16 Best Enails and Why You Need to Get One - The Ultimate Guide!

Jun 12 , 2019

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16 Best Enails and Why You Need to Get One - The Ultimate Guide!

If you’ve been asking yourself the question, what is an enail, then you’re in luck. This article is going to educate you on enails and highlight some of the best enails out there today. To begin, let’s start with breaking down the word into pieces. The “e” in enail stands for electronic. So an enail is an electronic nail and it’s one of the newest and more popular ways to smoke concentrates and dabs. Before the enail hit the market, people traditionally used a torch to heat up a titanium or quartz nail, which would then vaporize their dab, wax, or shatter and allow for consumption.

Now, with an enail you can leave the torch behind and simply plug-and-play. Or should I say, plug-and-smoke. Because an enail is electronic, you can plug the device into the wall, set your desired temperature and wait a few seconds or minutes for your unit to reach that temp. You can even dab several times without having to reheat the nail because the temperature maintains itself. One of the best benefits of dabbing with an enail is consistency. Since the temperature is controllable by you, your dabbing experience will be smoother and the flavour of the concentrate won’t be jeopardized.    

For a deeper explanation on enails and to see all the pieces that make up this device, check out this video:


Now that we've had a short introduction, we will dive into some of our favourite enails on the market this year!


    Galaxy Enail - Quartz Infused With All Ceramic Airway -  $299.00

       enail marijuana concentrates

      Take a trip to the galaxy and back with the help of this trusty enail!
      This handcrafted enail was designed and created in Santa Cruz, CA. Only the best and highest quality materials were used in the construction of the Galaxy enail. It’s the only enail today with an all ceramic air pathway. When dabbing, you can expect high performance and safety.
      What’s included:
      • Enail unit
      • Dab mat
      • Power cord
      • 14mm and 18mm male adapter
      • 14mm and 18mm female adapter
      • Carb cap
      • Titanium enail dabber tool
      What we love!
      • Male and female joints
      • Adjustable temperature settings
      • Set the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
      • Ceramic air pathway
      • Three-year manufacturer warranty
      • This ceramic enail is perfect to use with waxy oils

        710 Life Enail - $149.99 to $189.99 (price varies depending on colour)

          dabbing enail weed

          Ensure each dab is a smooth one with the 710 Life enail.
          Setting up and using the 710 Life e-nail is quick and easy to do. Besides its ability to easily heat up, this e-nail maintains its temperature really well. You can set the temperature gauge anywhere between 0℉ to 1200℉, though it’s not recommended to exceed 1,000℉. Because the temperature is precise and maintains the correct temp, you get a smooth, consistent dab each time.
          You can even dial in your temperature to the exact digit, making low-temperature dabbing a breeze. At this price point it’s hard to get better value than the 710 Life enail. Functionality is on point, and it’s simple yet effective to use.
          What we love!
          • 150Watt heating element
          • Durable, kevlar sheathed cable
          • One-year warranty
          • Weighs less than one pound
          • Sturdy case made from industrial aluminum
          • Rubber pads protect the enail from slipping or scratching
          • Control the temperature setting to the exact degree you want


            MiniNail Micro Enail Kit - Quartz Ebanger - $299.99

               enail travel smoke

              Go mini for when you need to tote your enail around.
              This portable enail is very small and lightweight. It’s just 5 ounces and the  power box is about the size of a business card. Compared to many other enails it will be cheaper to operate because it only has 1amp/89watts of power.
              The MiniNail Quartz Ebanger offers excellent heat retention and functionality. It heats up quickly and provides a consistent temperature for great tasting dabs.
              What we love!
              • The kit comes with a controller box
              • 14mm joint size
              • 5mm thick quartz base
              • Enail dabber power cord
              • Compact and portable
              • 2-year warranty on coil and controller box



