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How To Smoke Weed With An Apple?

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As part of WeedRepublic’s mission to bring novice smokers up-to-speed with just about every aspect of cannabis culture and lifestyle, today we’ll be looking at a smoking method that has won many fans for its novelty value and practicality. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to smoke weed with an apple, we have it on good authority that it is indeed! 

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to do it, too.

Readers can expect to learn the following during the next few hundred words:

  •       Reasons why someone would consider smoking weed using an apple.
  •       The pros and cons and How to Make An Apple Pipe method.
  •       The equipment required to build an apple pipe.
  •       How to actually make an apple pipe.
  •       How to smoke your new apple pipe.
  •       Some ideas for more creative fruit-based smoking devices!


    As usual, there’s a lot to cover. Snow White looks like she has already started without us! Thanks to @okkybeefcakedead for sharing this awesome image on instagram!

    snow white cannabis bong


    Why Would I Want to Smoke Weed with an Apple?

    Although it might sound pretty bonkers at first, there are actually some pretty good reasons for choosing to smoke weed with an apple. Here are some of those most commonly heard at WeedRepublic:

    • Desperation! An apple pipe is probably the easiest smoking device to create with the least specialist equipment. Smokers can have one ready in less than a minute and with only an apple, pen, and nail.
    • Novelty – Apple pipes are a great conversation starter at parties. Plus, it’s always nice to save the day when everyone’s in need of rolling papers!
    • Replacement for a broken pipe (or serve as a smoking device whilst you wait for a new one).
    • Environmentally-friendly. You can throw your used pipe on a compost heap when you’ve smoked with it. Almost every other smoking method relies on some form of industrial manufacturing.
    • When you’ve run out of rolling papers. If you can’t get to the shop, an apple pipe can bail you out of a tough spot!


      Equipment for Making an Apple Pipe

      Apple pipes are without a doubt one of the simplest ways for anyone to smoke weed. Once you’ve made your first, you’ll be able to set them up in a few seconds.

      The only equipment you’ll need to make one is:

      • An apple.
      • A cheap plastic pen, chopstick, or similar item to drive through the apple and create a hole that will be the mouthpiece.
      • A nail, toothpick, or thinner, pointed object to put a smaller hole in the apple. This will be for the bowl.
      • Some cannabis (your apple pipe wouldn’t be much fun if you didn’t have something to smoke on it!) 
      420 high kush WikiHow has got some great images like this one accompanying their steps in case you're a visual person!


        Making an Apple Pipe

        Having established why you might want to build an apple pipe and collected the very few things you’ll need to make one, let’s get down to actually constructing one. It’s very easy!

        • Take a ripe, healthy apple (avoid ones with bruising or signs of decay).
        • Hollow out a cheap plastic pen. You want to remove the ink tube to be left with just a hollow tube. A chopstick or item of similar shape, size, and density will also work.
        • Remove the stem from the apple. The area you removed it from will become the pipe’s bowl.
        • Imagine the stem continuing directly through the apple’s core. Push the pin through the entire apple so that it emerges from the opposite side. The hole created should pass through the imaginary stem line.
        • Take the nail or toothpick and make a small hole where you removed the stem. This hole should connect the bowl to the pen hole but should not be wide enough to allow any weed to fall through it. No one wants weed hitting the back of their throat when they hit their pipe!
        • Test the apple pipe by covering the hole at the back of the apple and inhaling through the one opposite it. Air should be drawn through the bowl and the hole. You should feel a little suction when covering the bowl with a finger.
        • That’s literally all there is to it! We told you it was easy. 


        Smoking an Apple Pipe

        Of course, after you’ve created your apple pipe, it’s time to actually smoke it. Again, there isn’t anything too complex about this. The principle is the same as smoking most other pipes.

