10 Best Flower Vaporizers in the World Right Now - no7 will blow your mind!

Apr 19 , 2019

Flower Vape Vape vaporizer

10 Best Flower Vaporizers in the World Right Now - no7 will blow your mind!

Flower vaporizers allow for a smoother means to consume cannabis. By this we mean that the smoke doesn't hit the back of your throat so hard. Flower vaporizers are also know as a healthier option for smoking since there is no combustion of plant and rolling material. Vaping is super popular these days, and knowing what the best vape pen flower products out there are can definitely help when choosing what type you want to use to get the most out of your cannabis.

Check out this video for more information:

With that said, the type of vape you have will determine the experience. You may have the temptation to go buy a cheaper flower vaporizer, but this can lead to low-quality hits and a vape that breaks down shortly after purchasing. You need a good quality flower vape pen. That’s why we’ve compiled this list so you can find the best flower vaporizer for you.



Utilian 721- $164.49 (219CAD)


flower vaporizer smokeSimple in looks, but brilliant in design, this vape has numerous great features!

We love this vape and its many great features! It boasts eight different settings to choose from, and is super durable. While it is currently only available to purchase in Canada, they do ship to the US and other countries. It has a one-year warranty, and provides a quick loading of the buds for a speedy session. No more worrying about fumbling to get your cannabis experience!
It contains a 2300 mAh battery, allowing for the user to have a long-lasting experience. Despite it being a compact vape that provides amazing flavour, other convection vaporizers actually don’t stand a chance against it. It’s one of the best vaporizer for flower and wax models out there, and at the price it’s listed, you won’t want to miss out on this.
Why we like it:
  • Super durable finish
  • Great price!
  • Eight different heat settings
  • Is compact, but also packs a punch!

    Herb-e Micro - $89

      flower vape smoke

      Sleek and pocket-sized, you can take this bad boy anywhere!

      This is a tiny vaporizer with some big potential. It’s discreet, meaning you can take it anywhere. Combine that with the optional smell-proof container, and you can bring your herbs anywhere you go. Its user-friendliness is great for beginners and veterans alike.
      Also, it has a unique feature known as a dual mode. This mode comes in two types: yellow and red eyed. Yellow is when you want to relax. Red eye is when you want a vape hit that can take you to the next world. Both are awesome and are recommend. We say it’s definitely worth checking out if you need a smaller vape at a fair price.  
      What we love: 
      • Small and discreet
      • Two unique ways to vape
      • A good vape pen flower for many uses


        Herb-e Seven - $109

          vape dabs flower marijuanaWhy not throw another Herb-e on our list when they're just this good!

          Let’s continue down the Herb-e train with this vaporizer that balances out the dabs vs. flower debate. Like the previous vape, this one is small, yet delivers that potent hit we know you're seeking. You can use it about 15 times on a full battery, meaning you can get some great hits in before having to recharge. Not to mention, it’s easy to clean. Some vapes require a maid to clean because they’re so messy, but not this one! This vape delivers in all regards and is great for the herb consumer who wants it all from their cannabis flower vaporizer.

          This vape also has multiple settings, just like the previous one. We love a little variety, and this one has three vaping settings to deliver a variety of hits. It’s another discreet, yet tough vape from Herb-e. This is one of the best vaporizers for flower and wax out there.
          What we love: 
          • Good battery life
          • No mess
          • Three vaping settings for a variety of hits!



            Pro 50 Combustor - $147

              flower vape combust smokeAs slick as the hits it delivers.

              This bad boy is stepping up the game by delivering 50 watts. While it only needs 30 watts, the creators are always thinking ahead - something we have come to love as imbibers of flower. It’s easy to adjust the vaping temperature, which is always a plus in our eyes. Some vapes can take so long to adjust temperatures that you simply stick to one temperature and don’t experiment. As consumers, experimentation is one of the most important things you need.

