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9 Bong Accessories That Make Your Experience Magical

Bong Accessories

 Never settle for an average bong experience if you can take it up a notch by customizing your rig to fit your smoking style. The market is full of bongs that offer respectable performance, but you can always tweak the design with a few accessories and create exceptionally potent hits. 

Before deciding which one to buy, learning the benefits of bong additions that can enhance your smoking experience is crucial. Don't be deceived by fancy decorations that look interesting but offer nothing of substance. Instead, it's best to invest in bong attachments that provide value. 

Let's examine 9 popular bong accessories and their functionalities.


Achieving a cooler and smoother hit is possible by attaching a percolator to your Bong. The percolator design incorporates a series of smaller chambers through which the smoke passes, being cooled down along the way. 

There are various percolator models with different chamber designs and shapes. The technology is somewhat standard, and all models provide similar performance levels. However, the manufacturer behind the percolator can make a massive difference regarding its quality, so make sure to shop the best bong accessories at Olofly - an online headshop. 

Purchasing a bong with an integrated percolator or acquiring it as an accessory is an excellent idea to add extra filtration and produce colder smoke.

Some types of available percolators on the market are:

  • Honeycomb
  • Matrix
  • Inline
  • Tree
  • Turbine

The crucial thing is to check if the percolator will fit your bong. Different fitting attachments can bridge the gap if necessary. The best option is to inspect the diameter before making a purchase.

Ash Catcher

Investing in an ash catcher for your bong should top the list of priority accessories if you want to enhance the experience. Smoking weed produces a byproduct in the form of ash, and the last thing you want is for those particles to find their way into the bowl and contaminate the bong, ruining the inhalation.

Ash catchers improve the bong's cleanliness and increase the filtration level of the smoke. They are affordable and readily available online. Mounting the ash catcher is simple; the device gets attached to the bong's stem next to the slide, and the bowl goes to the end of the ash catcher.


If you smoke cannabis, a Grinder is an essential tool. Instead of taking it apart with your hands, it's advisable to grind the weed before placing it in the bong's bowl. It makes igniting it more convenient and reduces resin accumulation in the bowl, especially ash chunks or unburned weed. The grinder could solve some maintenance issues and make it possible to get the most out of your hits. 

There are different grinder types, and you can find online models that fit your style. Grinders frequently get undervalued as an accessory, but you should not make that mistake.

Quartz Banger

The drawback of glass bongs is the temperature limit, which glass can withstand, and the fix is in the quartz banger. Material like quartz can handle hotter temperatures without cracking. The accessory will turn your regular bong into a dab rig. Thus, it will eliminate worries about fracturing the glass when you bring the blowtorch to the bowl to give it a red glim which can create an incredible hit from the cannabis concentrate.

Quartz bangers can withstand high heat, but it dissipates fast, requiring frequent reheating of the bowl. The design of quartz bangers varies; some have domes to improve airflow, while others are wider and support bigger dabs.

Bowl Screens

Proper bong maintenance comes down to regular washing of the bowl, where dirt collects and can cause damage. It's an annoying chore for some users, but necessary. The most practical way to reduce the cleaning time of the bong is by implementing bowl screens.

The tiny metal screens can get modified by hand to fit in any bowl. Once you install the screens, the clog will no longer be an issue. Replacing the bowl screens takes seconds. Bowl screens extend the service life of the bong and save time by reducing the frequent need for cleaning.


If you want to take the heat up a notch over the temperature threshold of a quartz banger, nails are the prescribed method. Titanium or ceramic nail attachments offer an easy conversion to a dab rig. Because of the harder materials used for the nails, the advantage is the potential to absorb higher temperatures and retain the heat for extended periods. 

Caution is advised when handling the nails because they are small and it's easy to get burned. From a positive aspect, they offer a great way to smoke, and it will not be a problem to find dimensions that fit your bong.

Diffused Downstems

The downstem connects the bowl to the chamber. If you want to improve this connection, you can use a diffused downstem, which aerates the hits before reaching the chamber. By offering extra filtration and diffusion, the resulting hits are more potent.

Attaching a diffused downstream to a bong is easy - you should only pay attention to the correct length and the bong's joint size. The prices are reasonable, and investing in the accessory will reward you with a smooth smoking experience.

Bowl Attachments

The bowl is the crucial component of a bong, the space where the weed gets combusted. Most models come with perfectly fitting and functional bowls, but the industry is not at rest, constantly providing improvements. Some have evolved into art pieces with various shapes and colors. If you are looking for decorative bowls, multiple designs are available for every taste.

However, there are also bowls made of different materials offering better heat management. Additionally, a wider bowl allows for a larger quantity of weed, producing a stronger hit. A backup bowl can also come in handy in case of damage to the primary bowl.


A torch is the best way to get the required temperature when upgrading the bong into a dab rig. Look for torches with safety features that are refillable and have temperature control. Managing the generated heat is imperative to prevent damage to the bong and yourself. The fuels used for torches are propane and butane; both have similar burn rates, and there isn't a considerable cost discrepancy.