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Best Hookah Pipes on Amazon | Weed Hookah

Best Hookah Pipes on Amazon | Weed Hookah

Everyone knows the best hookah pipes need more than just regular fruit-flavored tobacco, that’s why we have gathered all the best hookah set brands and top-selling hookah pipes. Whether you’re a first-time smoker or a seasoned veteran, everybody needs hookah advice!

Whether it be known as a Shisha, or water pipe, the hookah is a world-famous artifact. Often smoked traditionally in Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African communities. The infamous scent can be noticed in most major cities, such as London and Paris. Best Hookah pipes are increasingly popular amongst young people across the world. They can be used to inhale fruit-flavored tobacco, and also herbs of your choice.

What you will find in this article:

  • 5 of the best hookah set brands available on Amazon right now
  • Some information on how to generally use best hookah pipes and more specifically about how to use them with weed
  • How to optimize your hookah-smoking experience

    Intrigued? It may seem like a big google search at first, it’s a minefield to find the best hookah pipes, personally I like the traditional looking Arabic style ones, but here we have found both modern, and classical top-selling weed hookahs. See our list of the very best hookah pipes to buy on Amazon:

    #1: Our very best, the winner:

    Zebra Smoke Starter Series:  - Price $33

    • This highly functional hookah pipe is truly the best. The product comes with some top tobacco flavors and 20 charcoals. It's known as essential for a beginner because of its large array of helpful bits and bobs!
    • The ‘Zebra Smoke’ brand comes with roaring reviews, having a high position in the hookah brands online, Zebra smoke provides this one hookah pipe with a traditional looking ceramic bowl. This Shisha pipe is a must-buy for any beginner.

    This Zebra Smoke Starter Series Combo kit is perfect for you beginners in smoking Hookah. This basic kit comes with everything you need to host your very first weed hookah lounge party! Including cool stuff like extra pipes and mouthpieces. This product is an 18” hookah pipe for 2 people. It’s small enough to take traveling, and it comes with a travel case!


    NUMBER TWO: The Runner Up.

    Hookah Set KITOSUN - price $79.99

    • This Hookah pipe comes with a multicolor LED base and controller. A superbly iconic piece in any shisha party. Like other hookahs, you only need to load it up with your herb and/or fruity tobacco. This Hookah has well-respected reviews which all complement its simplicity to assemble and clean smoke potential.
    • Sometimes, smoking a Hookah can be harsh, and feel hot on your throat. This KITOSUN Acrylic hookah has 4 air vents to ensure you won’t feel that unpleasant draw. Again, it is very easy to transport, the Shisha pipe can be taken anywhere you like! Notice the shape is also a square, this is ideal for the clumsiest smokers. Regular hookah pipes can fall or tumble around, but not this one!
    • It’s more of a smoking experience. This hookah pipe has LED lights built-in. This means it’s not only perfect for a party but as a wholesome experience for a solo smoker. This product guarantees a smooth and tasty draw, with large clouds.

    This KITOSUN Micro modern cube Hookah has made the top part of this list because of its lightweight glass body, and its modern cube shape body. Going against the traditional design, this one provides a clean, stylish, and modern adaptation. Rated online highly, this Hookah is a top-selling product. 

     3RD. Not the best, but definitely up there:

    GSTAR 18" 4 Hose Hookah Shisha - $38.99 

    • This hookah pipe is easy to disassemble and assemble. Also it has rubber seals to ensure for a hygienic clean. It comes with 4 hoses which can be simultaneously used which means it’s perfect for a group party.
    • The GSTAR Hookah pipe is a universal product, which means it works with everybody's favorite herbs, fruit tobacco, and charcoal.

    The 2nd place goes to the GSTAR Lounge series complete hookah system. This full back comes with a traditional looking glass vase, a synthetic leather hose, and stylish ashtray. The GSTAR is on our list of top-selling hookahs because it is perfect for the home! If you are a homeowner or just renting, this Hookah pipe can fit snugly in your living room.

    What is a Hookah?

    If you don’t already know what a hookah is, don’t worry, we’ve tried to cover absolutely all the basics in this article. The word Hookah comes from the Hindi word “Huqqa” and it’s a water-pipe, which is similar in concept to a bong but is also radically different. The main difference between a bong and a hookah pipe is a large amount of material needed for it to smoke well. This is one of the main reasons weed-smokers are a little bit hesitant to use them. 

    They both filter smoke through a (normally) glass base, but a hookah is much more complicated and requires a bit more knowledge when it comes to smoking it. If you think of it a bit like a portable barbeque, you can’t go far wrong. One of the first things you have to do is get some aluminum with some holes in, and place it on the bowl part, and then light them and let them burn until they’re hot. 

