • Recharge slim oil CBD vape pen with included USB charging cable
  • Auto-draw by breathing in on the mouthpiece
  • Sleek, portable design



W Vapes CBD Cartridge or Disposable

W Vapes CBD Vape Pens

W Vape CBD pens looking sleek and classy against the night lights. Photo: @wvapes


The only reason this beauty wasn’t number one is that it contains too much THC. The problem with that is that this means not many people have access to it. In fact, it’s currently not legal to ship or deliver THC over state lines, so anyone outside of California will most likely not have access to W Vapes. Those that do will know why I have put W Vapes up here. Their 6 CBD to 1 THC vaporizer is unlike any experience I’ve ever had before. With an instant onset, it is  incredibly calming, and helps with many different pains and ailments. Unlike CBD oil, you do not have to wait two hours for the effects to even start to kick in. Instead, these vaporizers are instant. W Vapes sell their starter kits online, which include organic supercritical CO2 extracted CO2 oil which is tested for quality, purity and potency. W Vapes starter kits include a 200 w vape, a charger, and some oil. If you're looking for a cheaper, more temporary option, they also sell disposable vape pens.  W Vapes is a great company and hopefully the world will have access to the quality products that they offer sometime in the near future.




Pure CBD Vapors -Peach Kush

CBD Hemp Oil E-Liquid in Peach by Pure CBD Vapors. Photo: @purecbdofficial

When it comes to vaping CBD, pre-filled cannabis vapes are not your only option. You can also buy CBD vape juice from a site like Purecbdvapors or Vapor Puffs. We went with the Peach Kush flavoured Pure Cannabidiol Vapors, CBD Hemp Oil E-Liquid. If you know this product already, then you’ll know that the terpenes give this one a fantastic taste. You also get full spectrum CBD from the stalk of the hemp plant. The main problem with this product is that it’s stored in VG. While that may not seem too bad for some people, it is important to realize that just because something is declared safe by the FDA, does not make it safe for human vaporization. It was declared safe for human consumption, not human vaporization.  Another problem with broad spectrum CBD oil or vape juice is that it contains 0% THC, and this does not allow for the entourage effect to happen. The entourage effect is when THC and CBD work together to help you with your illness. 



Uncut For The People - Strawnana 30% CBD Cartridge

CBD For the People Vape Cartridge

CBD by the Sea. What a perfect combination. Photo: @cbdforthepeople 

These delightful cartridges contain everything and anything you need to enjoy a 100% organic vaping experience.

What does Uncut CBD concentrates mean?  As mentioned in the last CBD starter kit set, a lot of CBD cartridges are cut with PG/VG/MCT/hemp oil, or other chemical carriers and thinners. The final product of this is a thinned out CBD oil, which means the cannabinoids are spread out like too little butter on too large of a slab of toast. This isn’t very tasty, just as the CBD vape pens aren’t very effective. The thinning out of the CBD over a large amount of oil means that per hit you’re getting far less CBD content than if you take something like a CBD oil. This is where CBD Uncut comes in. They do not cut their oils with another potentially dangerous chemical. Instead, these cartridges are 100% chemical-free, organic CBD, containing maximum CBD potency. This is the kind of product which will almost certainly start to take over the cannabis scene once it’s legalized in more countries.

You need to put a little bit more effort in with this product, but all of its ingredients are natural. Since the oil is uncut, it solidifies at a much faster rate, and therefore must be warmed. You have to double-click to preheat the cartridge and you may have to heat it even further if you’re in colder weather. Don’t worry too much about adding heat, as it’s made from quartz. However, be sure to keep in mind that you need to let the mouthpiece cool after you heat it and keep the cartridges upright at all times. There is also a higher chance of the mouthpiece getting blocked, so make sure you know how to clean it out. The terpenes are added at the end and they give it a fantastic taste. Some of these cartridges include batteries, others you will need to buy separately. Make sure you get a battery when you buy it! CBD Uncut for the people don’t only do CBD cartridges. They also have a line of CBD vape kit sets, which all come with batteries.



