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Fruity Pebbles Strain Review | Fruity Pebbles Weed | FPOG Strain

fruity pebbles strain indica

Fruity Pebbles Strain is an absolutely classic example of a dankenstein strain. That is to say, it's a strain that takes two or more dank strains and crosses them together to make one hell of a dank monster. If you’re looking for a super dank strain, then you should definitely check out Fruity Pebbles OG Strain. It has bright green weed leaves, although some phenotypes are covered in purple and red, which contrast against the orange hairs that cover this Fruity Pebbles Strain.

This strain is sometimes called Fruity Pebbles Cookies, Fruity Pebbles OG Strain, Fruity Pebbles weed, Fruity Pebbles Kush, Fruity Pebble OG, Fruity Kush, and Fruity Pebbles dro.

fruity pebbles strain weed

Stackin’ up those Fruity Pebbles, photo: @hightimez_family.ent

Fruity Pebbles: Indica or Sativa?

Fruity Pebbles OG Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It remains one of the most popular boutique strains in the whole of California. It’s only slightly Indica-dominant, with a weighting of about 55/45. This means that while the indica effects do slightly dominant, there is still a great cerebral buzz. 

Fruity Pebbles genetics

Who invented Fruity Pebbles Weed? Its breeders are known as Alien Genetics. This strain, created in 2006, was named after its smell. There are three strains that are thought to be the parent strains of the original Fruity Pebbles:


All three of Fruity Pebbles Strain is dank as hell. There is one variety of this strain that was created by Alien Genetics, and seed packs were selling for as much as $1500 each. It’s also very hard to grow this strain, so you will be paying a lot for the privilege of smoking this truly boutique strain. 


Fruity Pebbles THC percentage 

A typical Indica-dominant hybrid test at around 12.5% THC. Fruity Pebbles Strain, on the other hand, tests on average at 12% THC, but if you get a really good phenotype then you’re looking at around 22.1% THC. This means it’s hard to judge the potency of this strain. There are so many different renditions of the same Fruity Pebbles Strain, each coming from different growers, and each having varied THC percentages, so find a trustworthy source and just know that what you're getting into can vary depending on which phenotype you've got.

Fruity Pebbles weed price 

An eighth of Fruity Pebbles Strain in an LA Dispensary will set you back about $45. This is considered to be on the expensive side of cannabis, as this is a boutique strain. It’s also very hard to find the exact strain as it was intended, which drives the price up further. Finally, the seeds are hard to find and are incredibly expensive, which, again, drives the price up higher and higher. In an Amsterdam coffeeshop you’re probably out of luck. They know the value of these Fruity Pebbles Strain because the supply is really low and the demand is super high. As such, you will find coffee shops that sell this strain, and others like it for about $30 a gram.

Which flavors are in the Fruity Pebbles strain? 

FPOG Strain was created mainly for its taste and potency. It is one of those Fruity Pebbles Weed that if you can find the legitimate thing, it will taste incredible no matter how you smoke it.  You'll likely pick up on flavors of berry, sweetness and tropical tones.


For the best experience, we recommend getting your trusty flower vaporiser out, though. That is because there’s no combustion, and, as such, you can enjoy this strain’s flavor to its maximum potential.

Fruity Pebbles edibles, oil, wax, shatter, etc. 

Concentrates are considered to be the strongest marijuana in the world. That is because the THC found inside a wax is far more concentrated than if you smoke bud alone. 
You can make any strain you like into concentrates. However, making Butane Hash Oil is considered to be dangerous, so please exercise extreme caution when doing so. Strains are picked for potency and flavor, both of which Fruity Pebbles Strain has plenty of. This strain is difficult to grow though, so it may not be the best choice unless you’re buying the flower from elsewhere.
Fruity Pebbles Strain also makes great edibles. That is because of its potency and its balanced almost 50/50 nature. You can make edibles in one of two ways. Firstly, you can use an already vaped bud (AVB) that is leftover from your vaporizer. Mix it with an oil or fat and you’re good to go. The other method is to take a fresh flower and decarboxylate it in the oven. This unlocks the full potency of cannabis. After this, simply mix it with a fat or oil, and you have a cannabis-infused base to create edibles.

