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Cheeba Chews | Cheeba Chews Deca Dose

Multiple Cheeba Chews packets, image courtesy of Headquarters Cannabis Co on Instagram


Liquor may be quicker, but Cheeba Chews cannabis candies are definitely dandy! Patients at provisioning centers in California, Colorado and Nevada can purchase some caramels, taffy, or gummies and then, in the privacy of their own homes, pop these potent pot candies in their mouths to enjoy their high discreetly without tell-tale coughing or any lingering skunky odor. Unlike most edible marijuana products, in which you never really know what kind of weed was used to infuse the goodies, Cheeba Chews taffies - and other variety of edibles in their product line - are specific on their labeling as to whether they contain indica, hybrid or sativa cannabis strains so that you can medicate according to your need. That way you can start your day with an uplifting, energizing sativa Cheeba Chews treat, maybe midway through the day enjoy a more balanced hybrid variety, and then have an indica Cheeba Chews cannabis-infused candy in the evening to relax before bedtime.

Cheeba Chews outside of  their package, image from Labrea Collective on Instagram

(Cheeba Chews outside of  their package, image source: Labrea Collective on Instagram)



According to cannabis industry experts, medicated weed-infused edibles, or medibles, make up about half of the marijuana and marijuana-based product market in the United States. That’s a lot of ganja goodies when you consider revenue that was estimated at $5.4 billion in 2015! Cheeba Chews is one of the top companies in marijuana medibles along with the Growing Kitchen, Dixie Elixirs, and Bhang Chocolate Company.  Cheeba Chews has been creating medibles since 2009, has been called “America’s favorite edible” by no less than High Times magazine, and has won a number of Cannabis Cups. Right now these chewy cannabis treats are only available in Nevada, Colorado, and California, but those that have tried them seem to really like them – so perhaps they’ll expand to more states soon!

Each and every 10 g piece of Cheeba Chews taffy is easily divided equally into 4 segments with 15 mg of THC, and they are available in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, caramel, and strawberry. Cheeba Chews also has a Pure CBD medible that comes in chocolate taffy flavor and contains 50 mg apiece of CBD per 10-gram chew with only five grams of sugar, 35 calories, and 2 mg of THC. There is a variety of Cheeba Chews called Green Hornet, probably not after the superhero movie starring quintessential stoner and cannabis advocate Seth Rogen, which includes both THC and CBD-infused gummies; the THC version of Green Hornet comes in 2-packs, with a total THC content of 70 mg (or 35 mg per gummy), whereas the CBD Green Hornet has 50 mg CBD in a 2-pack (with 25 mg in each piece).  And there is the Titan of medibles, the Cheeba Chew Deca Dose, containing as it does an impressive total THC level of 175 mg (for perspective, that’s right around three joints’ worth of THC)!

Here is a vid from the Cheeba Chews peeps themselves on how to select the right dosage of Cheeba Chews candies for you:



Making Deca Dose Cheeba Chews, image from Co Cheeba Chews on Instagram

(Making Deca Dose Cheeba Chews, image from Co Cheeba Chews on Instagram)

The cost of Cheeba Chews are right in line with your average edible marijuana confection: the standard taffies are $12 per packet, while the pure CBD Cheeba Chews are $16. The Cheeba Chew Deca Dose retails around $25.

Deca Dose Cheeba Chews, image from Stay Smokin 2 on Instagram
(Deca Dose Cheeba Chews, image source: Stay Smokin' 2 on Instagram)

Here is a vid of an independent edible marijuana reviewer talking about Cheeba Chews specifically and medibles in general:



The result of, uh, chewing Cheeba Chews candies depends on the dosage and variety that you nom on – sativa-infused taffy, caramels or gummies would likely make you feel energized, focused, uplifted, giving you a stimulating head high; indica-heavy Cheeba Chews would have more of a sleepy and relaxed feeling with some good pain relief, and it might reduce any feelings of depression or anxiety, and hybrids will give you a mix of head high with chillaxation. It’s best to take it slow when it comes to medibles because while smoking marijuana you feel the effect fairly immediately, effects from edibles can take from half an hour to two hours or even longer to take full effect (other important factors on when the buzz kicks in and how long it lingers are the dose, your personal metabolism, your last meal, and any other medications or alcohol you may have consumed around the same time); so, if you overdo your Cheeba Chews enjoyment, you could end up doing some deep napping on the couch (the final stage of the dreaded couch-lock) or feeling a bit trippy and paranoid, depending on whether or not the treat was predominantly indica or sativa-dominant. If you chow down a whole Cheeba Chew deca dose medible, you might want to cancel your plans for the evening and hold tight to someone you love!

A variety of Cheeba Chews packets, image from 1 Happy Infidel on Instagram
(A variety of Cheeba Chews packets, image from 1 Happy Infidel on Instagram)



Okay, assuming that you’ve at least once or twice popped a pot gummy in your mouth, munched even a weed cookie or cannabutter brownie then you know what to expect from a cannibalized, or cannabis-infused, edible and you might want to give some Cheeba Chews taffy a try – if you live in California, Colorado or Nevada. If you’ve never ever had a medible before, however, we caution you to take it slow and maybe try a single segment of Cheeba Chews and wait a good hour or two before sampling any more! How medibles affect you depends upon numerous factors from body size to metabolism to whatever is in your stomach when you eat one, and of course whatever weed tolerance you may have built up from smoking or dabbing.  Cheeba Chews are reasonably priced compared to other cannabis confections, again if you live in or are visiting one of the three western US states mentioned. Cheeba Chews caramels, taffies, and gummies come in a number of delicious flavors and even different strengths of THC or CBD; also you can buy varieties that specify whether or not they are indica-leaning, made with a sativa cannabis strain, or infused with a well-balanced hybrid weed.  There’s even an advanced placement edible ganja called the Deca Dose that may appeal to those with a high pot tolerance or just a robust sense of adventure. These Cheeba Chews candies are indeed dandy, and though some say liquor is quicker, there’s no worry about hangover – maybe a little jittery trippiness or a crash upon the couch, but overall they're a tasty, sweet way to enjoy some weed without smoking it!


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