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10 Best Smoking Accessories | Girly Smoke Accessories

smoking marijuana accessories

Every stoner loves some good smoking accessories. From pre-rolled papers to grinders and everything in between, these weed toys are part of what makes up an excellent smoking experience. Seasoned stoners spend years gathering up their smoke accessories to create the perfect smoke kit for themselves. Whether you're just starting your collection or looking to add, here are some of our favourite options on the market this year!

What are smoking accessories?

Cute Smoking accessories” is a rather broad range of products used to assist or enhance the experience of smoking marijuana. Here’s a rough list of some things that would be considered smoking accessories:
  • Grinders
  • Stash jars
  • Kief tools
  • Roach clips
  • Pipe cases
  • Rolling trays

There are many other products that qualify as smoking accessories, but that gives you an idea.

Why do you need smoking accessories?

Most smoking accessories are designed with function in mind to enhance your smoking experience in one way or another, but some are just for looks. For example, you don’t necessarily need a grinder; you could rip the flower up with your fingers. However, by using a grinder, you get a much more consistent, fine texture and you also gather kief, which can be used to enhance a bowl later down the road. You also don’t necessarily need a stash jar; you could use a baggy, but a stash jar will keep your flower fresher for longer.

Building Your Perfect Smoke Kit

Every stoner has their go-to kit - their stoner box if you will - filled with all the necessary tools and accessories that make up their ideal smoking experience. It can take a little trial and error and research to build your perfect smoke kit, but the process is well worth it in the end. We’ll help you find some products to consider as you start to build your very own stoner box.

420 Science - Ultimate Rolling Kit - $59.99

smoking marijuana raw

Don't miss a single item with this all-in-one accessories kit!
This kit of 420 smoking accessories is the ultimate toker pack. It comes with a great 4pc smoke grinder, 420 Science custom BIC lighter, stash jar, Integra boost (to keep your bud fresh), a RAW rolling tray, RAW rolling papers, RAW adjustable roller, and Bee Line Hemp Wick. This is every smoker’s dream kit! It comes with everything you need to roll, including some of the best rolling papers, even a blunt rolling machine, plus the hemp wick to make every rip taste delicious without any nasty butane getting on your flower!
What we love!
  • Complete stoners kit
  • Ultimate rolling kit - seriously has everything you need
  • High-quality products - you can’t beat 420 Science and RAW products!



iRollie - iPhone 6/6s/7 Rolling Tray Phone Case - $19.99

iphone rolling case

Roll on the go with this iPhone rolling case.

Rolling trays are particularly useful in rolling a joint, but you never seem to have one around when you need it. That’s not a problem anymore with the rolling tray phone case. With this phone case, any time you need a rolling tray you can just flip your phone over and load your rolling papers with your favourite herb! It’s the perfect 2-in-1 smoker tools and one of our favorite joint rolling accessories!
What we love!
  • Convenient 2-in-1
  • Great rolling case and phone case
  • Comes with a free screen protector
  • Fits iPhone 6, 6S, and 7
  • Affordable


iHit - iPhone Stash Case for iPhone 6 - $22

iphone stash case weed

Leave no blunt behind with this handy iPhone stash case!

It doesn’t get much more convenient than a blunt holder phone case. Never again will you have to worry about where you’re going to roll your joints, where you’ll store them, or how to carry along a stash box. The iHit iPhone Stash Case is one of the best and most convenient of the marijuana smoking accessories we’ve listed to add to your smoking kit.
What we love!
  • Convenient stash box
  • Discreet
  • Easily portable - attached to your phone
  • Affordable
  • Quality phone case


Hemper - Rico Nasty Keeper - $24.99

weed storage smoking

Store and grind in one convenient place.

This 3-in-1 grinder + storage is one of the most amazing weed smoking accessories you could add to your kit. It’s a smell-proof, airtight, water-resistant grinder and stash jar, all in one. It looks discreet, almost like a canteen when closed and is entirely smell-proof so no one’s any the wiser as to what you’re carrying around. It’s airtight and water-resistant, keeping your flower fresh and safe. It comes in pink and white, so it’s the perfect grinder for a guy but it also makes for one of the better girl herb grinders! While the grinder isn’t as nice as, say, The Clipper herb grinder, it still gets the job done and the other attributes more than makeup for that tiny shortcoming. All rights reserved when claiming credit for how much more convenience we just added to your life!
What we love!
  • Airtight, water-resistant, and smell-proof
  • Effective grinder and storage facility
  • Perfect stash jar


Skull Shaped, Non-Stick Silicone Stash Jar - $4.99

skull fresh marijuana

Keep your concentrates safe, fresh and dry with this silicone stash skull!

