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Blue City Diesel Strain | Diesel Weed - Blue Diesel

Blue City Diesel Strain | Diesel Weed - Blue Diesel


Every great dream begins with a dreamer – and every great toke begins with some high-quality weed to pack into your weed bowl; Tangerine Dream weed strain is definitely some exceptionally good ganja. 60% sativa-dominant hybrid Tangerine Dream strain was bred and budded to be a medical marijuana remedy for helping conquer conditions such as chronic pain and the inflammation that goes with it, treating neuropathy (general diseases or malfunctions of the nerves), mood enhancement for depression and anxiety, and – although initially stimulating – Tangerine Dream can alleviate sleep restlessness and insomnia. Ranging between 16-27%, the Tangerine Dream strain THC level is considerable among similar kinds of cannabis, producing a pronounced and long-lasting head high that slowly fades into a blissful body relaxation. When smoked, vaped, or dabbed, Tangerine Dream weed strain’s taste brings to mind sweet oranges – after all, it’s kinda in the name – and it has a fragrance that is both citrusy and earthy-dank.

Baggie of Tangerine Dream weed strain, image from Mellow Pack on Instagram
(Baggie of Tangerine Dream weed strain, image from Mellow Pack on Instagram)


G13, Afghani, and Neville's A5 Haze are the three parental pot plants that 2010 Cannabis Cup winners Barney’s Farm, based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, used to create Tangerine Dream weed; G13, or G13 Haze, ganja is a 70% indica hybrid with a very high THC level of 27%, Afghani is a pure landrace native indica pot plant grown in its original environment with 21% THC, and Neville's A5 Haze is a 75% sativa hybrid with 21% THC on average. Most marijuana crossbred creations have two parents, but this one has three – which is one better! It’s certainly easy to see where Tangerine Dream gets its THC level, considering all three precursor plants are powerfully psychoactive.

Interestingly, there is a just plain Tangerine strain of weed out there that is largely unrelated to Tangerine Dream strain – other than having a sweet citrusy flavor and some similar heady effects when smoked, but this Tangerine bud is a 4th-generation phenotype (or variation due to growing condition changes) of Ch9 Aroma weed strain, thus the lineage is vastly different from Tangerine Dream; Tangerine and Ch9 Aroma, both sativa-dominant hybrids, are descendants of Super Bud cannabis strain with THC levels that top out at around 20%.

Another unrelated Tangerine weed strain is 70% indica Tangerine Kush, an offspring of 55% indica-dominant hybrid OG Kush and 95% indica Bubba Kush, with a THC range of 14-20% THC. Again, the naming connection seems to be solely based on the citrusy taste and smell of both Tangerine Kush and Tangerine Dream – that would likely be because they have a lot of the terpene limonene, which gives both their citrusy zest. Tangerine Kush is also known as Tangerine OG.

(Tangerine Haze bud, image from Welcome Gnome 207 on Instagram)
(Tangerine Haze bud, image from Welcome Gnome 207 on Instagram)

There is a half-sibling of Tangerine Dream called Tangerine Haze that is a 60% indica-heavy hybrid with 21% THC, with G13 Haze (70% indica with 27% THC) and NYC Diesel (60% sativa with 22% THC) as parents. Sometimes, Tangerine Haze is known as Tangerine Diesel because of one of its parents; but then you can find references to Tangerine Dream being also called Tangerine Diesel (similar initials for both, TD), because high people get the names of things mixed up… so we hear, we wouldn’t know from experience… mostly.

And there’s a Tangerine Green that has nothing to do with weed but is a superfood with fungus, herbs and veggies in it and sounds rather frightful – though to be fair, we haven’t tried it, nor do we have any intention of trying it.

Lastly, Lemon Dream weed strain may have a similar name to Tangerine Dream, but that’s about it; Lemon Dream is an indica-leaning hybrid weed strain that is either sired from an unknown OG (not sure how they know it’s an OG if it’s really unknown, but okay) and Lemon Haze, or it has Lemon Wheel and  Cali Dream as its parental pot plants. It is sometimes referred to as Lemonade Dream, but in any case it is not at all related to Tangerine Dream; just because some weeds have similar names doesn’t mean they are related, necessarily.

