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The Coolest Weed Pipes for 2024 | Weed Smoking Devices

The Coolest Weed Pipes for 2024

You’ve planted your feminized cannabis seeds and harvested a haul of top-quality bud. What’s the most distinguished way to consume the fruits of your labor? A weed pipe is the only answer, lending you an air of refinement topped only by wearing a fedora.

All jokes aside, weed pipes have fallen out of fashion in favor of vape pens and Volcanos. Weed pipes are still an excellent option if you’d rather not wrestle with overcomplicated vaporizers and gadgets.

Read on to learn the pros of pipes, the different kinds available, and how to use them. You’ll also find a list of some of the best weed pipes on the market in 2022. Some of the items below will reshape your idea of what they are, so let’s jump right in.

Why Use a Pipe?

Everybody’s consumption preference is their own, and there’s no objectively better or worse method than another. If you’ve never used weed pipes to smoke, here are some benefits to packing a bowl.


Filling a good weed pipe with quality bud is one of the simplest ways to smoke. The best weed pipes are compact and easy to use, making them immensely convenient.

Why fuss about with papers or USB-powered devices when a weed pipe does the trick without any requirements.


If you’re a solo smoker, weed pipes are a fantastic way to avoid wasting your precious buds. Controlling your dosage is simple, and pipes waste less than rolling a joint that burns itself away over time.


If you’re looking for intense flavors untainted by the taste of paper, tobacco, or other additives, weed pipes are the way to go. While vaporizers also deliver impressively layered flavors, nothing beats a direct and powerful hit from a well-packed pipe.

Pipe Types

What does a weed pipe look like? This is a question with no single answer. Weed pipes come in a variety of weird and wonderful forms. They run the gamut from discreet and practical to genuine art pieces and conversation starters.

Most weed pipes are made from the materials listed below. Read on for a quick overview of the pros and cons of each type.


Glass weed pipes don’t impart your weed with any additional flavors, giving you a clean, untainted smoking experience. They’re also fun to use, as you get to observe the smoke traveling through the elegantly-shaped glass.

Despite their fragility, glass ones remain the best pipe for weed flavor connoisseurs.


Metal weed pipes are robust, sturdy, and almost impossible to break. They tend to be less visually impressive but come in forms that are both compact and subtle.

In terms of drawbacks, metal’s high conductivity means they may get quite hot to the touch. Poor quality metal pipes could also impart an undesirable metallic taste to your buds.


Ceramic weed pipes are cheap, light, and durable. They tend to provide a clean smoke and are relatively easy to maintain.

Working with ceramics allows pipe-makers to create some truly best weed smoking devices 2023 implements, although some focus more on form over function.


Traditional smoking tools were often fashioned from wood. The word bong comes from a Thai word for a bamboo tube. Wooden weed pipes are still available as a low-cost option.

While they’re cheap and reliable, their flammable nature means they have the potential to affect the taste of your bud.

How to Smoke a Weed Pipe

Using a weed pipe is easy regardless of what kind you have. Here’s how to expertly pack a bowl.

  • Step 1: Take your desired amount of bud and break or grind it up slightly. Avoid too fine a grain, as you may end up eating more weed than you smoke.
  • Step 2: Place the bud into the bowl of the pipe. Bong shop Tamp it down slightly, but don’t pack it too tight. You want to be able to get a nice draw through the bowl.
  • Step 3: Now, it’s time to spark up. If your pipe has a choke hole or carb, cover it and apply a flame.
  • Step 4: Take small, steady puffs at first to get the buds burning. Once they’re fully lit, inhale while releasing your finger from the choke halfway during your pull.
  • Step 5: Hold the smoke in your lungs momentarily, then exhale slowly to avoid coughing.

    5 of the Best Weed Pipes in 2022

    Choosing a pipe is a highly personal journey, but here are a few suggestions to help you along the way.

    1.Genius Pipe

    The Genius pipe is an anodized aluminum pipe that’s modern, discreet, and a great travel option. According to the makers, this item is the result of “Zen Design” and uses a waterless filter to cool the smoke on its way to your mouth.

    The Genius Pipe is durable, non-toxic, and comes apart easily for cleaning. It’s also possible to smoke concentrates using their “G-Stone” optional addon.

    2. Solopipe

    This is one of the coolest weed pipes for fans of gadgets and gizmos. The Solopipe is unrecognizable at a glance and resembles a USB key or steel lighter. Inside this cleverly designed package is a combination lighter and pipe.

    That’s right, all you need to blaze up is the Solopipe itself. Using the pipe is easy, with one end housing the mouthpiece and the bowl and a lighter mechanism at the other. 
    Pack the ceramic bowl with bud, click the small button on the end, and the lighter mechanism flips over and ignites the weed. Unassuming and tough, the Solopipe is one of the best weed smoking devices 2023 on the go.

    3. Pyptek Prometheus Titan Pipes

    Pyptek’s monstrous Prometheus Titan pipes is one of the best marijuana pipes for making an impression. This is definitely a home piece at seven inches long, but it offers some unique features. 

    Despite its flashy exterior, the Titan is a traditional glass pipe encased in a strong metal exoskeleton. The borosilicate glass pipe is held in place with silicone O rings to help absorb shock.

    Around the pipe is an anodized aluminum frame that comes apart for easy cleaning. The Prometheus Titan comes in various colors, and all the individual components are replaceable.

    If you’re looking for good weed pipes to use at home, the Titan can take a knocking and keep on rocking.

    4. Grav Classic Spoon

    The Grav Classic Spoon is an updated spin on the traditional glass pipe; simple, straightforward, and timelessly elegant. At 4 inches long, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and buying one won’t break the bank.

    This classic glassware sports a left-hand carb, a generously-sized bowl, and an inverted ash-catching mouthpiece. The Grav Classic Spoon is a sophisticated take on an old favorite, coming in a range of tasteful colors. One of the best pipes for weed smokers on a budget.

    5. Hemper Color Changing Pipe

    This artistic piece of glassware hides a secret feature–it changes color with use. The Hemper Color Changing pipe is an expertly-crafted piece of high-quality glass measuring five inches.

    The Hemper Color Changing pipe is one of the best cannabis pipes for a centerpiece to your smoking den or as a nice gift for a friend.

    Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It

    Hopefully, now you have some idea of what the best pipe to smoke weed is for you.

    All that’s left is to grow a stash of high-quality cannabis to put in your pipe and smoke. Buy top-shelf cannabis seeds from your favorite online seed bank today.


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