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Weed and How to Smoke Without a Pipe - it's easier than you think!

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Do you know how to smoke without a pipe when you want to get down with some weed? We’ve all been there, desperate for a smoke but for some reason, we’re without a pipe! Maybe you’re traveling away from home or you’re a novice smoker and just haven’t got round to buying one yet. You have to somehow learn how to smoke without a pipe. Maybe you’ve just dropped a bespoke glass piece like the handmade squirrel pipe from Empire Glassworks and you need a hit to take your mind off your broken heart whilst you shop for another.

squirrel nature pipe

Scurry on over to Dankgeek and pick up a new glass pipe. We love this the Squirrel's Nest from Empire Glassworks!

Smoke weed without a pipe until this adorable, handmade glass pipe arrives on your doorstep.

It's worth checking out the product page just for more close up images of the adorable squirrel!

The reason why you need to know how to smoke without a pipe doesn't really matter. What does matter is that there are loads of options available to those who find themselves without their trusty piece. It’s not the end of the world if you want to know how to smoke without a pipe.

In the following article all about weed and how to smoke without a pipe, we cover many of the most popular methods. We’ll detail throughout the next few hundred words how each of them works.

By the end of this guide, you should know all about the following:

  •       Joints, spliffs, and blunts.
  •       Bucket bongs.
  •       Hot knives.
  •       Lungs.
  •       Apple pipes. 

Any of these methods could get you out of a scrape. Be warned though – some of these homemade solutions are pretty rough-and-ready!

marijuana_smoke_bluntA perfectly rolled joint is truly a work of art. Thanks to for the image.



The most popular non-pipe method for smoking weed is some form of joint/blunt/spliff. Whereas some smokers would disapprove of our grouping these three together (they are quite different), they all rely on exactly the same principle.

Joints, spliffs, and blunts are made using rolling papers or some other combustible material that encases the cannabis (and maybe other ingredients). The smoker tokes from one end and lights the other. As they draw air through the joint, spliff, or blunt, it drags the heat down its length. The paper and its contents burn away until there is nothing left to hit. It’s the same principle as smoking a cigarette.

The difference between joints, spliffs, and blunts is the materials they’re made from. We detail them below.

  • Joint – Typically, a joint is a hand-rolled, pure cannabis cigarette.
  • Spliff – A spliff refers to a hand-rolled cannabis cigarette that’s mixed with tobacco. They’re common in the UK and Europe.
  • Blunt – A blunt is a cigar hollowed out and repacked with cannabis. Manufacturers sell special blunt papers and wrap these days, like King Palm, this makes blunts a lot easier to construct.

rolling paper palm natural

For a truly all-natural blunt smoking experience, everything, not just the precious contents inside, must be all-natural. 

That's why we love these king-sized, hand-rolled palm leaf King Rolls. Down to the natural corn-husk filter, enjoy your smooth, slow burning toke with these natural rolls.

Alright, sure, these are better in person, but this stock image will have to do for now!

This article isn’t really long enough to explain how to make all three in great detail. However, WeedRepublic has produced extensive guides to the topic.

Alternatively, follow the basic steps below so making a joint becomes a piece of cake:

  • Lay a single rolling paper in front of you.
  • Grind around 0.5g of cannabis buds in a grinder like [insert product].
  • Distribute the ground buds in the paper. You want either the contents to taper to a cone shape or to be generally even in quantity all the way along.
  • Make a roach out of thin cardboard.
  • Insert the roach into the side of the joint of the hand you write with.
  • Shape the joint between your fingers and thumb on each hand before you actually roll.
  • Poke it down and twist the end.
  • Light up when ready! 


kush 420 smokingQuality ingredients rolled into quality wraps - does it get better? Veriheal captures the moment perfectly with this beautiful image.

Hot Knives

Hot knives are a pretty old-school way of smoking hashish. It seems a little crude at first but it’s one of the most efficient ways to smoke hash. This means it’s ideal for those running low on supplies or unable to pick up more smoke, as well as those without rolling papers or a pipe.

The principle behind hot knives is to set a piece of hash burning and inhale the smoke directly from it. To do this, we heat a pair of knives up and squish a piece of hash between them. This should make the hash hot enough to release smoke, which the smoker inhales through some form of a tube.

To create hot knives yourself, follow these simple instructions. The process will work for any cannabis extract too. That includes waxes, shatter, and oil.

