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Dream Queen Strain Review | Humboldt Dream Strain

Dream Queen marijuana flower

Dream Queen Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, making her a dankenstein strain. This queen is a cross between two already legendary strains, and the result is, well, legendary!  Dream Queen is a cross between Space Queen and Blue Dream, which is how she got her name. She’s balanced, so she offers both a dream-like state and a very relaxed body high. Dream Queen Strain has a fantastic taste, which should be appreciated through a flower vape if possible. This strain is also known as the Blue Queen strain or Dream Girl strain.

dream queen nug marijuana

Dreaming of Dream Queen nugs? Photo: @calimax_farms

Dream Queen, a sativa-dominant hybrid 

Dream Queen Strain has both indica and sativa effects, which make it perfect for treating certain conditions. Consistent use of this strain over a whole day may cause dizziness, anxiety, or headaches. However, if used in the correct way, this strain can have you feeling euphoric and relaxed for about 2-4 hours after use. Not only this but if smoked a few hours before bed-time, Dream Queen will enable you to sail to sleep. Don’t smoke her directly before bed, however, as the sativa-dominant effects will have your mind racing and will, in fact, inhibit sleep.

Dream Queen genetics 

Dream Queen strain was originally created by Humboldt Seed Company and is one of their heaviest yielders. It is a cross between two legendary strains:

  • Space Queen
  • Blue Dream

If you know either of these strains, you will understand why Dream Queen is such a popular strain. Blue Dream is perhaps one of the best-balanced strains in the world, leaving users drifting in a dream-like state. This perfect state of mind/body relaxation is favored by many stoners around the world. Space Queen is also a legendary hybrid, known for its high yield and easy to grow nature. This combination makes Dream Queen strain a great strain for growers and tokers alike.


Dream Queen THC percentage 

Dream Queen Strain won't necessarily wow you with her THC percentage. However, this is favorable for folks who don’t want their socks knocked off with every toke. It’s still a potent strain, with the average sativa-dominant hybrid containing around 13.5% THC. Dream Queen has an average of 15% THC, and the highest THC percentage phenotype can test at a fairly respectable 19%. 


Dream Queen price

Dream Queen is what is known as a dankenstein strain, so you’d expect it to be very expensive. However, her breeders, Humboldt Seed Co., aren’t your typical Californian breeders. While other West Coast breeders tend to grow their own strains, maybe occasionally giving folks they respect a clipping, Humboldt Dream Strain. sells their own seeds to the open market. This helps to drive the price down, putting it at about $12-15 a gram. Not bad for a dreamy dankenstein! 

Dream Queen taste 

  • Citrus
  • Mint
  • Sweet
  • Earthy

Dream Queen has a fantastic taste. She's a haze cross, which means she's relative to some of the tastiest strains in existence! This strain should definitely be enjoyed inside a flower vape. The reason for this is simple: the taste inside one of these vapes is much cleaner. Flower vapes don't actually cause combustion of the plant material, so you’re only really inhaling the original flavor of the plant. The other massive advantage of using a flower vape is that you can then use the already vaped bud as a way to get a second high from your plant matter. You should also grind this strain up first, and give the contents a huge whiff to engage all your senses! 

Dream Queen oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You can use any strain in existence to create oils, waxes, shatters, edibles, etc. However, in general, you want strains that have high numbers of trichomes. Dream Queen has exactly this, and is, therefore, a perfect strain for creating wax. Not only this, but it’s an easy-to-grow strain, meaning that growers can cultivate enough Dream Queen to easily concoct tasty treats for themselves.
As for edibles, you simply have to decarboxylate your weed first. Once you have your decarbed weed, you simply need to mix it with either a fat or oil, then you’re good to go. It’s really that easy. As mentioned before, you can use an already vaped bud (AVB) to easily make a potent high. In fact, if you vape on a lower temperature, the AVB you're left with is your decarbed weed. Whoever said you couldn't be productive while toking?


dream queen flower cannabisFlowering Dream Queen, photo: @rightron
Dream queen crystals cannabisThe many shades of Dream Queen, photo: @sodevineee
Dream Queen General Effects
Dream Queen Medical Effects
Dream Queen Effects
Happy 100% Depression 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Relaxed 90% Pain Relief 95%
Paranoia 85%
Uplifted 75% Stress Relief 80% Headache 85%
Euphoric 60% Fatigue 65% Dry Eyes 75%
Energetic 50%  Headaches 60%
Dizzy 70%

As this strain is an (almost) perfectly balanced hybrid, it’s a great remedy for curbing depression. That is because it gives you both the head rush associated with sativas, but also the massively relaxing body high which is associated with indicas. This is also true of one of its parents, Blue Dream, so if you’re looking to itch that hard-to-reach spot at the back of your mind, give Dream Queen or Blue Dream a try.

Dream Queen flowering time

Dream Queen is actually one of Humboldt Seed Company’s fastest growers, with a flowering time of approximately 45 days.

Dream Queen Growing tips

This strain is easy to grow, which makes it perfect for both new growers and experienced growers alike. Just remember to do all of the standard things, and you should have a beautiful strain within about 45 days.

Dream Queen seeds

The seeds are available in packs of 10 or 20 from Humboldt Deam strain. That is rare for a dankenstein strain like this, so make sure you take full advantage of it.

Dream Queen yield

Dream Queen is the gift that keeps on giving. She’s easy to grow, fairly resistant to mould and other diseases, she’s a quick grower, and her yield is medium to high. It’s a perfect strain for a first-time grower, so make sure you check this strain out.

dream queen cannabis grow

Dream Queen is the perfect strain to grow for those greening up their thumbs! Photo: @dsybot

What is Dream Queen marijuana strain?

This wonderful strain is a perfect homegrown strain, as it’s easy to grow and quick to grow. It’s also a fantastic strain to grow for concentrates or waxes. It’s a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid, but it’s pretty well-balanced. This makes it a perfect strain to curb depression, and in general just to relax. Smoke this strain during the daytime for best effects.

  • Daytime strain, perfect for getting creative or curbing depression
  • Easy to grow, decent yield, high trichome count
  • Great all round strain
  • Fantastic taste should be appreciated with a flower vape
  • West Coast dankenstein strain



Have you given Dream Queen a try? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below! 

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