              The other plus we love about the Pro 50 Combustor is that it only takes an hour to charge. Some vapes can take hours, punishing you if you get a little too buzzed and forget to charge your vape. Luckily, this is a very forgiving vape.
              What we love:
              • Easy to adjust vaping temperatures
              • Only takes an hour to charge


                Silver Surfer Vaporizer - $270

                  flower smoke high cannabisHit the waves with the Silver Surfer vape.

                  Now we are getting to the higher end of our vaporizers. Other flower mate vaporizers we mentioned are around $100 or lower, but this one goes for over $250. However, it’s well worth the price.
                  If you’re into comics, you know of a character called the Silver Surfer. He surfs around in space, making this is a fitting name for the vape. One hit from this and you’ll feel like you’re surfing with him. Its sleek design and custom knob are designed to give you the best hit possible. If you have a higher budget when it comes to vapes, then you’re in luck.
                  What we love:

                  • Provides amazingly strong hits
                  • Has a custom knob you can use to control it.
                  • Worth the money

                    Zeus Arc Gt - $230

                      marijuana vaporizer cannabisTruly a gift from the gods, we couldn't leave Zeus off the list!

                      The god Zeus has come down from Mt. Olympus to give you a vape that will make you feel at one with the gods. The Zeus Arc Gt hails from Canada, where, as we know, weed has been legalized on a national level. Way to go, Canada!
                      But we digress. This is a higher-end vape that uses a gold chamber and path. This allows the vape to create flavours that are out of this world. Of course, taste is subjective, but we believe that most people will love this vape and what it has to offer.
                      It also creates more vapor than most other vapes. The only downside is that it takes a while to heat up, but the phrase “slow burn” is seen as a good thing for a reason.
                      What we love:

                      • It provides amazing and bold flavours
                      • It creates more vapor than other vapes
                      • Perfect for if you’re into cloud chasing


                        Ghost MV1 - $295

                          ghost flower concentrate combustorLike something you'd find in Bruce Wayne's garage, we love this gadget!

                          If you read the click-bait title, you expect this one to blow your mind. This killer flower and concentrate vaporizer will make you feel like a ghost. This vape goes for about $300, but boy is it worth it. Why is it worth it? Where do we begin?

                          Let's start with the flavours Ghost brings out in the herb it's vaping. They're some of the smoothest and tastiest notes you'll experience from any vape! In addition to that, you'll get to enjoy more of them before you have to re-charge the battery because Ghost's battery lasts about twice as long as other vapes. Ghost is super durable, which, when you're high off of the fantastic flavours Ghost is heating up for you, is a great thing! This doesn't mean you can throw it around willy-nilly, but you'll be able to toke away with less stress thanks to its sturdy build. Finally, Ghost is a smart vape. This doesn't mean it can do your algebra homework for you, but rather that it can be controlled through your smart phone. This allows for easier control and you can even lock it so someone doesn’t mess with your settings. Having complete control over your vape is important for many vape users, and for good reason. People love a variety of hits. It’s as simple as that.

                          Overall, Ghost is one of the best vapes on this list. The only downside is that it’s a bit big, allowing for less portability and less discreetness, but all of the pros make that okay in our book.
                          By the way, check out this review:

                          What we love: 

                          • It’s durable
                          • It allows for smooth hits
                          • A super long battery life
                          • It’s a smart vape



                            LINX Hypnos Zero, Ares, & Gaia Vape Special - $345

                              smoke kit vape marijuanaLooking for a way to get all your vape-needs fulfilled with one purchase?

                              Talk about a killer combo! It normally goes for almost $500, but this LINX vape special is currently going for much cheaper. If you need vapes that are separate for both vaping or dabbing, this set is for you.

                              First, we have the Gaia. It’s a vape that has quite a few things going for it, including hybrid heating. This helps it pass by all the electronic chambers to deliver a smoother hit.

