15 Best Weed Subscription 420 Goody Boxes & Services in 2019!

Jun 05 , 2019

15 Best Weed Subscription 420 Goody Boxes & Services in 2019!

Imagine a subscription to one of your favourite things, weed!  Yes, your dreams can come true! Weed subscriptions are a ‘thing’ nowadays. You can even send a 420 goody box to a friend or loved one. Imagine a box filled with a new Mary Jane product every month. It's like a stoner Christmas that arrives on your doorstep 12 times a year. How awesome is that?  Smoking surprises, yummy edible treats, and non-stop fun. You’ll be waiting on the front porch for the Fed Ex person and they’ll quickly become your best bud with these 15 awesome weed subscriptions.


Things to Remember When Subscribing to a Weed Box:

Okay, it's going to be fun getting a loaded Wdbox 420 in the mail that is packed with surprise items. However, there are a few things to remember when beginning your weed subscription.
  • Normally, weed boxes do not contain marijuana. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal and the company shipping the boxes is also located in your state of residence then they might include plant material or concentrates.

  • It is illegal at a federal level to ship weed across state lines so you might want to consider purchasing in state.

  • Most subscriptions are always shipped in discreet packaging, but you might want to confirm with the company.


Reasons to Subscribe to a Marijuana Box:

As if you needed a reason, but just in case you do, here are a few of the top reasons why you should immediately subscribe to a marijuana box.
  • Always have fun weed items on hand
  • Lets you explore and try new things
  • Huge savings on all the items in the box

With that being said, let's start out this review process with our favorite monthly parcel of delight:


    420 Box “The Goody Box” - $21.98 per month

       marijuana box delivery

      If you crave diversity in your boxes this is a great option!

      Yep, this is hands down an amazing delight for any cannabis lover. Every month enjoy a smoking piece or vape pen along with some munchies. The box only costs $21.98 per month plus $6.00 for shipping. They ship your weed box on the 20th of the month. The value of the products included is guaranteed to cost $45 to $85. If you want to know how to cancel 420 goody box shipments rest assured that cancellation is only a phone call away. If you are new to weed subscriptions then this is a highly recommended first timer’s choice. This Wd420 box is truly outstanding.  


      What we love!

      • Save big bucks by subscribing to a monthly subscription box.
      • Sample different goodies every month.
      • Choose a one month plan to see if you like the process
      • Pay the full amount for a three or six-month plan to save every more (three-month plan saves you $3.00 and a six-month plan saves you $12.00 when paid in full)


        The Top Shelf Box - $79.98

           cannabis smoke toke

          Just be sure to keep this Top Shelf Box well within reach!
          Our second big choice is the Top Shelf Box. As the name denotes, this is a premium box. You might want to seek out a 420 goody box coupon to save a few dollars off this delightful deal. What comes in 420 Goody Box of this magnitude? Everything!  You get smokes, edibles, and even a full-size bong. The 420 Goody Box Top Shelf is the ultimate weed subscription. If you are lucky enough to score a 420 good box promo code then be sure to enter it at checkout. You’ll receive $150 to $250 worth of items each month in this beautiful pot box. The box is $6.95 per month for shipping. When making the 420 Goody Box review our conclusion is that this is a great choice if you want what is a spendy treat at a significantly reduced cost every month. This weed subscription box is well worth the expense.
          If you live in the United Kingdom then please take the time to learn about the 420 Goody Box UK.
          What We Love!
          • Everything you ever dreamed about in a weed subscription with 7 to 13 items per month
          • Always different smokes and edibles to enjoy each month
          • Guaranteed top shelf products.