  • Using a stove or some other heat source, heat the blades of two regular old dinner knives up. Don’t use the best silverware though, the process can stain the metal. You want a heat source that puts out more heat than a cigarette lighter too.
  • Once the knives are very hot, drop a small piece of hash onto the blade of one knife.
  • Sandwich the hash between the two blades.
  • The hash should start smoking pretty quickly, you want to suck as much of this up as possible using a tube or funnel of some description. The tube from a toilet roll or a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off works great for this.
  • Repeat as necessary for yourself or friends!


knives spread cutlery


Need to re-up on your silverware? We recommend getting a set of butter knives to keep separate from your normal dishware.

Something simple, but well-built like these CraftKitchen stainless steel knives will do!

Now just imagine your hash on the tip of one of these stock image knives!


high heat cannabis
Glass Nation captures this very simple and effective way of heating knives. Just be careful!


Bucket or Gravity Bong

One of the best ways to go pipeless is to use a gravity or bucket bong. Like all our other suggestions, you shouldn’t need to buy any specific equipment to try this way to smoke weed without a pipe. You should find most of the bits and pieces already lying around your house.

What you need for a gravity bong:

  • Plastic bottle.
  • Waterproof container larger than the bottle (buckets, a second bottle, the kitchen sink, or even your bath!).
  • Some aluminum foil.
  • A pin badge or needle.
  • A lighter.
  • Some water.
  • Some cannabis.


Below, we explain how to create your very first bucket or gravity bong. We’re going to talk you through making one using two different sized bottles since this is probably the most common method.

  1. Remove the caps from both bottles.
  2. Cut the bottom inch off the smaller bottle (the larger this smaller bottle is, the more smoke it will take to fill it). WeedRepublic recommends bottles between 1.5 liters and 0.5 liters for the smaller one.
  3. Stand the smaller bottle next to the larger bottle. You want to cut the second bottle between the shoulders of the bottle and the top of the smaller ones. About an inch higher than the height of the smaller bottle will work well.
  4. Take your sheet of aluminum foil and fold it into a smaller square (about three or four layers thick).
  5. Wrap the foil square loosely around the top of the smaller bottle. Wrapping too tight will make it more difficult to load the gravity bong when smoking.
  6. Stab a lot of small holes through the foil square. You want a clear passage through the foil for air/smoke. You don’t want to create such large holes that cannabis could fall through them.
  7. Remove the smaller bottle from the larger bottle.
  8. Fill the larger bottle almost to the top with water.  
  9. Carefully hold the second bottle in the first so that the mouthpiece sits above the water but most of the bottle itself is submerged.
  10. Add the ground up cannabis to the aluminum foil gauze.
  11. Light the weed and as it burns, slowly draws the smaller bottle up through the water. The changing pressure in the bottle will cause smoke to be pulled into the bottle.
  12. Stop raising the bottle before you actually remove it from the water. The chamber should be full of smoke by now.
  13. Remove the foil and place your mouth over the opening of the smaller bottle.
  14. Slowly lower the smaller bottle to its starting position. This time, the changing pressure will force the smoke out of the bottle (and into your lungs).
  15. Repeat as necessary with fresh cannabis. It won’t take many hits. Gravity bongs are a ruthless way to smoke weed!


      gravity DIY smoke herb The folks at captured this DIY bucket bong perfectly!



      A lung relies on exactly the same principle as a gravity bong. This one is perhaps the least visually appealing of all our ways to smoke weed but, hey, this is one of the best ways to smoke weed without a pipe – it doesn’t matter how cool you look doing it!

      Instead of using water to create a chamber with a variable volume, with a lung, we use a regular old plastic bag instead. They’re easy enough to make but you will need the following:

      •       Plastic bottle.
      •       Tinfoil.
      •       Pin badge.
      •       Sticky tape.
      •       Plastic shopping bag.
      •       Cannabis (of course!)


