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Best Hemp Wax For Candles

Best Hemp Wax For Candles

Tons of people love the amazing effects of quality stress relief candles, but have you heard of hemp wax for candles? Hemp scented candles are complete with essential oils and are often made of all-natural hemp wax for candles and soy wax. Hemp oil candles are calming, smell great, and even make an excellent massage candle. But how do you find good, quality hemp wax for candles you know you can trust? That’s where we come in! 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

  • What are hemp wax for candles?
  • Are there hemp wick candles?
  • Do hemp candles have essential oils?
  • Our top 10 favorite hemp candles!


    Hempy’s Rain Water Scented Hemp Candle - $14

    • Amazing smell
    • Affordable
    • Lasts long
    • Relaxing scent

    Hempy’s amazing rain water scented hemp wax for candles is amazing! With a crazy 20-25 hour burn time and an amazing scent, this hem candle is one of a kind! It’s a great value, smells great, infused with hemp and essential oil, and is even dye free. This natural candle is just incredible. If you love the smell of fresh rain and the relaxing, soothing powers of hemp, like us, this is the candle for you.


    Kushed CreamCaramel Hemp Candle - $16

    • Great smell
    • Quality product
    • Affordable

    Kushed Candles makes some incredible hemp candles with one of a kind scents. Our personal favorite is the CreamCaramel scent: moroccan coffee, caramel, and hemp. It’s soothing and effective with a rich, spiced scent. This hemp candle is sure to create the perfect ambience for your bedroom, study, or where you have the most smoke sessions.


    Urban Hemp Candle from Hemp CBD Wellness Center - $36

    • Smells great
    • Soothing effects
    • Long-lasting

    This incredible hemp candle features an unheard of 60-hour burn time and an amazing, relaxing scent. You’ll love this hemp candle infused with calming essential oils that will last and last. It’s sure to keep your bedroom, calm space, or smoking room drenched in the best atmosphere and the most soothing smells.


    Kushed WhiteWitch - $16

    • Quality candle
    • Smells great
    • Winning essential oil blend
    • Lasts long

    Kushed is at it again with this incredible candle! WhiteWitch is the winning scent combination of honeysuckle, jasmine, and mint. Its soothing smell and powerful essential oils help to create the best ambience and most calming feelings. This candle is made with a blend of hemp candle wax and soy wax and infused with exotic essential oils. 


    Hemp Crate Lilac Hemp Candle - $12

    • Quality brand
    • Great ingredients
    • Calming and soothing

    This incredibly smelling candle is wholly unique and very affordable. Packed with hemp oil for candles, essential oils, and soy wax, you’ll love this highly calming candle! This candle is made with all-natural ingredients, helpful oils designed to help you relax, and healthy soy. As if all that wasn’t enough, the price of this candle is unbeatable.


    Kushed LavendarKush Hemp Candle - $16

    • Great ingredients
    • All natural hemp
    • Great scent

    We know we’ve mentioned Kushed Candles twice already, but we have just one that’s far too good to leave off this list. The LavendarKush candle is the amazing scent combination of clary sage, hemp, and lavender. It’s sure to help create the calmest and relaxed atmosphere in whatever space you choose to use it in. Made from all-natural, incredible ingredients, Kushed hemp candles are unmatched in the market.


    Hemparia Soap Hemp Infused Massage Oil Candle - $15.99

    • Smells great
    • Aphrodisiac
    • Can be used as a massage oil
    • Affordable

    This amazing aphrodisiac hemp oil candle is of high quality and highly effective. It’ll help you set the mood for your special night and help create the best calming, soothing atmosphere. When you’re done burning this candle, you can use the melted wax as a sensual massage oil, making this candle the perfect companion to your date night from start to end.


    Coppell Candle Company Jasmine Gardenia Hempthology Candle - $25

    • Quality ingredients
    • Loaded with 100mg of hemp oil
    • Smells amazing

    While this amazing hemp candle is very high quality and smells amazing, it’s a bit more expensive than the others. It’s made of quality hemp oil, wax, and all natural ingredients. This candle is loaded with 100mg of hemp oil, soy wax, and essential oils to help you relax, relieve pesky headaches, and create a soothing environment in your whatever room you choose to use it in.


    Hemperia Soap Hemp Infused Candle - $24.99

    • Dual-use candle
    • Great smell
    • Highly effective
    • Aphrodisiac

    This amazing aphrodisiac candle smells great, once cooled, the melted soy wax can be used as a massage oil. This candle creates the best atmosphere for your special sensual night while also emitting smells created by essential oils and the hemp oil that are sure to calm and soothe you with ease.


    Dieu Gardens Hemp Candle - $59.99

    • Hemp wick
    • Quality ingredients
    • Highly effective
    • Great smell

    This great product smells incredible and burns for a long time. It uses a wick made of hemp called hemp wick that burns longer than cotton wicks. These candles are made of nothing but the best ingredients, all-natural and high-quality hemp wax for candles, and wax made with soy and hemp oil. It smells great, features a long burn time for a hemp wick candle, and creates a great experience and atmosphere in the rooms wherein they’re used. While this product is far more expensive than the others on this list, it’s also higher quality materials and hand made. 



    No matter what your reason is for wanting to look at hemp wax for candles, you’re sure to find one on this list. Hemp candles are highly soothing, smell great, and those featuring hemp wick for candles tend to burn far longer. We hope you’ve been able to find the hemp candle of your dreams in this list, but if not, comment below and let us know what you find! Still interested? Check out these great products to research:

    • Hemp wick beeswax candles
    • Well nest hemp candle
    • Uses for hemp wick
    • Hemp candle wick making process
    • Candle wick hemp on Amazon


    Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

    Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

    This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. All photos were sourced from | updated 2021


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