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Banana Kush Strain Review

banana kush cannabis leaf

Banana Kush Strain is a #dankenstein strain. It’s a little bit older than the newer dank strains, but this Banana OG Strain OG X Skunk Haze cross was bred for specific purposes. It has a banana peel-like smell, and has a mellow buzz, with a sense of euphoria attached to it. This strain is great for dealing with stress or depression, and will also help you get creative.

banana kush cannabis plantBanana Kush flowering in full effect, photo: @highwindsfarm

Banana Kush strain review

Banana Kush Strain was created on the West Coast for a very specific reason. They love boutique, tasty strains that also have high potency. Banana Kush doesn’t have that high potency anymore, but a few years ago it was considered pretty powerful. It’s an indica-dominant strain, which leaves users with a bit of euphoria. This cross between body-relaxing, stimulation, and cerebral buzz makes it a perfect strain for curbing depression.
It was originally bred by Cali Kush. These guys are West Coast growers, and are known for a few other strains as well. It’s a cross between an indica and probably a banana-tasting indica, hence the name Banana OG (the OG coming from the fact that Ghost OG is a OG  Banana OG Strain Kush phenotype). Check out her genes below!

Banana Kush genetics

  • Ghost OG (OG Kush relative)
  • Skunk Haze (Banana taste)

Banana Kush brings together Ghost OG and Skunk Haze to take the best from both parent\'s strains. The banana taste is what really make this strain so popular amongst the lovers of boutique strains. Skunk Haze gives it its potency, and the OG part of the strain is brought forward in its indica-dominant effects. Overall, Banana Kush is a fantastic sum of all of its parts.


Banana Kush THC percentage

This strain is relatively weak compared to most strains these days, however it does still have quite a high THC percentage. The THC percentage of Banana Kush is minimum 15% and maximum 19%. This will still make you feel very stoned, especially if you’re pretty new to smoking weed. Hence, you should exercise some caution before jumping in head first!

Banana Kush price

A few years ago this strain would have been much more expensive. However, thanks to much newer and stronger strains, Banana Kush Strain should only cost you around $13-14 a gram when you're shopping in the US. With the introduction of so many new strains to the market Banana Kush sits on either the middle or lower shelf, making it much more cost-effective for consumers. Outside of the US, where clippings are harder to come by, this strain will likely be a bit more expensive. Regardless of where you purchase Banana Kush though you should find it for a reasonable price.

Banana Kush taste

  • Tropic
  • Sweet
  • Fruit
  • Herbal
  • Banana

You will most likely know, if you’ve been smoking weed for a while, that often strains don’t taste as they’re called. Banana Kush Strain is no different. It does have a slight banana taste, but it’s negligible. It’s definitely much more tropical and sweet, but you will get a whiff of bananas when you grind it up. If you stick it in your flower vape, you may even taste banana.

Banana Kush oil, shatter and edibles

It’s possible to make oil, shatter, edibles, and wax out of any strain. You will firstly need the strain itself, then you have to decarboxylate the weed. After this, you can make whatever product you want. It’s much easier to make edibles, but you can also make other fun things such as oils if you want to get creative in the kitchen! You just have to know what you’re getting into and be good at following recipes. 
If you’d like to make edibles incredibly quickly and easily, you can simply use your vaporized weed to make them. Get your already vaped bud and mix it with an oil or fat. This is because THC and CBD aren’t water-soluble. Once you’ve mixed it together then you can either use this mix to cook, or simply eat it straight away.


Banana Punch strain

This strain should not be confused with Banana OG Strain  as Banana OG is a completely different stain. People also confuse this strain with Banana Pie and Purple Banana Kush.

banana kush marijuana flower

They grow up so fast! Photo: @eastcoastarmy
banana kush extract marijuana

Next on the menu, Banana Kush concentrates! Photo: @darrewrigh


Banana Kush General Effects
Banana Kush Medical Effects
Banana Kush Side Effects
Relaxation 100% Stress Relief 100% Cottonmouth 100%
Euphoria 80% Depression 80% Headache 35%
Happy 75% Pain Relief 60% Paranoia 30%
Uplifted 75% Insomnia 35% Dizzy 20%
Talkative 55%  Headaches 30%
Dry Eyes 10%

As this strain is fairly balanced, some people may like to try it for curbing depression. Another advantage this strain has is that it’s not overly potent. Some strains make anxiety or depression worse because they’re too strong and make people feel uncomfortable. The combination of both a body- and a mind-buzzing high is perfect for feeling talkative, uplifted, happy, and depression-free. This doesn’t work for everyone, but if you’re looking for a strain to try for depression, you should definitely give Banana Kush a try.


Banana Kush flowering time

This strain flowers in about 8 or 9 weeks, which is neither fast nor slow!

Banana Kush Growing tips 

Banana Kush Strain is not recommended for outdoor growth, as it can grow to up to 16 feet in height. This is obviously much more manageable in an indoor setting, using pruning and clipping.

Banana Kush seeds for sale 

The original seeds of this strain will be difficult to find. However, Royal Queen Seeds offers its own seeds for this strain, which they call ‘Fat Banana’. To be honest, this strain is probably as good if not better than the original breed, so you should definitely check them out if you're looking for a source. 

Banana Kush yield

Another thing that drives up the price of this strain is that it has a relatively low yield. This makes it unattractive to growers, and is therefore usually only grown for specific uses or for boutique lovers.

banana kush grow frost marijuana

Banana Kush grown with the SOG technique, Photo: @suburbanspeedball


Banana Kush is 

Banana Kush is a boutique strain originally coming out of the West Coast. It was created by Cali Kush and crosses an OG Kush phenotype with a Haze. This balanced cross can help to curb depression thanks to its cerebral buzz and indica-dominant body high.

  • Indica-dominant
  • Slight banana smell (massively exaggerated)
  • Seeds are very hard if not impossible to find
  • Can cause headaches and dry mouth
  • Great uplifting strain
  • Perfect for curbing depression thanks to its two-pronged indica-dominant effects


Have you had the chance to try Banana Kush? Let us know about your thoughts on it below! 

Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

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