            Candora - $125 to $250

               beautiful marijuana smoker

              Let the female in your life know you really care about her!
              Candora club boxes are for women who adore weed. All of the brands featured have been founded or designed by women so the entire focus is on female empowerment. With a subscription you receive a goody box brimming with cannabis-focused items every season. Each year you get three weed boxes. One will arrive on a holiday and two will ship in the summer and winter. The weed accessory subscription box is the perfect gift for the lady in your life!
              What We Love!
              • Glamorous gifts for female weed lovers
              • Includes a subscription to their newsletter
              • Each box is discreetly packaged



                Hippie Butler  - $1.00 to $799

                   hippie mary jane

                  Hippie out, but with as much sophistication as you want, with one of these awesome boxes!
                  How about a hippie subscription box that offers upscale items? Best of all, you get to choose what level of box best fits your needs. You'll choose from five levels:  The Party Favor, Rollers Club, Butler Box, Masters Club, or Mod Sun Opulent Box. Prices range from $1.00 to $799. The Mod Sun Opulent Box is not a monthly subscription but one creme de la creme mega box of everything imaginable.  You will need to pick your preferences. The Roller Box is wonderful if you like creating your own joints. The Butler Box is a wonderful smoker’s box filled with goodies. This is one of the best weed subscription boxes for men or women. Even if you just want cheap boxes for fun then go with the Party Favors. Hands down, the Hippie Butler offers a fantastic smoking subscription box. The smoke box monthly is ideal.
                  What We Love!
                  • Something to fit every budget
                  • Free shipping on all boxes
                  • You get to choose if you prefer dry material, concentrates, or both



                    Club M Box -- $97

                       marijuana delivery box

                      Exclusive but worth the hassle of getting in if you can!
                      When it comes to stoner gifts for him and her the Club M Box is a great option. You're going to need to be invited to join Club M, and even then there may still be a waiting list to get in. Also, you can only receive the box in California. The bud that is included in this box is premium and you will definitely be savoring every hit. Should you be within reach of this box though it is well worth it!
                      What We Love!
                      • Premium bud
                      • Large box
                      • Respected company


                        Daily High Club - $1.00 to $29.99

                           420 cannabis high

                          DHC will give you something to look forward to!
                          The Daily High Club is somewhat reminiscent of the now-defunct Buddabox/buddah box which is no longer in business. However, the prices of these Dailyhighclub boxes are affordable. If you want to be a member of the Dollar High Club check out their three boxes: El Primo, Connoisseur, or All Natural. The boxes aren’t fancy but they are jam-packed with goodies that are going to have you dancing a happy dance. The kush cargo is impressive.  If you don’t want to break the bank but you want to have some fun then you are going to definitely want to try one of these marijuana subscription boxes.
                          What We Love!
                          • Tailored for smoking experts
                          • The premium box features a glass item each month
                          • Filled to the brim with nice items that are sure to please


                            Hemper - $12 to $30

                               smoking kit weed

                              Carefully curated boxes sent to your home - what else could you ask for?
                              The Hemper box is fun for beginners and respected by seasoned stoners. Their experts pick ten wonderful items to titillate you with each month. Whether you roll your own or prefer dab box accessories, you are going to appreciate this thrifty box choice. If you are looking for awesome subscription boxes then choose the Hemper. It's one of the best for a weed accessory subscription box.
                              What We Love!
                              • Affordable with a box for every budget
                              • Boxes are shipped in discreet packaging
                              • Filled with premium brands



                                Sensi Box - $20 and up

                                   toker strain natural

                                  Searching for a creative, affordable and thoughtful gift?
                                  Sensi Box proudly offers boxes for stoner girls. They offer a girl weed subscription box that spans three months, six months, or a full 12 months. Imagine a pretty purple box with lovely girlie colored pipes and smoking apparel. Win your lady’s heart by giving her one of these truly wonderful boxes. Also, Sensi has male-focused goody boxes too. You can definitely find some stoner gifts for him thanks to Sensi!
                                  What We Love!
                                  • Designer male or female boxes
                                  • Various subscription lengths
                                  • Affordable boxes


                                    Sensi Box - $20 and up

                                       gift marijuana smoke

                                      Spend a little more to get a lot more!
                                      The second Sensi Box option on our list, you can tell we are a little obsessed. It's hard not to be when the boxes are so carefully curated and thoughtful! We also love their different themes meant for different target audiences. Why? Because now there's no excuse for not knowing what to get your SO!
                                      What We Love!
                                      • Designer male or female boxes
                                      • Various subscription lengths
                                      • Affordable boxes



