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Cannabis Humidor - The Best In The World Right Now!

Best Cannabis Humidor

If you smoke often, you probably know what a cannabis humidor is. A Cannabis Humidor is a must-have, premium-quality part of your smoking kit. They ensure the ideal atmosphere for the flowers, along with nifty layer drawers and rolling areas. Maintaining your sticky icky buds’ moisture level should be your highest priority (next to perhaps, buying a lighter!) 

You’ve already probably heard of tobacco weed humidors, for cigars. These are particularly interesting as they are made from Spanish cedar wood to retain an ideal 62% humidity, which is about the same as a tomato plant while it's inside a greenhouse, juicy!

Now, bear in mind that these Cannabis Humidors are not just your regular rolling trays or stash boxes. They are state of the art, miniature apothecary-style bud hotels. Regulating your humidity level is key, you want your buds to be sticky and raw, but at the same time, you don’t want it to go moldy, or too dry.

So no more looking up and down the wrong isles. Don’t worry about whether or not you’re being ripped off. We here at the Weed Republic have put together an article about how to find the very best Cannabis Humidor on the internet! 

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this article:

  • What is a Cannabis Humidor?
  • What are the best Cannabis Humidors on the internet?
  • What is the difference between a Cannabis Humidor and a stash box?
  • Where do I buy these fantastic inventions


    Acrylic Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor with Boveda 69% 2-Way Humidity System, 10 Cigar Capacity: $21.99

    • Freshness guarantee
    • Honest supplier
    • Durable
    • Air tight seal
    • Well recommended

    Here we have the piece de resistance, the king of kings, the 2-way cannabis humidor that towers over all of its competition. Why is it so good do you ask? It's simple. This cannabis humidor brought to you by Boveda has a two-way humidity system, which means you can alter your humidity levels depending on your herbs’ needs. Sometimes your weeds require specific love, whether they’ve been freshly harvested or even freshly picked up from the street, it's important to keep them at an equal moisture level. This Acrylic and waterproof travel-size humidor have a 69% humidity level, optimizing your herbal storage unit.

    This cannabis humidor can also be used to store tobacco cigars and even rolling tobacco. No more putting fresh lavender in your stash boxes! The airtight silicone seal ensures a perfect and uncompromisable moisture level. This weed humidor is made from shatterproof acrylic, with an easy to open the lid, which will not absorb odor and will ensure years of freshness.


    MonsterStash Box Large Storage Humidor – Handmade Premium Bamboo: $39.99

    • Premium quality
    • Smell proof guarantee
    • Durable
    • Well-made
    • Well recommended by other customers

    Our second favorite Cannabis Humidor for many reasons is the Monster stash box. Seen as a kind of starter box, Monster Stash offers a very simplistic way to preserve your buds naturally. For us, the chart-toppers are always the simplest, most natural, and cheapest.

    This product has been upgraded to its 2.0 version, which means it comes with some complementary accessories and other little trinkets. Made with premium bamboo, you can ensure this cannabis humidor is a natural product that has no un-natural oils or rotten smells in it. This company makes sure every product is up to scratch by checking every box before shipping.


    Espresso Wood Medicinal Herbs Humidor Humidistat and External Hygrometer with 3 Black Marble Canisters: $159.95

    • Organized
    • Smell proof guarantee
    • Durability 
    • Smoothness
    • Well recommended


    Riding high on our list of the best marijuana humidors on the internet is this “Espresso” wood herbs humidor brought to us by the company named “Simple Luxuries”. The company has two sizes (for two different prices!). This one is particularly great because it is lined with Spanish cedar wood, which not only has an amazing smell but is great for retaining moisture levels. This cannabis humidor also comes with a see-thru lid, perfect for analyzing your flowers without having to open it up. 

    Along with its beautiful “espresso” sheen, this product includes 3 handcrafted blackened marble canisters of the same shade, allowing you to store your different buds in separate containers. This product also comes with a humidistat and an external hygrometer, to ensure for those perfect levels.

    "Espresso" Wood Humidor with Spanish Cedar Lining and Glass See-thru Lid, Includes Three-Hand Crafted Black Marble Two Piece Tobacco and Weed Cannabis Canisters, a Humidistat and External Hygrometer.


    Icky Box 2 Tin- Keeps Herb at Ideal Humidity, 100% Cherry Wood. Boveda Pack Included (Natural): $49.99

    • Efficient
    • Odor Proof guarantee 
    • Solid Cherry Wood
    • Smooth
    • Lasts a lifetime

    Something that really defines a top product is its design, and this Icky Box from the company named “Icky” really sets the bar for elegance. Looking for your perfect weed humidifier box must be a trial, seeing as though they all look the same! But looking closely, you can see this 100% cherry wood Humidor box has a few striking differences, first and foremost being its natural wood exterior. 

    Icky has created a small, pintsize box, although it’s roomy enough for a lot of flowers! Making this product the perfect humidor box for those of us who enjoy a little smoke now and then. This box holds 3.5 grams of buds per tin container, which makes a total of 7 grams. It’s even designed for cigars too!

    This box will maintain the perfect level of humidity, also it is made from cherry wood, which means it’s solid and will last a lifetime!


    CVault Humidity Control Airtight Stash Container, Medium w/ 1 Humidity Pack: $34.00

    • Value for money
    • Freshness
    • Durability
    • Transportable
    • Easy to clean

    This cannabis humidor brought to you by CVault is up there with the best, these are the reasons why. It’s constructed from food quality stainless steel, which allows for an effortless clean without any other tools or harsh chemicals needed! The main problem with wood is the fact that it may become too moist and eventually it will go rotten!

