AK48 Strain Review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

Dec 04 , 2018

AK48 Strain Review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

AK48 is Nirvana Seeds’ version of Serious Seeds' AK-47 strain. It is a fantastic strain with sativa leanings. It is defined as a sativa-dominant hybrid, and is recommended for daytime use. It is what is known as a landrace cross; it is actually a cross between four different landrace strains. These landrace crosses have a few different characteristics that make them so famous. They also normally retain a fruity, smooth smoke. The final thing that they usually inherit, and AK48 is no different, is their easiness to grow.

Before we get started, a quick Nirvana seeds review

Nirvana Seeds are one of the most popular seedbanks from Amsterdam. They first started up in the 1980s and have slowly earned a reputation as being some of the best in the business. Their mark is a stamp of approval, and you can buy with confidence from their website. This is the main advantage of buying from Dutch seedbanks: their seeds are available online, and they’re trusted - what you buy is what you'll get.


ak48 marijuana kush strainThose curls may look dainty, but don't be fooled: she’s potent! Photo: @ss.growers

AK48: indica or sativa?

AK48 is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s about a 90:10 split, meaning that the indica effects are very subtle and will only be felt if you smoke a large amount. You can expect a large boost of energy after smoking this strain. It’s not massively strong, but it’s also not considered to be weak or mild. It’s definitely a morning strain, as it will keep you awake if you smoke it at night. The buds are exactly what you’d expect from a sativa strain, and it’s a great medicinal strain for certain tough-to-treat medical conditions.

AK48 strain genetics

AK48 was created by Nirvana seeds. They took four of the most well-known sativa landrace strains and smashed them together. The end result is a sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a punch. The strains that were initially bred to create AK48 are:
  • Colombian Gold
  • Thai
  • Mexican
  • Afghani


These are the four parents of the two strains that went into AK48; Ice and Jock Horror. 

AK48 THC percentage

The average sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid has around 13% THC content. AK48 is much stronger than that, with the average phenotype coming in at about 18%. Stronger AK48 phenotypes can test into the 20's. As such, you may feel a little overwhelmed if you’re a relatively new smoker. If so, you can follow this guide on how to feel less high:
  • Have a cold shower
  • Have a hot cup of coffee
  • Once you’re out of the shower go to a dark room on your own
  • If you feel up to it lie down and breathe
  • If you get room spin from lying down, go and get some fresh air
  • After this you should feel a lot better
  • Also, pro tip: remember that it’s all in your head! 

AK48 price

This strain’s seeds are available online. Because of this AK48 is reasonably cheap, as the supply is higher, especially compared to those strains that are either clone-only or those whose seeds are difficult to come by. For a gram of AK48 in an Amsterdam coffee shop, you’re looking at spending around $10. In a North American dispensary the price should be about the same.

AK48 taste 

Certain strains should be fully appreciated. AK48 is a landrace cross, and although it’s not as tasty as some dankenstein strains, it definitely has its own unique and flavourful taste. Therefore, you should definitely try to enjoy this strain inside a flower vaporiser. This is because there’s no combustion of plant matter, and there’s no adulteration from paper. This means that you can enjoy the strain as it was supposed to be enjoyed. You will feel the THC crystals hit the back of your throat when you toke on a vaporiser, and this makes it well worth the high price of the vape. This is especially true if you grind up the weed first. The taste profile of AK48 is:
  • Earthy
  • Tropical
  • Flowery

AK48 oil, wax, shatter, edibles etc. 

If you do use a flower vaporiser, then another massive advantage is the fact that you can simply mix your already vaped marijuana with a fat or an oil and you’ve got yourself an incredibly potent mix to make edibles with. If you decide to make your own edibles from scratch, then you must remember to decarboxylate your weed. Without doing this first, you’re missing out on a hell of a lot of potency. In fact, if you don’t decarboxylate your weed, it’s likely that the edibles won’t even work.

AK48 is a great choice for making concentrates because it has a decent THC percentage and it also has a very fruity, flowery flavour. This, as well as the trichomes that cover it, are what a lot of concentrate creators look for in a strain. Furthermore, because the seeds are available online from the original breeder, they can easily get their hands on the strain. However, if you want to make Butane Hash Oil yourself, please be warned: this can be exceedingly dangerous if you don’t know precisely how to do it.

AK48 smoke cannabis highBeautiful AK48 Flower, photo: @4_smoky_2_joe_0
ak48 nugg weed sativaAK48 on the right! Which would you choose? Photo: @autoflowerblogger


AK48 General Effects
AK48 Medical Effects
AK48 Effects Negative
Happy 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Uplifted 90%
Depression 95%
Dry Eyes 75%
Euphoric 80%
Pain Relief 30%
Paranoia 30%
Energetic 80% Headaches 25% Dizziness 30%
Talkative 75%  Nausea 20%
Anxiety 25%

Sativa-dominant hybrids are the first choice of many medicinal users looking to treat depression, pain, and stress. AK48 and other strains are definitely not a catch-all, meaning that what works for one person won't necessarily for everyone else. However, if you do think that sativas are for you, then AK48 is a great choice. The cerebral euphoria that you will enjoy from this strain is what makes it such a fantastic choice. This is then slightly balanced by the 10% indica body high that accompanies this strain. If you're into sativas we have a feeling you're going to really enjoy AK48! 

AK48 flowering time 

AK48 has a very short growing time, needing just 7 to 8 weeks before it's ready for harvest. 

AK48 "autoflower" Growing tips

This strain is what is known as an autoflower strain, or at least the seeds available from Nirvana are. This means that you don’t have to regulate light as much, and it also means that they grow a lot quicker. They also sell feminised AK48 seeds, which means you don’t have to worry about any of the seeds being male. This strain is very easy to grow indoor and outdoors, and it grows in the typical pine look.

AK48 "autoflower" seeds

The autoflower and feminised seeds are available from Nirvana Seeds’ official website. This means that you’re buying from a trusted Dutch seedbank, which, luckily for you, means you will be getting the exact seeds you just purchased online!

AK48 yield

The yield of this strain is around 500g per metre squared. This is a pretty good yield, especially considering that autoflowering seeds tend to have a much lower yield than non-autoflowering seeds.


ak48 grow flower cannabisIsn’t it fun to watch them grow up? Photo: @cannab1o

What is the AK48 strain?

Originally created by Nirvana Seeds to challenge the dominance of AK47, AK48 is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its powerful effects and its great taste. It should be enjoyed in a flower vaporiser, as this allows the taste to be fully appreciated.
  • AK48 is a sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Nirvana Seeds’ answer to AK47
  • Up to 20% THC
  • Very flavourful strain
  • Can cause a little bit of unease in those stoners who aren’t used to sativas
  • If you’re a sativa-lover then get stuck in
  • Can help curb depression and lower stress significantly


Too high to read all of this? Don't worry! Watch this video review instead! 

 Written by Hamish

Have you tried AK48 before? What did you think? Leave us a comment below! 


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