Weed Strain Chart 

Discover which marijuana strain is best for you with the handy weed strain chart seen below. The purple strains are Indica strains, the green strains are hybrid strains, and the red strains are Sativa strains.

weed strains chart


Marijuana cereal

Were your dreams also answered when you heard that Marijuana Fruity Cereal Strain exists? If you can mix it with THC (hint: most things can be mixed with THC), then you've got a great treat! In the case of Marijuana Fruity Cereal Strain, it’s simply Fruity Cereal Strain mixed with THC. This tasty meal is designed for those who want to take their wake and bake to the next level. One example of a company that makes marijuana cereal is WOW edibles.



What kind of weed strains make you laugh?

Sativas are most commonly associated with euphoria, and therefore with giddiness and laughter. It’s hard to say exactly which cannabis strains make people laugh, as it’s really dependent on the user. Your best bet is either a Sativa or a Sativa-dominant hybrid. While FPOG Strain isn't a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it's nearly 50/50 split does enable some users to experience giddiness after lighting up.

fruity pebbles strain kushFruity Pebbles in the morning? Okay, we’ll take it any time of day! Photo: @malibu_barbie05

fruity pebbles joint cannabisUp for the happy, euphoric effects of Fruity Pebbles? Photo: @lagrimadluna

Fruity Pebbles General Effects
Fruity Pebbles Medical Effects
Fruity Pebbles Effects Negative
Happy 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Relaxed 95% Depression 80%
Dizziness 40%
Euphoric 90%
Fatigue 75%
Paranoia 35%
Uplifted 80% Pain Relief 45% Anxiety 30%
Giggly 50%  Headaches 40%
Lethargy 10%

FPOG Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. However, it’s probably more accurate to call it a 50/50 hybrid. This is because it’s exceptionally well balanced. Strains such as this, and other strains like
Blue Dream, for example, are very popular for dealing with depression. That is because the Indica and Sativa effects bounce off each other. It’s like receiving a warm hug from the indica, whilst also receiving a burst of euphoric energy from the Sativa. This isn’t for everyone, and some people may feel either overwhelmed or a little lethargic.


Fruity Pebbles strain flowering time

FPOG Strain flowers with 8-9 weeks.

Fruity Pebbles Growing tips

This strain is very hard to grow. You should definitely consider staking and tying this strain, as it grows incredibly tall. Growers should also trim the leaves at the tops of the plants, allowing light to get to the bottom branches of the plant. Owing to the incredibly stinky nature of this strain, you may need a carbon filter or an exhaust fan for indoor grows.


Alien Genetics Fruity Pebbles seeds

The seeds are very difficult to find. If you do find them and they’re legit, you’re going to be spending at least $70 a seed. The main problem is that most seed shops will sell these seeds at this price, but they’re not even necessarily Alien Genetics’ Fruity Pebbles Strain. There is a risk involved, and you may simply be getting scammed, so do as much homework about your source as possible before investing.

Fruity Pebbles yield

Fruity Pebbles grows tall and yields heavily. The yield is around 450g per meter squared.

fruity pebbles indica marijuana

A tough but rewarding strain to grow, this flower is beautiful! Photo: @wondergenetics 

What is the Fruity Pebbles marijuana strain?

This is one of those classic marijuana strains that makes you laugh, makes you feel relaxed, and has an absolutely exceptional taste. You can really enjoy this Fruity Pebbles Strain if you can find it, but it’s difficult to find and the seeds are expensive. This indica-dominant hybrid is very close to being balanced, and as such is a favorite amongst those treating depression.
  • Can treat depression
  • Not recommended for newer users
  • Can have you feeling slightly overwhelmed
  • Fantastic taste
  • An Indica-dominant hybrid, but only slightly
  • Cross between three already dank strains
  • Certified dankenstein strain
  • Alien Genetics has the claim to the genetics of this strain

Have you tried Fruity Pebbles before? Let us know what you thought in the comments below! 

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