                Yocan Torch Portable Enail - $39.99

                   dabs cannabis high

                  Not sure if you need a male or female joint? Worry not with Yocan!
                  The Yocan Torch is a universal and portable enail that can fit on either a male or female joint (14mm and 18mm). This enail features dual quartz coils to give you a clean and smooth vaping experience. The temperature can be set from 250°C to 280°C (482°F to 536°F).
                  What’s included:
                  • Yocan Torch Portable Enail
                  • Two quartz dual coil head heating element
                  • USB charging cable
                  • Glass tube
                  What we love!
                  • Dual quartz coils
                  • Clean and smooth vaping experience
                  • Universal 14mm/18mm male or female joints
                  • Spring loaded carb cap for airflow control
                  • Gives you 15 seconds of continuous heat
                  • Micro USB charging connection
                  • Battery allows for 45 uses with only a single charge



                    ELEV8 - Universal Electronic Titanium Quartz Enail - $99.99

                       shatter marijuana dabbing

                      Take your dabs to a whole new level with ELEV8.
                      The ELEV8 enail is compact, discreet and practically weightless in your hand. And in only two to three minutes this enail heats up to maximum temp. The titanium quartz nail that comes with your purchase can fit a 14.5mm and 18.8mm male or female joint.
                      What we love!
                      • Compact and discreet
                      • Three foot kevlar 16mm nichrome heating coil with XLR plug
                      • Five foot power cord
                      • Dome-less grade
                      • Two titanium quartz nail for male and female joints
                      • Replaceable quartz dish



                        Stratus Digital Enail - $219.99

                           weed cannabis toke

                          The Stratus can help you discover the many layers of flavour in your dabs.
                          The Stratus Digital enail is a desktop unit that makes dabbing efficient and safe. Place the coil around the nail and select the temperature of your choice, it’s that simple. Because the Stratus enail maintains its temp, you get a consistent dabbing experience every time. And when you use the titanium carb cap that’s included, you get more flavourful dabs. This desktop e nail makes for a tasty dabbing session.
                          What’s included:
                          • Heating wand
                          • 18.8mm female titanium nail
                          • Power cable with U.S. plug
                          • Titanium carb cap with tip
                          • Aluminum storage and travel case
                          What we love!
                          • Adjustable and digital temperature settings
                          • Enail maintains the desired heat setting
                          • Titanium carb cap allows you to enjoy a more robust flavour of your dab
                          • Easy setup and simple to use



                            Cloud V Electro Portable Enail - $139.99

                               cannabis wax dabber

                              Float among the clouds with the help of the Cloud V enail!
                              Cloud V Electro portable enail was made with a sturdy design and operates with superb functionality. Its portability makes it much easier to enjoy without the hassle of a traditional setup. There are only two temperature settings on this enail. The blue setting heats up at 800℉ and the red setting heats up at 1000℉. Both settings reach their temp at lightning speed.
                              What’s included:
                              • Cloud electro battery
                              • Cloud electro aqua bubbler
                              • Charging base, cable and adapter
                              • Cloud V pro tool
                              • Quartz nail
                              • 14mm Ti-nail
                              What we love!
                              • Add much-needed accessories to your cart when placing your order
                              • 6000mAh rechargeable battery
                              • One-year warranty
                              • Fast heat up time
                              • Portable and sturdy design



                                Pelic Enail LED Vaporizer Kit - $350.00

                                  enail weed high 

                                  Adjust the highs of both your enail and yourself!
                                  Built with safety and quality in mind, G9 just unveiled their newest PELIC Enail. The "banger box" you see in the photo is extremely durable and covered by a lifetime warranty. Transport your pipe, bong, or dab rig and enjoy your dabbing experience in one of the cleanest and smoothest ways possible using the built-in G9 Enail. Program the enail to the temperature of your choice using the LED temperature gauge. Adjust as needed to attain your desired high.
                                  What’s included:
                                  • Orange pelic box
                                  • Carb cap
                                  • Digital heating and temperate control
                                  • Five-foot black kevlar enail coil (16mm)
                                  • Six-foot power cord
                                  What we love!
                                  • Banger box is covered by a lifetime warranty
                                  • LED temperature display
                                  • High quality materials with safety features built in
                                  • Adjustable temperature settings based on your preference