Synergy Extracts - CBD Distillate Vape Starter Kit - 45% CBD Distillate

Synergy Extracts - Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil Cartridge

Natural synergy of earth and plant oil extract - CBD Distillate Oil Cartridge by Synergy Extracts. Photo: @synergyextracts

This is very special product, as it is very rare to find a CBD content of 45%.  If you know what this means, then you’ll already be intrigued. A lot of CBD starter kits are closer to 10-15%, so 45% is a remarkably high percentage. Furthermore, the Microdosing Dabpen Starter Kit by Synergy Extracts uses no PG or VG, and contains absolutely 0% THC. It’s a pre-filled dab pen cartridge with 440mg of very high purity extract, containing natural terpenes which are added after distillation. The CBD + terpene effects work together to give the consumer a great vape pen experience. 

Synergy Extracts has many different flavours for sale, so you can choose which famous strain you’d like to experience. This vape pen is definitely more expensive than some other options, but you’re paying for purity, potency, and quality flavours. The build quality is also a lot better than your standard vape pen, as a lot of vape pens use exceedingly cheap parts to make their pens. This makes it possible to give yourself high dosages of CBD while on the move, without needing a dab rig, which can be annoying to use. 

Synergy Extracts has taken care of everything for you by creating this incredibly potent and pure CBD vape pen starter kit. Each starter kit comes with 1x dab pen, 1x vape pen charger, 1x CBD flavour cartridge of your choice. This product is not all that expensive either, considering it’s still a CBD starter vape kit for under £80.




Full Spectrum Hemp Vape Pen with Butterfly

Butterflies like CBD too! Vape oil pen by Full Spectrum Hemp. Photo: @fullspectrumhemp

Another exceptionally potent product which has everything you may want in a CBD vape experience. Firstly, it comes with a pen battery, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying one separately. Secondly, it contains terpenes from real weed plants, offered in a variety of quality strain flavours including:

  • Bubblegum
  • Sour Diesel
  • Tangerine Haze
  • Super Lemon Haze

This is a pretty good list of products to choose from. Sour Diesel and Super Lemon Haze are particularly nice. The Pure Spectrum CBD Isolate Oil 450mg 56% CBD Vape Kit Set contains all natural, solvent-free, terpene flavoured CBD oil.

Common problems with other similar products on the market are glass breaks and leakages. Pure Spectrum steps it up among other competitors by designing  their cartridges to be leak free and made with reinforced glass. You also get a nice potent high per hit, with the average cartridge lasting around 530 puffs or 59 pulls. These cartridges contain other cannabinoids (but not THC) and their CBD is GMP certified and organic from seed to sale. Also, Pure Spectrum's concentrates contain no PG or VG, which is a big advantage of their products. The price is also pretty good, sitting at only $60. You receive a pen included in this price, making this starter kit a really great bang for your buck.



101CBD Vape Kit for under £40

101CBD Cheap Vape Starter Kit

Wanting a CBD pen but need to save money? This vape kit by 101CBD may be the perfect product for you! Photo: 101CBD

Not everyone wants to spend large sums of money on a CBD starter kit. This is especially true if you have never even tried CBD. One thing worth mentioning is that the cheaper you go with CBD, the lower the quality. Though this seems 
obvious to mention, it’s not like the difference between cheap and expensive booze, which typically just comes down to taste. Bad, low CBD count vape oil does not work as well as good quality oil. Therefore, if you’re trying to treat a serious ailment with low-quality CBD oil and it doesn’t work for you, then you need to up the ante and buy a more expensive one. However, to just try it out, there’s no harm in buying a cheap CBD starter kit for under 40. That’s exactly what we have here. This CBD vape pen will give you a quick hit of CBD with instant effects and is still decent quality. It also is free of solvents and has been extracted using a super critical process. It is important to note, however, that the cannabidiol hit may not be as high as some others on this list. If you find that this CBD vape oil doesn’t help with your symptoms, then I definitely suggest trying one of the other kits on the list. You should get some idea if CBD will help treat you though, as this pen still does contain CBD.



