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AK 47 Weed Strain | AK 47 Genetics

ak47 outdoor growing cannabis plants

AK 47 strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that produces a cerebral high for hours.The AK 47 strain is far from violent. It will stimulate the creative centers in your brain and give you one great idea after another. Its peaceful, euphoric high will leave you in a dreamy state, while the CBD helps relax sore and inflamed muscles (AK-47 is a high CBD strain with at least 1.5%).

AK 47 Strain  is a great strain for listening to music, drawing, or engaging in other creative arts because it puts your mind in a relaxed and positive space. It would also be a great relaxing strain to pair with yoga or meditation in order to fully open the mind.

AK 47 Strain has won several cannabis cups and is a go-to strain for many consumers. Its roots are thought to date back to the post-Vietnam era, although the strain got a re-work in 1999 by Serious Seeds so that more uniform seeds could be produced and offered to the market. 

AK 47 Strain is a great strain choice for stress, depression, headaches, pain, and insomnia. The indica qualities come through slightly which doesn't interfere with the creative flow but rather induces a full-body relaxation. 


ak47 homegrown bud

 Enjoying your own homegrown with an explosive strain like AK-47, photo @philthyphilproductions

AK 47 Genetics

AK 47 Strainis a Sativa dominant hybrid that is thought to have been originally produced in the post-Vietnam era, although it did not come to market until 1992. It is a four-way genetic cross between Columbian, Thai, Mexican and Afghani strains and has a 65:35 ratio of Sativa to Indica.


AK-47 feminized Seeds & Price

Serious Seeds revamped the strain in 1999 in order to produce more uniform seeds and the product available through licensed producers today is the Serious Seeds strain. AK 47 Strain has a THC content of 14%-20% and a CBD content up to 1.5%. It is a great strain for relieving stress and depression as well as pain. If you are looking to relax after a long day or are sore from being a weekend warrior, this is the strain for you. It produces feelings of creativity, happiness, peacefulness, and euphoria, especially when listening to music. AK 47 Strain is recommended as a nighttime smoke due to its relaxation and calming effects. Expect to pay between $11 and $18 USD per gram for AK-47.


Can you get AK-47 in edibles, oil, wax, or shatter?

AK-47 is available in dried bud, oil, wax, shatter, and edible form. This is because you can make any strain into any form provided you know the method. Making edibles is probably the easiest; you simply have to heat your weed up to activate it, mix it with fat, and then cook it normally. It really is that simple and also simple with a strain like AK-47. Though, the AK-47 strain is definitely one to try through a flower vape.


AK-47 Taste Profile

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Skunk
  • Floral


medical nug of ak47 kush A succulent ak-47 bud, photo @duration_stoned


AK-47 Effects

This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, and as such you can expect to feel happy, relaxed, euphoric, and uplifted after smoking this strain. One of her best qualities is busting stress and making you feel better after a long day at work. Best known as a daytime strain for her euphoric and stimulating qualities, she is also very beneficial a few hours before bed to wind down but just not right before sleeping.


 AK-47 Effects

AK-47 Medical
AK-47e Side Effects

Happy 100%

Stress Relief 100%

Cottonmouth 90%

Euphoric 80%

Depression 90%

Dry Eyes 50%

Relaxed 75%

Pain Relief 55%

Anxiety 30%

Creative 60%

Insomnia 20%

Dizzy 15%

Uplifted 50%

Headaches 10%

Paranoia 10%


AK-47 Growing Tips

AK-47 is a large growing plant with white hairs and sticky trichomes. While it has a distinctly skunky, earthy smell, the tasting notes are sweet and floral. AK-47 is a strain better grown indoors, although it may be grown outside in milder climates with temperatures staying below 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


AK-47 Yield

It is recommended that AK-47 be grown indoors, as it will have higher yields of 3-6 oz. per square foot. AK-47 is moderately challenging to grow, as temperatures need to be between 60 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperatures are too high, the buds will begin to open and the final product will become fluffy. Therefore, indoor hydroponic or pro-mix mediums produce the best results.

early buds of ak-47 indoor cannabis grow

 Some newborn buds have grown indoors, photo @medicxtedginger
mature buds ak47 outdoor grow

Growth is as big as an AK-47, photo @growguy006

AK-47 Overview

Overall, AK 47 Strainis a fantastic daytime strain - just watch the stress evaporate after one toke (it also can't hurt to be bathing in the sunshine!). This Cannabis Cup winner is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Serious Seeds. It is earthy and skunky with an overwhelming cerebral high. A jolt like the kick when handling an AK 47 Strain this baby will shoot you into the skies of high bliss and creativity. 


What experience have you had with AK-47? Tell us in the comments.

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