Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain (Here’s everything you need to know and even more!)

Sep 22 , 2018

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Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain (Here’s everything you need to know and even more!)

The name of the Sunset Sherbet marijuana strain brings to mind that fruity non-ice cream dessert treat as well as the warm glow of a sunny summery sundown. This indica-dominant hybrid weed is the product of crossing Girl Scout Cookies, itself an indica-dominant hybrid strain, with a straight-indica strain known as ‘Pink Panties’ (giggle if you must). With Sunset Sherbet you catch an energizing sativa buzz tempered by a full-body indica cozy chill.  This hybrid weed strain has 19% THC and around 1% CBD, which makes it an ideal medical marijuana countermeasure to treat a broad spectrum of conditions such as mood disorders like anxiety and depression, in addition to chronic pain issues such as fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal pain, inflammatory pain such as arthritis or autoimmune pain associated with lupus!

For weed growers, Sunset Sherbet cannabis has a flowering time of 49-63 days, the ganja plants grow up to about 75 inches (6 and ¼ feet or nearly 2 meters), yields around 3 ounces per square foot and has a multifaceted aroma that blends skunkiness with citrus, berry and honey sweetness! Sunset Sherbet has been crossbred with its own parent Girl Scout Cookies (which isn’t squicky - as long as you’re a plant) to yield Gelato, another indica-dominant marijuana strain, as well as variations through pairing with a number of other strains resulting in offspring such as Pineapple Sherbet, Rainbow Sherbet and Sour Banana Sherbet. Each variation or offshoot of Sunset Sherbet cannabis either adds a little more sativa energy or enhances the indica elation, also adding some pineyness or diesel earthiness. Clearly, Sunset Sherbet is a vastly popular, useful and versatile hybrid weed strain!

The top of a Sunset Sherbet plant, image source is Arbor Nursery.Org)

(The top of a Sunset Sherbet marijuana plant, image source: Arbor




Sunset Sherbet has a rich and varied lineage, or ancestry – one parent, GSC, has genetics from Durban Poison, OG Kush, and Cherry Pie; the other parent, Pink Panties, is derived from pairing Florida Kush (an offshoot of Hindu Kush) with a Burmese landrace marijuana strain (indigenous varieties of cannabis that make up the genetic backbone of today's hybrid varieties). Sunset Sherbet weed originated in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and has since spread its sunshine worldwide! As a potent 85/15 indica hybrid, Sunset Sherbet has higher CBD and lower THC count and is thus a good medicinal marijuana strain for a variety of treatments such as increased mental relaxation for stress, muscle relaxation, decreasing nausea, decreasing acute  as well as chronic pain, increasing appetite, and boosting dopamine (a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers) and is ideal for night time use. This hybrid marijuana has a deeply textured smell with a skunky fragrance, infused with berry and candy sweetness, and it tastes exactly like it smells: dank with a fruity aftertaste.

For comparison, a similarly indica-heavy hybrid would be Grape Ape

Sunset Sherbet bud or nug with berries from

(Ah, the fruitiness! Sunset Sherbet with berries, image source:



 Sunset Sherbet Cannabis General  Effects Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Medical Effects  Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Side Effects
Relaxed 100% Stress 100% Dry Mouth 100%
Euphoric 80% Depression 70% Dry Eyes 70%
Happy 70% Pain 65% Paranoid 30%
Creative 50%  Anxiety 60% Anxious 30%
Uplifted 30% Loss of Appetite 30% Dizzy 25%



Sunset Sherbet concentrate, terpy diamonds from TerpWerks at WebstaOne

(Sunset Sherbet concentrate - 'terpy diamonds', image source: @TerpWerks from



A storefront dispensary would charge you an average of $35-50 for 1/8 oz of Sunset Sherbet ganja depending upon whether you had a medical or recreational state license, quality of the grow or crop, availability, time of year and location (some dispensaries are required to levy a local or state tax on purchases). Online prices tend to be a bit steeper and you may need to factor in shipping costs.  A Sunset Sherbet vape pen would run you about $40. Oil cartridges are about $35 for ½ gram and $70 for a full gram. It is also available as a wax or as shatter, or resin for $30-40 a gram. Pre-rolled joints can be had for as little as $5 apiece to $15 or more depending upon their size, they can vary in size from half a gram to two grams or more. It’s possible that some medibles, edible marijuana, may contain Sunset Sherbet cannabis, but labels usually don’t specify the type of weed strain used in making or baking the food, usually they just indicate the level of THC or CBD.