iPuff CBD BoxSet - Disposable CBD vape pen

iPuff CBD Vape Pens and Cartridges

With this iPuff disposable pen you can toke it and trash it. Photo: @mr.bubbles0202

The beauty of disposable CBD cartridges is that you really don’t need anything else. You can just keep buying the disposable cartridges and once they’ve finished, you just buy some more. This makes for a much easier experience and means that you don’t have to worry about charging your battery or about your battery breaking. You can buy iPuffs for pretty cheap, as they only cost around $32. You don’t even need to press a button with these disposable vaporizers. Simply toke on it like a cigarette or a joint, and you’ll be delivered anything between 20-30% full plant spectrum hemp oil CBD. CBD relief has never been so simple and easy. The only other ingredients of iPuff are essential fatty acids, lipids, terpenes, and chlorophyll. This is a really fantastic way to enjoy your CBD, especially if you are trying to save money as iPuff CBD BoxSets are very cheap. If you want to try CBD but you’re not sure about paying a lot of money for a set, this should definitely be an option you consider. A couple of drawbacks to this low price is that these disposable pens don’t last for very long and they can also break easily.                                                                                                                             



Storm Vaporizer

CBD Flower Storm Vaporizer hanging out with exactly what goes inside of it - green leaves. Photo: @_puffpuffpalace_

It’s also possible to just buy CBD flower from either online or from a shop. You can find CBD flower in a lot of countries, as people are slowly warming to the idea of cannabis. When I was traveling in Italy recently I saw that many bars sold CBD flower, despite weed being illegal in the country. This was not illegal, as it was industrial hemp, or at least was being sold as industrial hemp. Once you’ve got your CBD flower you can just buy yourself a vaporizer (I highly recommend the Storm Vaporiser) and then vape your flower inside there. You should definitely grind up your herbs first, as this allows for the full taste experience. Often CBD flower tastes pretty horrible, but more and more strains are being grown which actually have a great taste, and isn’t really industrial hemp. However, it can be sold as industrial hemp as it has under a certain % of THC (0.3% in the US and 0.2% in the UK). The Storm Vaporizer also comes with an insert which allows you to smoke cannabis oil. Therefore if you come across
CBD shatter, CBD isolate, or CBD cannabis oil, then you can also vaporize them inside your Storm.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD or Vape Pens in General:


How long does a 500mg vape pen last?

A 500mg CBD vape pen will last around 200 puffs, which is good for a few weeks depending on how often you smoke. It also depends on the potency of the CBD vape. Some CBD vapes may simply not have a high enough cannabinoid count. This is particularly true of those which are made from hemp, as the cannabinoid count of hemp-based CBD medicine is much lower than the count of CBD vapes made from the cannabis plant. The problem is, in some countries like the UK, non-hemp based CBD oils are not legal, and therefore some companies make purely hemp vape pens.


What is CBD and how can it help me?

This question has been answered many times in many different places, but to put it briefly, CBD is cannabidiol and it’s (currently) one of the main active ingredients in cannabis. Its medicinal effects include anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, aid with nausea and other symptoms from chemotherapy, reduces headaches and pain, along with many more. The effects still need to be fully tested in labs, but there definitely seems to be a lot of positive initial results which point to CBD’s success as a medicine. What I always say is that if you have a bad illness, then you may as well try it, because CBD products are non-toxic and very rarely makes conditions worse.  CBD starter vape kits are CBD oil with everything else you need to smoke it. This definition includes disposable CBD vape pens, because they can be vaped without purchasing any more products. Hopefully this article can help you make a decision about the best CBD starter vape kits available on the market right now. This article includes:


  • What is CBD and how can it help me
  • What is a CBD vape starter kit
  • What are the different types of CBD vape oil starter kits
  • What are the best CBD vape oil starter kits
  • CBD e-liquid juice and where to buy it
  • How long does a 500mg vape pen last
  • Best CBD vape pens starter kits
  • What are vaping oil ingredients
  • Best vape combos
  • And much more!


Tried Deadhead OG? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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