    Hookahs are normally coupled with shisha, which is a type of tobacco originating either from Persia or India and consists of 4 main ingredients:

    • Tobacco
    • Glycerol/Glycerin
    • Flavoring (Artificial or Natural)
    • Molasses

      Finally, a hookah is made up of a few different parts. These are the parts of a hookah pipe:

      • bowl
      • windscreen
      • hose
      • purge valve
      • water-based
      • plate
      • grommets
      • Flavoured Tobacco or Herbal Mixture
      • Charcoal

        How to use a hookah


        If you’re curious how you should use a hookah, without cannabis or with it, then follow our guide to smoking through a hookah. We have another guide further down in this article which shows you the steps for smoking weed from a hookah:

        1. Fill the base of the hookah pipe with some water, enough to cover it, if it has a glass base, you will be able to see the amount of water, if not you will have to simply guess
        2. Put the bottom part (the trunk) of the hookah into the basin, which is now filled with water and form the necessary seal between them
        3. Insert the grommet into the hookah-end of the hose, and then put the hose into the trunk
        4. Fill your bowl with shisha, or your mix of weed and shisha. You can find loads of shisha online, and you can simply mix ground weed into it as it’s basically just tobacco.
        5. Place a hand-made gauze onto the top of your bowl, which can be made from aluminum foil with holes in it
        6. Place charcoal onto this aluminum foil and light it, allow it to burn for a while, you can speed this process up by taking a few draws to really get the party started.
        7. Poke and prod the charcoals and keep them moving, this allows them to burn evenly
        8. Now you should be ready to take some steady puffs from your hookah, you can do this for around an hour, and then the smoke will start to taste stale. Once this happens, hookahs have a purge valve which allows you to clear the pipes and allow for a better smoke.


          How do you know what the best type of Hookah is? It's simple, not only should you check out our list, but you can tell when you smoke it. Traditional hookahs have a beautiful draw. True quality best hookah pipes have a smooth glass base, to ensure for the best weight distribution. 


          How to make your hookah experience the best. Just a few rules you must follow:

          • Make sure you have ice cold water! This rule is underrated, but it proves its worth! 
          • Use fresh wet tobacco, with your nice dry herb. 
          • Don’t overfill! Make sure your quantities are correct to ensure that perfect flavor.
          • Use natural coals to burn. Keep those nasty chemicals at bay to allow for a smooth and sweet experience.

            Above all else, make sure you have a clean and grime-free smoke. There’s nothing worse than a tar filled water bowl. Keep your hookah pipe nice and clean to prevent that stagnant smell.


            A best hookah pipes can cost anything between $25 to $5000 (USD). Smoking shops often have cheap and accessible shisha pipes, but usually made with cheap materials. For the best quality hookah pipe, your best bet is searching on Amazon. Traditional hookahs are made in large quantities, and shipped all across the globe. 

            We recommend spending no less than $30 because if you do, you’re going to regret it in the future. This is because they will probably break easily, and also they’ll be made of cheap plastic. If you spend over $30, you’re guaranteed to at least get a decent quality hookah pipe. This is important because nobody wants a pipe that is going to break. Some of the best hookah available online can be found on Amazon.

            How to smoke weed from a hookah pipe

            If you want to smoke weed hookah pipe, we recommend that you DON’T use it on its own. That is because you would have to use like half an ounce of weed, which is ridiculously inefficient in terms of money spent/high time. If you do want to do this, we recommend something like the Thai landrace strain, because this is very cheap, and you can get a decent amount of it onto your hookah, without spending way too much money. 

            If you’ve got some more expensive weed, and still would like to try it with your hookah, we recommend you follow these steps to smoke weed from your hookah pipe:

            • Grind your weed using a kief catching grinder. This is because you’re going to be grinding huge amounts of weed to use with your hookah, so the best way to get the most out of it is to use a kief catcher
            • Mix your ground weed with the hookah tobacco, and add the kief if you’re looking for that extra hit
            • Place the mixture as normal onto the bowl and smoke it as a normal hookah, make sure that the bowl remains a high temperature
            • Take a long draw, and enjoy the flavor of shisha mixed with weed, and enjoy the large hit you will get from it
            • Shisha is known for tasting good, but also for making you feel a little bit high from the nicotine rush, and this combined with some nice buds cannot be underestimated. Just ensure your hookahs are good quality, and they should have a glass base, and you’re good to go

              Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

              Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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