Here is a promotional clip that one dispensary did for their Sunset Sherbet pre-packaged shatter (hardened marijuana resin concentrate):





Sunset Sherbet indica-hybrid cannabis plants grow well indoors or out, although they seem to vastly prefer semi-humid climates with daytime temperatures in the 70-degree Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) range. Sunset Sherbet marijuana plants grow tall, about 4 feet (a little over a meter) and thin with dense leaves and hints of purple in the flowers or buds.  This strain flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors with a yield of up to 21 ounces per square yard or about the same per square meter. The flower, or nugs, of Sunset Sherbet are large, conical deep purple buds and extremely dense and resinous,  covered in bright orange hairs, or trichomes.

A gloved hand holding Sunset Sherbet nugs or buds, from a Reddit sub-reddit called r trees)

(A gloved hand holding Sunset Sherbet nugs or buds, image source: Reddit sub-reddit r/trees)


Here is a vid about harvesting and drying Sunset Sherbet buds:

Prices for Sunset Sherbet marijuana seeds range from $54 USD (41 British pounds) for a 5 seed packet at  to $150  for a 12 seed pack at THC; it is generally not hard to shop online for marijuana seeds, just remember ‘caveat emptor’, ‘buyer beware’, and do a little research! You can also purchase Sunset Sherbet cannabis plants for around $25 or so per plant with the proviso, or heads-up, that prices likely will vary with location, or from web site to web site, and it’s always best to consult an online menu and even call, email or text message ahead if you’re interested in a particular plant, like Sunset Sherbet hybrids, to make sure that they have them in stock.

Sunset Sherbet prerolled joint from Salem Hellodiem


(Sunset Sherbet prerolled joint, image source: Salem




If you like some sweet tasting weed and just want to relax and unwind, forgetting all about your troubles, then Sunset Sherbet would be an ideal choice! Not only does it give you a nice indica marijuana mellow, but there’s enough sativa content in the Sunset Sherbet hybrid cannabis strain to keep you energized and uplifted! Sunset Sherbet makes an excellent medical marijuana treatment for a bunch of different medical conditions like stress, depression, chronic pain, even insomnia and lack of appetite! Sunset Sherbet plants grow tall, around four feet, and produce 3 ounces worth of bud per square foot. The resiny purple buds, or flowers, are purple with orange hairs and are conical, and when smoked the leaf smells skunky with notes of sweet fruitiness. It's available for purchase online or off, as harvested marijuana – in leaf or concentrate forms – or you can buy seeds or saplings and raise a crop of Sunset Sherbet yourself. If you seek a reliable indica-heavy weed strain, you might want to give Sunset Sherbet hybrid weed a try, load yourself a bowl and enjoy the earthy citrusy taste, feel the intoxicating indica full-body high with a slight sativa heady brain boost!

Video (just in case the article was TLDR, too long didn’t read)(seriously, this couple is pretty funny - they seem like they would be fun to smoke weed with!)


Researched and written by David and Leah Kaye Weathers.


 David and Leah Weathers David and Leah Kaye Weathers are a freelance cannabis writing and graphic designing husband and wife team from Lansing, Michigan. They are passionate advocates for medical and recreational cannabis legalization in the United States. They enjoy not only smoking and vaping, or dabbing, marijuana but also cooking with weed infused veggie oil. They like to spend their free time wandering along nature trails in search of the perfectly chillaxing spot for a smoke sesh.

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