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12 Best Rolling Papers 2023 | Best Joint Papers

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Are you tired of begging your friends to roll up the next blunt? Do you want to master the art of blunt and joint rolling? It's an enviable skill, and we've got some great videos below! One of the key things you're going to need to help you in your quest will be having the  best flavored rolling papers to get the job done. By wrapping your precious herb in one of the papers from this list of our favorites you're ensuring you're smoking with quality and safety.

What's the difference between a blunt and a joint?

Both joints and blunts only contain cannabis; if tobacco is added it is called a spliff. A blunt is rolled with darker paper that contains tobacco while joints are rolled with standard translucent papers that are tobacco free. 

How to roll a joint?

If you’re a beginner and not sure how to roll a joint, check out this tutorial for some joint rolling tips! 


Alternatively, perhaps you’re too stoned to roll? You can always invest in an automatic joint roller that does the dirty work for you:


Raw Papers Unrefined Classic 1.25” - $17.50 (1200 papers)

 rolling papers smoke

Smoke the best papers for the best price!
Among the most well known brands in the rolling paper industry, Raw have been around for decades and have a huge range of products. The most popular Raw rolling papers are the Unrefined Classic 1.25”. These papers are ideal for both experienced and beginner rollers; the paper is thick enough so that it doesn’t tear easily but not overly thick to the point that it affects the flavour. Papers made from natural materials and are vegan friendly make them one of the healthiest options out there! At a length of 75mm, one can expect a single paper to hold up to 2 grams of fresh bud.  
50 leaves are included per pack and are available in boxes of 24 packs for the best deal. This is equivalent to 1.5 cents per paper, an absolute bargain!
These cool best rolling papers burn smoothly and rolling is easy; at such an amazing price, it deservedly earns our “Staff Pick” award.
What we love about these Raw Classic rolling papers!
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Well known brand
  • Natural best rolling papers 2023 are made from vegan friendly materials



Variety Flavoured Juicy Jay Cones - $17.99 (192 papers)

 smoke joint high

Which flavour would you choose?
If you prefer a bit of flavor in your smoke, then give Juicy Jay flavored rolling papers a try! This brand is famous for its flavored papers and will add a bit of magic when you light up. Many different flavors are available including strawberry, grape, banana and watermelon. Rolling these papers are easy, and they're thin, which allows for some super smooth hits!  

It can be tricky to find the perfect balance of flavor when manufacturing papers, but Juicy Jay have got it spot on after decades of experience! Do check out the reviews to find the best flavor. Our recommendation is grape!

Each pack contains 32 papers and includes a travel tube to make taking your joints on the road easy!   
What we love about these best rolling papers!
  • Best flavored rolling papers
  • Papers come with a travel tube container
  • Rolling is easy!



Zig Zag Rolling Papers - $41.07 (768 papers)

 high marijuana cannabis

Sturdy and slow burning, Zig Zag is known for quality.
This French origin company has more than 130 years of history and is famous on both sides of the Atlantic for its high quality papers. They are made from 100% natural Arabic gum and the finest unbleached fibers, giving an even and slow burn. We thought that the papers were durable and easy to use but the glue can be a little stronger. 
A box comes with 24 booklets, each containing 32 papers; this is equivalent to 6 cents per paper and is rather expensive for something non-flavoured. They're worth considering if you’re thinking about a large purchase. Zig Zag do have an impressive range of other products including pure hemp rolling papers, pre-rolled cones and premium paper advertised as Zig Zag Slo Burn. 
What we love about these best rolling papers 2023!
  • 100% natural paper
  • Famous company known for having some of the best rolling papers to up the game on your smoking experience!
  • Slow burn



24K Shine Gold Rolling Papers - $13 (2 papers)

 gold joint rolling

Shine bright with 24K Shine Gold!
These 24K gold papers are the perfect gift for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Visually these gold leaf rolling papers are stunning and are capable of stealing the attention in any party. Each shine paper is handcrafted and made with the finest edible gold; the base is made out of a hemp blend, giving the smoothest burn imaginable. 
Do note that despite being an awesome product, these papers are yet to be tested by the Food and Drug Administration for their potentially harmful effects - smoke at your own risk. 
A King Size Tyga gold rolling paper is also available if you prefer larger papers.
What we love about these rolling papers!
  • Visually stunning
  • Super smooth burn
  • Papers come in different sizes, though we're specifically listing the king size here!



Bob Marley Papers - $29.99 (1250 papers)

 marley joint weed

Smoking in the name of Bob Marley is never a bad move.
Named after the rapper and stoner, these marijuana rolling papers are a tribute to the legend himself. 
These best joint papers are manufactured in Spain and are made from pure hemp. This not only provides a slow burn, but also means they're very uncomplicated to roll and lacks a “papery” taste. They have gathered many 5 star reviews over the years although some have complained that the glue’s strength diminishes when exposed to moisture, so be sure to store these papers somewhere dry.  
When bought in bulk, each paper only costs 2.4 cents making them fantastic value for money! 
What we love about these rolling papers!
  • Good value for money
  • Nice packaging
  • Rolling is easy!