      To make a lung for yourself, follow the steps below:

      1. Grind up your cannabis using something like the Kannastör Grinder.
      2. Remove the cap from the plastic bottle.
      3. Cut the bottom inch or more off your plastic bottle. The more you remove, the lower the total capacity for smoke the lung will have.
      4. Take the plastic bag and push it inside the bottle. To get a snug fit, inhale through the bottle’s mouth opening. This should suck the bag inside the bottle and make it fit the space perfectly.  
      5. Trim off the rest of the bag, allowing for an overhang of about two inches all around the bottle.
      6. Fold the overhang upon itself (like turn up on trousers).
      7. Stick the overhang to the outside of the bottle with tape. Make sure to get an airtight seal.
      8. Pull the bag back out of the bottle and test the suction on the lung by inhaling again. The bag should be drawn into the bottle, filling it perfectly once again.
      9. If you’re happy with the suction of your lung, pull the bag out again and stick a long piece of tape to the bottom of the bag.
      10. Fold this strip of tape in half and stick the other end to the bag too. You should have a longish string attached to the bag with no stickiness still exposed.
      11. Create your gauze by folding the foil a few times and wrapping it loosely around the top of the bottle.
      12. Stab some holes through your gauze.


          herb grinder marijuana


          The Kannastör Grinder isn't on our list of 11 best weed grinders for no reason. Its aluminum build makes it super sturdy, and the four chambers offer everything you need in a grinder.

          It grinds, sifts and stores whatever kind of herb you're passing through it.

          This stock image does the trick, but we'd love to see one with some green in it!


          The lung works along exactly the same principles as the gravity bong. However, first-time users might benefit from the following advice on actually smoking a lung:

          • Remove the gauze and inhale the bag into the bottle.
          • Position the gauze on the top of the bottle and add your ground up cannabis.
          • Light the cannabis and slowly pull the sticky tape drawstring downwards. The changing pressure should cause smoke to fill the bag and bottle.
          • When you’ve pulled the bag all the way out. Remove the gauze and suck up all the smoke through the mouthpiece of the bottle. The bag should get sucked in, forcing the smoke into an increasingly mellow user’s lungs!
          • Repeat as needed or pass your homemade piece on!


          Apple Pipe

          Our final suggestion for those struggling for ways to smoke weed without a pipe is to build a pipe. Yep, that’s right, just make your own!

          One of the easiest ways to make your own pipe is to use an item of fruit! The best thing about this one is that it looks way less like a device for smoking class A drugs than some of our other suggestions!

          An apple is probably the easiest fruit to make a pipe with. For this reason, we’re going to start there. However, these principles can be applied to other items of fruit for those who want to get really creative.

          What you need to build an apple pipe:

          •       An apple.
          •       A cheap plastic pen.
          •       A toothpick or a nail.
          •       Cannabis.


          Armed with your minimalist equipment, making the pipe itself is easy enough. Just follow these steps:

          • Pull out the apple’s stem by twisting it. The hole created will be the bowl of the pipe.
          • Take out the middle from your cheap plastic pen. You just want to be left with a hollow plastic tube.
          • Force the plastic tube through the middle of the apple (at 90 degrees to the stem and core). Make sure the tube’s path lines up with the hole for the bowl. You want a single hole going all the way through the apple.
          • With the toothpick or nail, push a single hole into the apple that will connect the bowl to the passage you just created.
          • To test the apple bong, cover the back hole and inhale through the front hole. Test the suction by covering the bowl hole. If you can feel a pull, you’re good to go!
          • Load your cannabis directly onto the bowl at the top of the apple, light it up, and give it a rip!


          apple pipe DIY
          Is it just us or does this apple look like it really found its purpose in this image from


          Buy Another Pipe, Vape, or Bong!

          With the exception of making a joint, all our suggestions to smoke weed without a pipe have involved smokers only using items that they might find around their house. We’ve not even mentioned all the alternative products to pipes that are available these days.

          If you’ve managed to lose or break your pipe, maybe it’s time to check what's out there as a replacement. If you broke it, perhaps a more hardwearing piece like Grav's Octotaster would be a good idea. Alternatively, if you’re wanting to cut back on the actual smoking, maybe it’s time you joined the many legions of vapers out there with something like the Eden from Linx Vapor.

          pipe portable travel


          The Octotaster from Grav Labs is super durable thanks to the silicone wrapped around the glass. This makes it the perfect travel companion for all of your toking adventures!

          The folks running the insta for @gravlabs really know how to make us green with product envy!


          eden vaporizer flower

           Vaporizers are one of the healthiest smoking options because all you're getting is the pure vapor of your delicious herb.

          With the Eden flower vaporizer from Linx, you're getting a device that quickly heats to temperatures that optimize your cannabis's flavor and effects.

          Sleek in design and powerful in vapor production - this image from @linxvapor's ig captures this pen's beauty!


          Even though our DIY ideas are far from the most glamorous ways to consume cannabis, they’re an important part of every true stoners bag of tricks. Forget who can make the best joint or who has the fanciest bong. The most respected smoker is often the most resourceful in testing times!


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