                                        Cannabake Box - $39.99 and up

                                           cannabis bake high

                                          For a great surprise every time, get on Cannabake's list!
                                          Cannabake is a great stoner box monthly service. In our opinion, it is one of the best mystery box subscriptions. You get to choose the level that you want to subscribe too. Inside you can count on there being the must-have items that will get you well on your way towards being baked. You’ll love going through these boxes and trying out the various items every month.
                                          What We Love!
                                          • A box for every budget
                                          • Boxes contain smoke items and edible
                                          • Edibles and supplies



                                            Cannabox - $12.99 and up

                                               weed delivery box

                                              From munchies to attire, Cannabox's diversity is sure to excite!
                                              We had a hard time comparing Cannabox vs 420 Goody Box because they are similar in quality and price. Both are great options when it comes to available mystery box subscriptions. No, they are not free subscription boxes, but they are affordable and packed with the best items. As with the Goody Box, the plans get cheaper if you pay in bulk such as a three-month plan or three-month plan paid in full, which will save you some dollars.  Without a doubt, this cannibox even comes with fun apparel. Whether you are a daily connoisseur of primo bud or you only occasionally smoke, you are going to enjoy these boxes.
                                              What We Love!
                                              • Affordable with additional perks if you pay for several months in advance
                                              • Fun monthly themes
                                              • Includes wraps, munchies, and wearables



                                                Zample Box - $30 and up

                                                   vape e-juice thc

                                                   Switch up your vape game with Zample's amazing box!
                                                  Are you ready for the best vape mystery box? Well, you are going to fall head over heels in love with the Zample Box!  It features various e-liquid selections every month. You’ll save up to 67 percent off retail prices. They are home to 300 plus US brands. You can sample various vape juice each month. Choose between tobacco, fruit, dessert, or menthol vapes. There is literally something for every taste bud. You can pick one or all. Then you get to let them know if there are any flavours that you simply want to avoid or if it's all good. You’ll also be asked if you want 3 or 6 mg. Then choose between a three bottle, six bottle, or eleven bottle pack per month.
                                                  What We Love!
                                                  • Lots of taste options
                                                  • Various vape bottle package plans
                                                  • Top US vape brands


                                                    TokerPack - $35 and up

                                                       high marijuana natural

                                                      Step up your toking game with the TokerPack.
                                                      The TokerPack offers three very distinct packs. You can pay per month or buy a full 12 months of boxes to save. You never know what goodies are packed in the box, but they range from simple items on up to large glass bongs (with the Glass Pack). Every month is a surprise. All items are of top quality.
                                                      What We Love!
                                                      • Discreet packaging
                                                      • Top brands
                                                      • Affordable prices



                                                      AuBox - $99 to $150

                                                       gold box subscription

                                                      Opening an AuBox is like opening your own personal treasure box!
                                                      The AuBox is tantalizing in its luxury. It offers various ways to truly enjoy weed. Each box contains premium cannabis bud mixed with truly wonderful items like elixirs, vape pens, soda, gummies, tinctures, intimate products for lovers, beauty items and even pet supplies. You choose what box fits your needs: sampler box, beauty box, man box, or pet box. The prices are high, but you get amazing products.
                                                      What We Love!
                                                      • A box to fit all tastes
                                                      • Premium products
                                                      • Wrapped in an upscale discreet black box


                                                        The Puff Pack - $1.00 up to $90

                                                           puff weed high

                                                          Don't puff puff pass on your opportunity to get one of these great boxes!
                                                          If you are looking for a monthly smoke cloud box then check out these funny and necessary monthly subscription boxes that feature everything to make a toker’s dreams a reality. You’ll receive quality name brands each month.
                                                          What We Love!
                                                          • Geared towards smokers
                                                          • A box for every budget
                                                          • Contains necessary smoking items




                                                          You are never too old to believe in Santa Clause!  These 15 top weed subscription goody boxes are going to make all your gift wishes a reality twelve months a year. Whether you enjoy primo bud or the flavour of a vape, you are going to find a cannabis gift box to fit your needs. These fun subscriptions let you try a little bit of everything. The boxes make great gifts or you can treat yourself to packs of marijuana goodies every month.
                                                          Still wondering which subscription is worthy of your patronage? Comment with any questions below!


                                                          Written by: Kimberly Sharpe | Cover Photo by: Cannaburn


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