Elements Rice Rolling Papers - $4.87 (300 papers)

 rice paper natural

One of the thinnest papers out there, these rice papers leave no competing taste with your marijuana.
Elements Rice Papers are as thin as they come, meaning you get the purest bud taste with barely any ash. These ultra thin rice papers are made free from any chemicals and are completely natural. In addition, customers storing these rice papers for long periods have praised the fact that they are relatively moisture resistant. 
Despite being relatively tear resistant, it’s still pretty easy to wrinkle or crease the paper, meaning that rolling joints with Elements papers may be trickier for beginners. With that being said, these cigarette papers make for a fantastic smoking experience thanks to their exceptional quality.
Best of all, these papers are very affordable, with 300 leaves per pack. A box of 20 packs is also sold.   
What we love about these rolling papers!
  • Ultra thin rice papers
  • Pure bud taste
  • Less than 1 cent per paper



OCB Rolling Papers - $31.99 (1600 papers)

 ocb marijuana joint

OCB is well-known for a reason - simply light up and enjoy with these quality papers!
Any keen tobacco or marijuana user will know legendary French company OCB. They've have been manufacturing high quality papers for decades and only use natural ingredients such as natural Arabic sugar gum. They have a large range of products and we believe that the Premium King Size rolling papers are the best of the lot. 
These papers are massive, measuring in at 108mm long; enough to fit up to 3 grams of fresh bud. In addition, each paper comes with a filter tip allowing for a much easier rolling experience. 
Each pack contains 32 papers and are sold in boxes of 5 packs. 
What we love about these rolling papers!
  • Filter tip included
  • Natural ingredients including natural gum
  • King sized papers burn evenly


Wiz Khalifa Joints - $7.99 (32 papers + rolling kit)

 rolling paper khalifa

We love that you can get everything you need in one awesome pack!
Rapper Wiz Khalifa was so impressed with Raw papers that he decided to partner up with them to create his own brand. This unique “LOUD PACK” is a 3 in 1 system and includes 1 ¼ papers, rolling paper filters, a rolling tray and a packing stick. This is all kept together by some neat packaging and an additional Beamer Doob Tube is included with each purchase making this kit perfect for travelling. 
As you may expect with any Raw paper, only natural, vegan rolling papers ingredients are used. We thought that the filter and poker material were nice, additional touches, too!  
What we love about these rolling papers!
  • High quality Raw papers
  • “3 in 1” Rolling kit
  • Doob Tube included - perfect for travel



Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers - $31.98 (1000 papers)

 smoke joint roll

With the addition of a wire, Randy's make for easier rolling and smoking!
Manufactured and hand-packed in the US since 1975, Randy’s rolling papers are unique for their stainless steel wire. This design is special for two reasons: Firstly, it provides the joint with a bit more strength during rolling and smoking. Secondly, once the first half of the joint is finished, one can hold the exposed wire to prevent burning their fingers. We tested this out and it definitely comes in handy if you like to smoke without filters! This video demonstrates the special function: 

Made from a blend of tree pulp and flax, the papers are 100% organic and vegan friendly.  Standard best rolling papers (77mm) and king rolling papers (110mm) are available.
What we love about these rolling papers!
  • Unique stainless steel wire 
  • 100% organic & vegan
  • Easy to roll


Rizla Rolling Papers - $27.17 (1000 papers)

blunt toke cannabis

Which colour speaks to you? Photo:
Rizlas papers are known for being the best cigarette rolling papers but work equally well for weed! This French company has more than 150 years of experience in making high quality rolling papers. The name “Rizla” originates from the French word “Riz,” meaning rice, and “La,” which stands for the original family name “Lacroix.”
Many different papers are manufactured and identified by the colour of its package; if you’re an experienced roller, we recommend the Silver rolling papers. These papers are super thin and burn very slowly. However, they do contain additives which make the smoking paper stronger and are not for those looking to avoid chemicals. If you’re a relative rookie at rolling, we recommend the thicker Red or Green rolling papers. 
What we love about these rolling papers!
  • Famous brand
  • Variety of different papers
  • Beautifully translucent



Raw King Size Supreme Rolling Papers - $6.26 (198 papers)

 thc high smoke

Perfect for sharing! Or... not!
King Size Raw Blacks is another one of Raw’s classic products. These hemp papers measure in at 110mm and can hold around 2 grams of fresh bud. They are made out of the purest natural gum and the ultra thin hemp burns slowly and evenly; the papers do not impact the flavour of the bud therefore giving the purest taste. We thought that they were pretty easy to roll and the glue holds tight as long as you do not over wet it. 
Black hemp rolling papers are sold in booklets of 32, costing around 4 cents per paper. Excellent value for king size papers!
What we love about these king size hemp rolling papers!
  • Ultra thin hemp burns slowly
  • Can be rolled by machine easily
  • Good value


Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers - $8.99 (150 papers)

 pink rolling papers

Never has a joint looked prettier!
With its allusive pink packaging, French company Blazy Susan’s pink rolling papers are vegan friendly and non-GMO. The papers themselves have a cute shade of pink and are dyed using natural materials. They are relatively easy to roll and despite being thin, they are still pretty durable and resistant to tearing.  
Each booklet contains 50 leaves and each purchase includes a “Hippie Butler” branded KewlTube. 3 packs cost a total of $8.99, equivalent to 6 cents per paper. This is the price you'll pay to smoke a sweet, pink blunt, but know that they're more than just pretty paper!
What we love about these rolling papers!
  • Cute shade of pink
  • Travel tube included
  • Vegan & Non-GMO



The best rolling papers for joints need to be easy to roll, burn evenly and be durable enough to hold the bud without affecting its taste or tearing. We’ve listed 12 of the very best brands on the market today with everything from flavoured papers to wired papers. Unsure which to go for? You can never go wrong with Raw papers, which has earnt our staff pick award! Perhaps you’re nervous about your rolling skills? Why not check out Raw’s pre-rolled cones! We've got them covered here!  


How to use Raw Cones?

Cone rolling papers are incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is fill it with fresh bud, pack well and give the end of the paper a pinch and twist. A joint is ready to go in under a minute! Just take a look at this video: 

With the right paper you'll enjoy a quality blunt every time! Grab one from the list, roll up, light up, and relax!

Still have questions about the best rolling papers? Comment below!

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