                                    Gimido Enail - $109.00

                                       enail temperature shatter

                                      Add a Gimido enail to your collection if you need an affordable and reliable way to dab quickly.
                                      The Gimido enail is an affordable dabbing option that is able to heat up quickly and maintain a stable temperature. With its new design, you can set your desired temperature. You can add a titanium nail to your purchase and it can fit 14/18mm male and female joints. The maximum temperature is 999℉, but this enail is able to heat up to 710℉ immediately, with no overshoot.
                                      What we love!
                                      • Comes with flat coil, but gives the option to buy a 16mm coil or a 20mm coil
                                      • Titanium nail includes the carb cap
                                      • This cheap enail has a quick heat up time and includes digital temperature settings
                                      • One year warranty for box  
                                      • 180 days warranty for coil



                                        Statterbox Mini Enail With Heating Coil - $259.99

                                           marijuana enail cannabis

                                          Dabbing is no longer a hassle!
                                          At a size that is three-and-a-half times smaller than the ShatterBox custom enail, this mini enail is bite size and portable. It’s so small it will fit right in the palm of your hand! The mini Shatterbox enail weighs about eight ounces and has the capability to dial in your preferred temp without hassle.
                                          What’s included:
                                          • ShatterBox mini enail controller box
                                          • Heating coil (flat, 25mm barrel)
                                          • Six-foot long power cord
                                          • Two-year warranty on controller box and heating coil
                                          * Nail sold separately
                                          What we love!
                                          • Digital temperature display
                                          • Adjustable temps up to 1200°F (coil temp)
                                          • Calibrated to display more accurate dish temps
                                          • Fits in your pocket
                                          • Hand painted, durable, aluminum shell
                                          • 5-pin mini XLR heating connector


                                            Boss Micro Enail - $ 149.95

                                               enail toke dabbing

                                              Customize your kit so you have everything you need!
                                              Who’s looking for a customized enail kit? With the Boss Micro Enail that’s currently for sale, you can select from 72 different options to create your perfect set up. And with a price of only $149.95, you can’t beat it.
                                              What we love!
                                              • You get to create your own bundle
                                              • The Boss enail kit lets you select from 72 different combinations
                                              • 16mm or 20mm coil
                                              • Male or female joint settings in titanium or quartz
                                              • Reasonable and affordable price point


                                                Dr. Dabber Boost Portable Enail - $127.95

                                                   dabbing enail wax

                                                   Looking to get everything you need in one fell swoop? Look no further!
                                                  This enail kit by Dr. Dabber has it all. Three types of nails, a water filtration attachment, magnetic carb cap and loading tool, along with a powerful heating element. Plus, you get a carrying case to store all your precious dabbing items. While dabbing with the Dr Dabber enail, you can expect a better and smoother hit than a glass dab rig. Because the heating element turns on with the press of a button, no butane torch for dabs is required. If you’re looking for other products by Dr. Dabber, they also have a 510 enail version of this one that can attach to your regular vape mod.
                                                  What’s included:
                                                  • Dr. Dabber Boost black edition battery
                                                  • Water filtration attachment
                                                  • A dome-less titanium, quartz and ceramic nail
                                                  • Magnetic carb cap and loading tool
                                                  • Two silicone wax containers
                                                  • Micro-USB charging cable
                                                  What we love!
                                                  • Long battery life gives you more uses without the need to recharge
                                                  • Speedy heat up time in 30 seconds or less
                                                  • Once your enail is at the desired temp, you can take more hits without worrying about a decrease in the heat
                                                  • Comes with three different nails: ceramic, titanium and quartz


                                                    Basic Analog E-nail - $55.99

                                                       enail heat concentrates

                                                      Take it back to basics with this awesome analog enail.
                                                      The basic analog enail was built for simplicity and convenience. It has a compact enclosure that’s been hand painted, which means your enail will be distinct and eccentric. Electronically, this device is straightforward and allows you to control temp with the simple turn of the nob. It can heat up to 700℉ in about two minutes flat. Not only that, the heat will be steady and controlled allowing your dab sessions to go uninterrupted.
                                                      What we love!
                                                      • Unique paint finish that makes your case stand out from the rest
                                                      • Case is made from shock-resistant ABS plastic which is safe and durable
                                                      • Heat is consistent and steady and is controlled using a dimmer switch
                                                      • Standard XLR output for heat coil replacements
                                                      • Two-year warranty included on each controller



