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7 Best Custom Pipes Bongs And Masterglass

bong water pipe custom
What you use to smoke determines the type of smoking experience you're going to have. Whether you use a vape, roll with paper, or a bong, each vessel will provide a different type of affair. 

There are various types of bongs and pipes that you can purchase. Bongs and pipes can be made of various types of material, such as glass or metal, and within those types there are different bongs: percolator, bubbler, or carburetor, to name a few. Check out some of our articles on the different types of bongs you can find out there!

Pipes and bongs are an investment, one that you will be able to use long term. While you're bound to spend more on your bong than on your vape pen, these custom water pipes will last forever if you care for them well and they can be real works of art. Bongs are also customizable. Make your bong that much more personal and a reflection of yourself by ordering one custom bongs made to your tastes.

This article will go through the 7 best and most interesting custom bongs that we discovered in our search and the various ways to customizing bongs them, to help you make a decision when exploring the world of smoking tools. 

Customizing bongs your bong opens you up to a world of design. Here are some of our favorites, and believe it or not, a lot of them come from individual crafters on sites such as Etsy. Take a look at what we found and let us know in the comments below if you know of any other quality custom bongs on the market!


Sky Glass -- price varies, call for quote

custom bong water pipe

Just one of many possible designs by master glass blowers at Sky. Photo: @skyglassinc

Sky Glass is a well known custom bongs water pipe maker. Known for their high end, hand blown Oregon custom glass pipes, their custom glass bongs is crafted by their team of highly skilled glass blowers. 

What we love!

  • Oregon origin 
  • High end look
  • Customizable options



Sports themed pipes- starts at $55

pipe nfl smoke highWhich team would you choose? 
Sports themed pipes: Creators such as ZUGlassNW crafts glass from their home base in the Pacific Northwest. You can get NFL glass pipes with the logo of your favorite football team decorating the bowl area of your pipe. 
What we love:
  • Flashy design on a simple model
  • Support local Etsy artists
  • All of your favourite teams!


Hand Carved from Pear Root wooden pipe - Lion - $38.50

pipe classic smoking
Get a durable, affordable custom pipe to add to your collection!

Get a sturdy wooden pipe to compliment your own personality, or give it as a gift to someone who's in need of a thoughtful and quality gift. A pipe like this truly is the gift that keeps on giving, as its sturdy build will last you for countless sessions. Not to mention the Sherlock design is a fun call-back to tales of mystery and intrigue. Who knew the answer to "what's the best pipe" was in front of Sherlock the entire time!
What we love!
  • Lion design makes it a unique statement pipe
  • Hand carved from sturdy pear root
  • Gift that keeps on giving

Animal pipes: Ranging in price, starting at $24

custom glass pipe bee

This is one time we won't be upset about having a bee right up on our face!

For the animal lovers out there these customized animal bongs are just the thing for you! There are many different options: from bees, to monkey custom glass pipes, to wolf glass pipes and wolf bongs, to frogs and other animals. Type in your favourite or customize with the various pipe makers. Some blow the glass into the shape of the animal itself, while others decorate the pipe with your favorite animal. The choice is yours! 
What we love!
  • Etsy sellers
  • Pricepoint 
  • Pick your favourite animal!

NSFW private bongs: Price ranges starting at $15

rainbow nsfw cannabis bong

Okay, if there's a rainbow penis just imagine what else they have!

These custom bongs and pipes are NSFW (not safe for work), and can be ordered to look like any of the female or male parts that are out there. Maybe keep this one hidden if guests come over! 
What we love! 
  • Risque
  • Good conversation starter
  • Low price point
  • Etsy Sellers (click for a variety of options)


Smoke cartel: Ranges in price, starting at $45

bong ganja toke high
This beautiful GRAV Labs bong is one of many options offered by Smoke Cartel.

Some places let you build your own bong. Smoke Cartel lets you choose your own bong features. While this may not be customized in the the sense that it has a special name or interest on it, it is customized glass pipe in its own great way: your bong has everything you want when you’re smoking.
What we love!
  • Choose our own bong features
  • Specialized smoking experience


Water Bongs Glass Pipes: Starting as low as $20

glass pipe smoke cannabis thc
Get one for yourself or get someone an awesome gift!

Water Bongs Glass does general customization, and they let you add whatever name, date, or special symbol you want on your customizable glass bongs or silver fumed custom glass pipes.
What we love!
  • Variety in price
  • Special names, dates, and symbols




There's so much you can do today with your smoking accessories. Pipes and bongs are all so unique, whether you add your own touch or not. But, having your own custom pipes and bongs makes the entire experience more fun and shows off some of your passions and personality.

In being able to design your own bong, you can make shopping for one fun as you figure out which bowl pieces for bongs or hand blown glass bongs you would like. When it comes to pipes, there are just as many options. Custom weed pipes and personalized glass pipe options are around as well, and it can even be a great, sentimental gift! You can engrave an anniversary or a birthday and give it to a loved one. It is an entirely new form of art, and you as the shopper and designer of your smoking piece are an artist.

There are so many options out there, whether it is on this list or another one. The world is your oyster-whether you want a name, a pet, your favorite phrase, or so many other things.  What're your favorites? Happy shopping!

Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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