When it comes to quality, cheap smoking accessories, it’s hard to beat silicone products. This skull-shaped, non-stick silicone container designed for your concentrate stash is perfectly small and portable, while keeping your concentrates fresh and safe. It comes in a variety of colours so it can work as one of the girly smoking accessories or be gender-neutral.
What we love!
  • Affordable
  • Just 2.2 inches tall, so super portable
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Food grade silicone that's über durable
  • Keeps concentrates fresh



Kannastor - GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder - $66.75

weed grinder cannabis

Beautiful colour combos make this already fantastic grinder/storage unit top of the line!

This Kannastor jar/grinder is where cute smoking accessories meet luxury smoking accessories. This functional grinder-and-jar combo is more customizable than other 2-in-1 options. You can take away layers to create a small 3pc grinder, a grinder with a kief catch, or just a stash jar; the possibilities are endless. It comes in three different colours, so you can pick your favourite to match your style.
What we love!
  • Multi-functionality
  • Customizable
  • Multiple colour options
  • High-quality grinder



Skunk Bags - Smell-Proof Combo Lock Rogue Roll-up Backpack - $94.99

marijuana travel smoking

Sleek in design, no one has to know this bag contains your precious bong!

This high-quality bong bag is the perfect companion for all glass-piece owners. You can fit your favourite Killa Glass bongs along with your favourite pieces and your stoner kit, all in one convenient and discreet backpack! A good smell-proof case for your smoking kit is one of the most essential post smoking accessories you can get. If you’re a glass lover, it’s an even more important one of your glass smoking accessories, as it will protect them from harm. This backpack is of the highest quality, thermal-lined, 100% smell-proof, completely discreet, and even comes with a combination lock and water-proof sealing zipper.

Looking for more bong bag options? Check out an entire list of our favourites!  
What we love!
  • High-quality construction
  • 100% smell proof
  • Protects glass and other pieces
  • Entirely discreet - just looks like any other backpack


High Knife NYC - The High Knife - $39.99

marijuana smoking high

 Never turn down the chance to smoke because of lack of tools again!

This amazingly convenient pocket knife is the multi-tool stoners have been waiting for. This pocket knife is packed with 12 different specialty tools, including marijuana tools. It’s like getting free smoking accessories! It comes with pipe smoking accessories/tools, toothpick, can opener, large and small blade, roach clip, pipe sleeve, corkscrew, tweezers, bottle opener, and more!
What we love!
  • Functional and highly-effective multi-tool
  • Affordable
  • Every stoner’s dream multi-tool
  • Everything you need in one convenient place

Smoke Cartel - Rick and Morty Blow Torch Art - $59.99

rick and morty blow torch

Tired of using the same old, boring blowtorch? Make that a thing of the past!

This piece of artwork makes for one of the coolest and most unique designer smoking accessories we’ve ever seen! This arted-out blow torch is the perfect gift for your dabbing Rick and Morty fan friend. Since a blow torch is one of the essential dab rig smoking accessories, you might as well get a cool and unique one. And, in getting this particular one of the many Rick and Morty smoking accessories, you’re supporting an artist! There are three different designs from which you can choose.
What we love!
  • Three designs: all exceptional
  • Supporting an artist
  • Cool, unique blow torch
  • One of a kind smoking accessory


Reefer Glass Fish Pendant - $52

smoking accessories fish reefer

Never get high alone with this adorable bong accessory!

While this isn’t the most functional or useful of bong accessories, it is one of the cool smoking accessories on this list that lets you add your own personal flair to your favourite bong. This little pendant can be attached around your bong using a string or other type of chain or you could attach it to a necklace or key chain and wear it daily; it’s entirely up to you. This is the perfect addition to any cute stoner gift box you might be putting together for your best smoking bud.
What we love!
  • Handmade
  • Unique
  • Gorgeous
  • Adds fun personalization to your favourite bong



Smoking accessories are an important part to every stoner’s daily smoke kit. They’re designed to improve and enhance your smoking experience. With a little research and trial and error, you can find the perfect customized smoke kit complete with all the best smoking accessories you love. We're calling "all rights reserved" and claiming credit for helping you add as much convenience to your smoking life when you add these accessories to your virtual shopping cart.
When building your smoke kit, we recommend researching heavily all the products you may potentially want. Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose the right smoking accessories for you:
  • Is this useful?
  • Do I like it?
  • Is it multi-functional?
  • Do I have space for it?
  • Will it enhance my smoking experience?
  • Will I use it?
So, friends! Go forth and find yourself some awesome new smoking accessories! If you're lacking in confidence before doing so simply drop us a comment below and we'll lend you some.

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