    This lightweight design means it’s a perfect little travel size box to take anywhere you want! Fill it with around 30 grams of your herbs, tobacco, or even spices! The 0.25” wide seal is made from silicone to ensure for an airtight seal.


    Quality Importers Trading Desktop Humidor, Capri Elegant, Tempered Glasstop, Spanish Cedar Divider, Brass Ring Glass Hygrometer $41.25

    • Value for money
    • Trusted seller
    • Sturdiness
    • Traditional materials 
    • Giftable

    This small desktop size humidor has a certain elegance about it, maybe it's the classical walnut finish or perhaps its tempered glass top. This marijuana Humidor will serve you well in terms of keeping your buds at a constant and moist level. This humidor is also made from Spanish Cedarwood which is an infamous material designed to keep the moisture levels ideal. 

    For us here at the Weed Republic, this humidor shouts class and for that reason, it's up here on the list of the top humidors on the Internet. 


    Ironsides 25 Humidor: $45.48

    • Simplicity
    • Sturdiness
    • Well Made
    • Smell Proof

    Another beautiful and simple box made by the company Ironsides. This humidor guarantees the optimal moisture levels for your buds, as you’d expect from such a box. This can also hold up to 50 cigars. Build with a glass hygrometer with a brass ring to ensure for a classical and reliable store. This Cannabis humidor has Sure Seal technology, which means the box can be completely odor-proof and allows no moisture to escape. 

    Also made with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedarwood, this product will have that new-box smell! This box is seamless and totally scratch-proof! Truly a list topper, and worthy of a seat on our list of top humidors on the internet!


    Wood Stash Box with Rolling Tray - Large Wood Stash Box w/Storage - Dark Brown Stash Boxes - Premium Quality Dovetail Design Wooden Boxes: $37.95

    • Durability
    • Giftable
    • Sturdiness
    • Value for money
    • Seamlessly designed

    While this product by Blake & Lake may be slightly different from your regular cannabis humidors, this one is made from bamboo. Used as a stash box, or just a regular cannabis humidor, this product will be a snug fit in anybody's living room/bedroom! 

    This box comes with plenty of cool accessories, such as a rolling tray! It’s time to start arranging your smoking paraphernalia. Something we love about this product specifically is its robust design and flawless yet sturdy features. Handcrafted with premium bamboo, with classically designed lid and dovetail corners. 

    Most of our products listed here are all from sustainable materials, but specifically, the importance of using bamboo is something we can’t stress enough. It grows in abundance, with a very little carbon footprint.


    Desktop Humidor, Capri, with Tempered Glasstop, Cedar Divider, and Brass Ring glass hygrometer: $34.30 

    • Classical style
    • Sturdiness
    • Quality wood 
    • Airtight
    • Traditional
    • Engravable 

    This Spanish cedar wood humidor markets itself as a stone-cold classic. Often used for cigars, these Humidors appeal to a wide audience of both herb smokers and cigar smokers, I know which I’d prefer to smoke, but food for thought!

    Perks and wonders of this box are plentiful, its mahogany finish will give your box that excellent aroma, alongside its kiln-dried cedar wood to ensure for moisture retention. Another reason why this is one of our favorites is that it’s got those traditional gold plated corners. This company even gives you the option to engrave the box, to make for that perfect birthday gift!


    Choosing the Right Cannabis Humidor for You

    Choosing the right cannabis humidor involves:

    • Understanding your storage needs

    • Evaluating the material and build quality of the humidor

    • Considering any additional features that might enhance your cannabis preservation experience.

    Understanding Your Storage Needs

    The amount and type of cannabis you plan to store will largely determine your storage needs. For instance, if you have a large stash or various types of cannabis, you might need a larger humidor with multiple compartments. On the other hand, if you’re storing pre-rolled joints, a more compact and specialized storage solution like the Doobie Tube Quattro might be more suitable.

    Evaluating Material and Build Quality

    The performance and longevity of a mahogany humidor for cannabis are significantly influenced by its material and build quality. High-quality woods like mahogany, cherry, or Spanish cedar are preferred for their ability to maintain consistent humidity levels and resist warping.

    Also, an airtight seal is crucial in preventing air from degrading the cannabis, ensuring just the right amount of freshness is maintained.

    Considering Additional Features

    Features such as lock and key sets for security or proprietary systems for maintaining optimal humidity levels can greatly enhance the cannabis storage experience. However, keep in mind that these features might come with an additional cost.


    Investing in a quality cannabis humidor is a game-changer for any cannabis enthusiast. Not only does it keep your stash fresh and potent, but it also adds an element of sophistication to your cannabis experience.

    Choosing the right humidor is not an overnight decision—it involves understanding your storage needs, evaluating the material and build quality, and considering any additional features. So take your time, do your research, and choose wisely. After all, your cannabis deserves the best.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Boveda good for cannabis?

    Yes, Boveda is good for cannabis. It protects up to a pound of weed in a bag or container and helps to create a stickier and fluffier flower when used in dry climates.

    What is the best wood for a cannabis humidor?

    For a cannabis humidor, the best wood to use is a non-cedar like cherry or mahogany, as these woods don't transfer flavor and maintain lower humidity levels than tobacco humidors.

    Do weed humidifiers work?

    Yes, weed humidifiers do work as they help regulate humidity levels and keep them at the optimum level required for cannabis plants to thrive.

    What humidity should I store my weed?

    For optimal storage, keep your weed in a cool, dark place with humidity between 55-65%. Using a Boveda helps regulate the humidity within the container, so external environment won't be as critical.

    Why is it important to store cannabis in a humidor?

    Storing cannabis in a humidor is important to preserve its potency, flavor, and aroma by maintaining the right level of moisture over time.

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