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Best Hemp Soap: Elevate Your Skincare with Top 10 Brands Online

Best Hemp Soap

Thanks to modern research, we now know that the soaps we’ve all used for years are full of chemicals that could have worse effects in the long-term than we ever thought before. More and more people are using natural soaps to help rid themselves of the dependence on harsh chemicals. A great option for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and all-natural soap is hemp soap. If you use hemp soap regularly, you’ll see some great improvement to the look and feel of skin, and, if you have skin conditions, you might see even more results than you expected!

Elevate Your Skincare with the Best Hemp Soap Brands Online

Indulge in a luxurious skincare experience with the top 10 hemp soap brands available online right now. These brands have curated exceptional formulations that harness the natural benefits of hemp to rejuvenate and nourish your skin. Transform your daily routine and treat your skin to the purity and goodness it deserves.


Zatural Hemp Bar Soap - $6.99

  • Effective
  • Triple the amount of hemp
  • All-natural 
  • High-quality organic hemp

This healing bar soap is designed to deliver the maximum amount of moisture and relief. This soap is designed for all skin types (even those with the most sensitive skin and skin conditions!), is power-packed with nutrients, and contains triple the amount of hemp seed oil for maximum nutrients, essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory benefits of all hemp soaps on this list. You won’t regret giving this hemp soap a shot.


The Soap Haven Hemp Power! Hemp Oil Soap - $25.99

  • Good for all skin types
  • Smells incredible
  • Soothing properties

This amazing smelling hemp oil soap bar is packed with added benefits of peppermint and eucalyptus, which does a whole lot more than just make it smell incredible. Eucalyptus and peppermint are both known for their stress-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties, combined with hemp this makes a winning team you just can’t beat. They use high-quality organic hemp seed oil and other all natural ingredients that works great for all skin types, even those with the most sensitive skin.


Eco Finest Hemp Oil Soap Bars - $15.99

  • Great value
  • Affordable
  • High-quality and all natural
  • Made with excellent hemp seed oil

This kit of 6 incredible natural hemp soap bars is great for those with sensitive skin and skin conditions, as each and every one is packed with all natural ingredients and high-quality hemp seed oil. You’ll get all the many benefits of hemp soap at an incredible value.


Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Creme Body Wash - $8.03

  • Great brand
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Quality product

Hempz has long been the name for hemp skin care products. While this is the only thing that’s not a hemp soap bar we have on this list, it’s an incredible creamy body wash. It’ll leave your body and skin smooth to the touch and healthier than ever before. It has all the hemp oil soap benefits, just in a more convenient form than the bar you frequently drop in the shower.


Nubian Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver Soap - $15.99

  • Effective
  • Great combination of ingredients
  • Effective 
  • Leaves your body and skin feeling great and restored

We love the winning combination of Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver, whether it’s in hemp hand soap, body lotion, or bath bombs. Of all the hemp soaps on this list, we really like this ingredient combo for sensitive skin that needs a little more love. Like a few others on this list, it’s a little pricey for a soap bar, but once you try it, you’ll see it’s worth every penny.



Batch Twenty-One Re-Gained All Natural Organic Hemp and Hop Bar Soap for Men - $5.99

  • Manly scent
  • High-quality product
  • Very affordable

There aren’t that many hemp soaps out there designed just for men; they all have some pretty feminine smells. There’s nothing wrong with that if you prefer it, but some men would rather smell like, well, just about anything else. This all natural body soap has all the hemp soap benefits with none of the girly scents. The Hemp and Hop scent will definitely have you thinking about your favorite thing: beer.


Holy Leaf Vanilla Hemp Soap - $14.99

  • Great smell
  • Highly effective
  • Affordable 
  • Great brand

Holy Leaf Vanilla Hemp Soap is packed with hemp oil for soap specifically that’s packed with essential fatty acids and other great nutrients your skin needs to keep healthy. This will work great whether you’re used to hemp seed oil, or you’re just now trying to use hemp for the first time. It has a pleasant vanilla scent and is made with only natural, high-quality ingredients.


Difeel Black Hemp Soap - $7.20

  • Affordable
  • Leaves skin rejuvenated and smooth
  • Made with high-quality hemp oil 
  • Not made with coconut oil (safe to use if you’re allergic to coconuts and/or coconut oil!)

Finally! A black soap with the benefits of hemp soap too! This soap is infused with hemp seed oil that’s of the highest quality; its essential fatty acids can help soothe skin irritation and can even help some skin conditions. You’ll love this affordable, amazing soap and how it makes your skin and body feel!


Rad Soap Company Toke Hemp & Hippie Sandalwood Soap - $13.49

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Great for all skin types

This great hemp soap has the delightful sandalwood smell that everyone knows and loves. It’s great if you’re used to regular hemp use or if you’re ready to try to use hemp for the first time. It’s designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin and those with skin conditions can feel comfortable using this hemp soap.


Ma’na Organix Hemp Oil and Lavender Soap - $9.95

  • You’ll love how it’ll make your skin feel!
  • Affordable
  • Gorgeous colors (great added bonus!)
  • Quality ingredients

    This amazing hemp soap is as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective! The winning combination of lavender and hemp oil will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin smooth, healthy, and rejuvenated. This soap is affordable, effective, and really pretty! However, if you’re not a fan of bright colors or the smell of lavender, it might not be your favorite.



    Whether you're a hemp veteran or this is the first time you’re considering trying to use hemp oil, hemp soaps are definitely a great and safe place to start. Not only will these great soaps leave your skin feeling and looking great, but they’re also way better for the environment. So what are you waiting for? Give this stuff a try! Your skin will thank you!!!


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