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Tangie Strain Review | Tangie Dream Strain

Tangie Strain

DNA Genetics in Amsterdam created this strain, and it grew in popularity elsewhere very quickly. The best thing about some of the Dutch strains is the flavor. Everyone knows potency on the West coast is higher, but the taste of some of the original Dutch strains which were created before all of the madness for ridiculously big potency will always be some of the best tastings. Tangie strain is exactly that, and it will have you salivating at the mouth as you grind up your herb and smell fresh citrus.
Tangie was also known as Tangerine Dream, however, most people simply call it “the Tangie dream strain” nowadays.

Tangie bud weed marijuanaTangie looking mighty fine today! Photo: @zeppyzcraft

Tangie Overview

This strain is one of the best-tasting strains in existence. When it was created in 1990 in Amsterdam, it was arguably the best. In more recent years, many strains compete with Tangie. However it compares, you should enjoy this strain with a grinder and a flower vape to truly appreciate Tangie's wonderful taste.
Some people may call this strain Citrus Skunk strain, mainly because of the skunky nature of this strain. The history of skunk is very interesting and could take a whole topic up by itself. Other names include Tangie OG Strain, Tangie Kush, Orange Tangie, Tangie Dream strain, and The Tangie.

Tangie Sativa

Tangie OG strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, so you may hear some people simply call it a sativa. This is simply easier. It has been very popular in the past and is still incredibly popular in Amsterdam. A lot of the best coffee shops will offer this strain because it's such a staple for those who love great tasting strains such as this one.


Tangie Genetics 

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between California Orange and Skunk.
The flavors of skunk crossed with California Orange should truly be appreciated by the cannabis indulger who appreciates amazing taste. Some of the coffee shops in Amsterdam offer vaporizers to enjoy their herbs with; this is probably the easiest way to experience this strain. It's also quite popular over in the United States, mainly because the seeds are available online from the original breeder.


Tangie Price

Thankfully, because DNA Genetics is a Dutch seed company, they offer their seeds online for people to buy. This is great because it means that the strain is generally more widely available, and therefore the price is lower. It's about $10 a gram in a Dutch coffeeshop, and you can expect to pay the same price in a dispensary in California.

Tangie Taste 

  • Orange
  • Citrus
  • Earthy
  • Sweet

Please try this strain from an organic coffee shop with a flower vape, you will not regret it. Tangie Strain is definitely among the top 10 best tasting strains of all time.

Tangie Oil, Wax, Shatter, & Edibles 

Is Tangie Strain available in oil or cartridge form? Yes, it is! Tangie Strain is a very popular strain to at least use the terpenes from for many different oils and cartridges. You will find a lot of them online, mainly because it's simply a great tasting strain. The best-tasting strains are often selected for their terpenes, which are added to oil made from a different strain. This means that while you'll taste Tangie, you may not feel the same high as if you smoked the flower. Brass Knuckles, for example, have a Tangie version of their cartridges.
As for making edibles, using already vaped bud (AVB) to make something with Tangie would simply taste amazing. AVB retains a lot of its flavor profile after you've vaped it, and then you can simply mix this in with an oil or fat to create yourself a quick and easy edible.
Another reason this bud is used for concentrates is because of the resinous nature of the buds.


Tangie cannabis dabsBeautiful golden glow of some Tangie dabs, photo: @slanted_roots
Tangie bud weedGetting up close and personal with Tangie, photo: @k.greenmas


Tangie Effects

Tangie Medical
Tangie Side Effects

Happy 100%

Depression 100%

Cottonmouth 100%

Uplifted 95%

Stress Relief 90%

Dry Eyes 60%

Energetic 85%

Pain Relief 60%

Anxiety 25%

Euphoric 80%

Fatigue 50%

Paranoia 20%

Creative 70%

Eye Pressure 20%

Headache 15%

Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It has slight indica effects, which simply give you a nice relaxed body feeling. However, the sense of happy euphoria will be familiar to sativa lovers, and although Tangie isn’t necessarily the most potent high you’ll ever smoke, it’s also not the least. It packs a punch, and tastes amazing: this combination is great!

Tangie Grow / Flowering Time

Growing Tangie outside is a must. She finishes around late September to early October with heavy yields and super sticky resinous flowers. Tangie is also good to SCROG, SOG; she reacts well to topping or the FIM technique as this will produce more of a bush. Do not use hydro for Tangie; she reacts best to grow in soil. The guide video above has an example of SCROG. You can grow Tangie outside even in European climates, such as the Netherlands, provided you do it correctly.

Tangie Seeds

Rejoice! Tangie seeds are available from the official breeder's website. Thanks to all Dutch seed banks for allowing people to grow they're fine herbs without risking buying from dodgy snake oil salesmen.


Tangie Yield

The yield of Tangie is 3-6oz per foot squared.

 Tangie marijuana farmTake a stroll through this Tangie jungle! Photo: @stickybuds_farms

Tangie is:

  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • 65:35 split
  • Mediocre body high
  • Strong, potent, cerebral high
  • Hard to grow, especially because it grows better outside


Have you tried Tangie before? Leave a comment below to share your experiences!

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