                              Then, there is the Ares. Ares is the god of war, and this vape will declare war on your senses. It is a straw dabber that delivers. It makes some tough vapes and helps deliver the best quality to you. When it comes to dabbing, you know you want the best flavour out there, and this thing delivers.

                              Finally, there is the Zero. This is an oil vape. Flower vs oil is another battle vapers talk about. This shows you just how good oil vaping can be, and it comes in more vaping temperatures than just the three you may be used to.

                              This kit comes with a lot more accessories too. If you’re new to vaping, this honestly may be one of the best starter packs out there. We highly recommend it.
                              What we love:
                              • It’s a vape combo
                              • Gaia offers hybrid heating
                              • Ares delivers quality
                              • Zero is a quality oil vape
                              • Has all of the necessary accessories for a flower vape


                                Firefly2 by Firefly - $329.95

                                  vape smoke high We're still unsure if this vape is real or if it's a prop from Men in Black...

                                  Commonly referred to as “the iPhone of vaporizers,” the Firefly2 has its own apps and smart technology that users can take advantage of. It has a temperature range that reaches 500 degrees, and it has a removable mouthpiece and a magnetic lid that allows for fresh air intakes, making it one of the best on the market. It also charges quickly so you don’t have to sit around waiting for the battery, making it one of the greatest flower vape pens that you can take advantage of.
                                  The website claims it’s 55% lighter than the previous firefly model, so if you’re not a fan of the initial design due to the clunkiness, then the Firefly2 is the solution you’re looking for.
                                  What sets this apart from many of the other competitors is that it doesn’t contain buttons like other models, but instead two sensors. This alone is what makes it one of the best dry flower vape pens you can use on the market. It provides an ultra-smooth vaping experience, almost too smooth, and it showcases the full power of this vape pen and the fact that it can be controlled with our phones is a technological enhancement that makes it stand out from the rest.
                                  Why we like it:
                                  • Can be controlled by an app
                                  • Doesn’t use buttons to activate it
                                  • Very smooth experience
                                  • Removable mouthpiece for cleaning


                                    Dab Pen WASP Wax Air Vape - $72

                                    flower vape cannabisMulti-purpose, we love this sleek and slender little Wasp pen!

                                    When it comes to the battle of wax vs flower, it all comes down to personal preference. However, if you like doing both like we do, we highly recommend you check out this awesome pen. The WASP has a simple design, which we like. Bigger and more elaborate dry flower vaporizers are unique as well, but sometimes you want something you can put in your shirt pocket.  Its wire is stainless and it can blow the competition away as well as it can blow vape clouds. It takes about a couple hours to charge, meaning you can get ready to vape in no time at all. With great performance, it’s a marijuana flower vaporizer worth buying.
                                    What we love: 

                                    • The best dry flower vaporizer money can buy
                                    • Stainless wire
                                    • Easy to charge and use



                                    Which is the best vape out of all these? Obviously, the more expensive it is, the higher quality in most cases. However, we do recognize that everyone has different budgets and needs. If you want a small, discreet vape, the Ghost isn’t going to work out for you.
                                    Let’s summarize the vapes and put them in categories:
                                    • Best general vaping flower pen: Dab Pen Wasp
                                    • Best small vape: Herb-e Micro
                                    • Best small flower and concentrate vaporizer: Herb-e Seven
                                    • Most wattage: Pro 50
                                    • Most stylish: Silver Surfer
                                    • Tastiest: Zeus
                                    • Best overall: Ghost MV1
                                    • Best combo pack: Vape Special

                                    What you need can help you make the choice when it comes to which one is the best. We recommend you try them all out if possible and decide which one hits the best for you.
                                    As cannabis becomes more mainstream, we hope to see even more killer flower vapes out there that will deliver the smoothest hits possible. We’re already having some great vapes come out of this revolution, and we do hope to see much more in the future.

                                    Interested in learning more? Leave us a question in the comments section below!


                                    Written by: Danni | Cover Photo by: Key to Cannabis

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