        • Grind some cannabis up using an herb grinder like the Mendocino Mulcher.
        • Place a small amount of the ground cannabis on the bowl area of the apple pipe. Don’t force it into the downpipe hole or anything. The shape of the apple should allow you to load a decent amount of weed on it.
        • Cover the carb hole at the back of the apple with your finger. Removing this finger will allow the smoker to clear the pipe quickly, just like they would on a purchased bong like the Bell Base bong from Grav.
        • Light the weed on the bowl with a regular lighter.
        • Inhale through the non-covered hole in the apple pipe.
        • When you’ve finished, clear the bowl of ash and reload. Or, pass it to a friend for a hit!


        grinder cannabis flower


        The Mendocino Mulcher grinder made it onto our list of favourite grinders, so we're definitely recommending it again here!

        It's a real beast with twice as many teeth as the typical grinder. All details have been thought of, down to the beveled edges for you to easily access all of your flower without needing to rely on a scraper. With a lifetime warranty, one purchase of these and you are good to go!


         bong pipe marijuana

        The bells are ringing for you to come sit down and get ready for your lesson in the ultimate in glass water pipes!

        With a strain like Critical Mass you're going to want a quality bong that sends you off with quality and style. The Bell Base Water Pipe from Grav Labs does just that!




        Advantages of an Apple Pipe:

        • Incredibly easy to set up. You can literally get to toking an apple pipe seconds after you start building it.
        • Very cheap. Fancy shop-bought pipes, like the Great Barrier Reef pipe from Empire Glassworks, might turn heads but they can cost a whole lot of money. What’s the price of an apple in comparison?
        • Most food shops sell apples and most people have a pen and a nail to transform the fruit into a legit pipe.
        • Discrete. Some people don’t want to keep a large, showy bong around the house. They’d rather something you can set up when you need it and get rid of when you don’t. Discretion is important to a lot of smokers. 


        reefer ocean cannabis

        Master glass blowers at Empire Glassworks have really outdone themselves with this precious pipe covered in sea creatures.

        Whether you're an amphibian yourself or you merely want to show your love for these colourful creatures, this Great Barrier Reef glass pipe will have you feeling closer to your reefer than ever before.



        percolator glass pipe

        What we like about this bong is that, even though it's a showstopper on any shelf, it remains subtle. It's not some crazy recycler with tubes and glass everywhere.

        Mav's Pyramid to UFO Beaker Bong offers a smooth toke with no fuss. So while you're saving money by making all those apple bongs, stash some away for one of these beauts!

        Check out all the colors available in the other stock photos.


          Disadvantages of an Apple Pipe:

          • Not permanent. Even after an average solo smoking session, an apple pipe is going to look worse for wear. Since the entire thing is made from perishable goods, the apple pipe is probably the least permanent way to smoke. Even picking it up again to hit a few hours later is going to be out of the question.
          • Not exactly the most glamorous! They can be pretty cool, but if you’re trying to impress your smoking partner, perhaps a practical but innovative pipe like Grav's Helix hand pipe would be better.
          • Messier than having a designated piece. Apples are rather juicy fruit. This sticky juice puts a lot of folk off using apple pipes. You don’t want to feel the need to wash your hands after every hit!
          • They can attract creatures! The juice from the apple is very sweet too. If you’re toking outside, maybe you’ll be joined by wasps and bees that are also interested in your pipe. Maybe that's how Snow White got all of those forest creatures to come hang out with her!


          grav helix hand pipe

          Want a classic hand pipe to rest your precious bud and concentrates into? The Grav Helix hand pipe (this one's the mini, but there's a normal sized one, too) should be at the top of your list!



            Why Stop at an Apple Pipe?

            Apple pipes are great as a start into the world of fruit bong building but why let it stop there? Any fruit or vegetable with a similar density will work just as well! Here at WeedRepublic, we’ve seen it all over the years too. From potato pipes to carrot chillums, your imagination (and grocery store selection) are your only limits!

            We’ve even seen people get really creative and craft smoking paraphernalia using multiple fruits to create a more exotic punchbowl piece! Once you realize how great a downpipe a hollowed-out carrot can make, then you can start looking at the pineapples and melons to use as a chamber too. You’ll never look at the fruit and veg section of the supermarket the same way again!


            Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

            Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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