                                                        High 5 - 1400 Pelican Enail - $360.00

                                                           dabbing high enail

                                                          We love the temp memory on this Pelican enail!
                                                          The 1400 Pelican Enail by High Five was built with a digital display, gold plated XLRs, auto locking power cord for safety, and a USB port. Also, the technology used to build this device includes a temperature memory feature. That means each time it turns on, the temperature will be set at the same temp from its last use. The temperature ranges from 0℉ to 1200℉, though it’s not recommended to turn it on higher than 1000℉.
                                                          What’s included:
                                                          • Pelican case in the colour of your choosing
                                                          • Control box that has a digital display
                                                          • Eight-foot long auto locking power cord
                                                          • Six-foot long coil
                                                          What we love!
                                                          • Everything you purchase with the High 5 enail is covered under a one-year warranty
                                                          • Coils have gold plated XLRs that help improve the connectivity
                                                          • The power cords auto lock into each unit for safe use
                                                          • Customer service responds to your inquiries within 24 hours
                                                          • Comes with instructions that will teach you how to reset your new High Five enail


                                                            Vivant Incendio Enail Vaporizer - $139.99

                                                               cannabis toke enail

                                                              Smooth hits for all thanks to the Vivant Incendio!
                                                              This portable enail is the only one of its kind that has an all glass heating element and chamber. Because it’s all glass, your vaping experience is smoother and provides more flavour from your wax or oil. There is a bubbler attachment included to help cool down the vapour to alter your toke. The Vivant Incendio is a sleek, portable and highly functional e-nail that's perfect for dabbing and vaping on the go. Get the big hits you love from the Vivant Incendio enail without the need of a nail or torch.
                                                              What's included:
                                                              • 5000mAh temperature controlled battery
                                                              • Stainless steel carb cap with dab tool
                                                              • Incendio tank
                                                              • Glass water filter and wax container
                                                              • Spare firecore coil and O rings
                                                              • USB cable
                                                              • Metal carrying case
                                                              What we love!
                                                              • Portable and wax vaporizer
                                                              • SiO2 glass heating element and chamber
                                                              • Glass bubbler attachment to cool down the vape
                                                              • 5000mAh temperature controlled battery to set the temp of your choice
                                                              • Heats up to your desired temp in ten seconds


                                                                Quartz enail banger - $19.99

                                                                   quartz banger dabbing

                                                                  For the perfect dabbing experience, get a quality quartz banger to go with your new enail!
                                                                  Looking for some phenomenal accessories for your enail or looking to replace your old ones? This quartz enail banger makes a great addition to your enail dab rig. Compared to a conventional dome or nail, this banger has large enough buckets to hold fat dabs. With a 14mm joint size and 16mm size dish you have plenty of space for your concentrates, even when compared to a 20mm quartz enail. And with a 90 degree neck the exposure to heat stress on your rig is reduced.
                                                                  What we love!
                                                                  • Male or female joint, 90 degree neck
                                                                  • High quality quartz
                                                                  • Large surface area for your concentrates
                                                                  • Exceptional heat retention




                                                                  So, after reading this article and product reviews how are you feeling about enails? Still wondering if they are right for you? How about we cover the benefits again. One such benefit that converts users to enails are the savings in butane costs. Secondly, there is a stigma associated with needing a huge torch to enjoy concentrates.
                                                                  Besides these two reasons, an enail is a lot more sustainable since it requires only an outlet to charge. And some of the portable enails let you dab 30 to 40 times before needing to recharge. By getting a consistent temperature, you get more from your dab than you would by playing the guessing game of lighting up with a torch. And with this helpful enail temp chart, you’ll know what the best enail temp is for your vaping experience.
                                                                  So, if you still aren’t convinced talk to your friends or check out some enail vidoes on YouTube or Instagram to see what people are saying about them. For those of you who are on board, we hope you find an awesome enail from this product review. Happy vaporizing!
                                                                  Questions or comments? Leave them below!


                                                                  Written by: Allie Murphy | Cover Photo by: Honest Marijuana
                                                                  Allie Murphy is a freelance writer who loves researching and writing about holistic health. As a native of California she was surrounded by the cannabis culture and fell in love with it. Besides her fascination with cannabis, she is an avid traveler, yoga enthusiast, beach bum, and book worm.

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