Similar sativa-leaning hybrid weed strains to Tangerine Dream include Blue Dream (also 60/40 sativa/indica with up to 25% THC), Agent Orange (75% sativa-dominant with 20% THC), Chernobyl cannabis strain (80/20 sativa-to-indica and 20-29% THC), and J1, or Jack One, strain (70% sativa-heavy with 16-22% THC.

(Tangerine Dream nugs in a grinder, image from Frosted Jee on Instagram)
(Tangerine Dream nugs in a grinder, image from Frosted Jee on Instagram)


Tangerine Dream General Effects

Tangerine Dream Medical Effects

Tangerine Dream Side Effects

Energetic 95%

Stress Relief 90%

Dry Mouth 95%

Uplifted 90%

Decrease Depression 80%

Dry Eyes 85%

Happy 80%

Fight Fatigue 75%

Anxious 60%

Creative 70%

Reduce Pain 65%

Headache 35%

Relaxed 45%

Alleviate Inflammation 50%

Dizzy 20%

(Tangerine Dream oil cartridge, image from Cloud 9420710 on Instagram)

(Tangerine Dream oil cartridge, image from Cloud 9420710 on Instagram)


If you wanna experience the fresh-squeezed goodness of Tangerine Dream weed, then you can get in your car, hop a bus or otherwise transport yourself to a local dispensary to purchase some; an 1/8th ounce of Tangerine Dream weed will run you $40 in Detroit in our home state of Michigan, whereas Denver, CO will charge you $24 for an eighth, and an 1/8th costs $30 on average in Tacoma, WA. Tangerine Dream concentrate is priced at $35 for a 1-gram cartridge in Carson City, NV; $24 a gram for Tangerine Dream distillate in Seattle, WA; and Las Vegas offers a 500mg/half-gram disposable vape pen for $60. Pre-rolled cone joints of Tangerine Dream – or regular Tangerine bud, or Tangerine Haze - can be found for around $5 to $15, depending upon their size, which can vary from half a gram to two grams or more; kief-dipped Tangerine Dream blunts would likely run about $15-$25 apiece for up to a gram. It’s hard to say whether any edible marijuana treats contain Tangerine Dream hybrid weed or not, because food labeling information usually doesn’t specify the exact marijuana strain used in the ingredients – they usually just indicate the level of THC or CBD. You can, however, always ask your budtending staff if they know of any specific Tangerine Dream medibles.

Keep in mind that weed delivery services (like Dominos for pot) usually require a minimum purchase of $20-25 or there’s a delivery fee; and there is an upcharge on recreational cannabis purchases as opposed to medical; in most places medical marijuana is less expensive for patients who have a state-approved ID card. The quality of the cannabis crop, particular strain’s availability, time of year and location can all be factors in local marijuana market  pricing – plus a good many provisioning centers do charge you a local or state tax on all weedy transactions sos the state gets their cut of the revenue pie. May the many benefits of marijuana always outweigh the hit that your wallet takes when you buy weed – that’s not a saying or even a casual blessing, that we know of, but it should be!

(Close up of a Tangerine Dream weed plant, image from Mad Hatter's Organics on Instagram)(Close up of a Tangerine Dream weed plant, image from Mad Hatter's Organics on Instagram)


Now you may fancy yourself to be a bit of a gardener and if you can plant seeds that become actual plants, then you just may be blessed with a proverbial green thumb (if you looked at your thumb just now, you might want to put down the pipe or bong and let the weed smoking rest awhile; green thumb just refers to intuitive growing skills, not a gangrenous color-change in your thumb). If you say you want to try your hand at raising Tangerine Dream from seeds or seedlings to harvest your own bounty of happy herb, then we are gonna clue you in on how to grow Tangerine Dream strain in your own backyard or greenhouse.

It takes 49-65 days to grow your own Tangerine Dream weed, and if you’re wondering ‘What humidity level does Tangerine Dream strain thrive best in?’, well, if you have a nice plot of land and wanna grow outdoors then you’re gonna need a warm and humid climate with consistent sunlight. Cultivating  indoors, your best bet is to use the hydroponic Sea of Green technique (in which you pack your pot plants together in close proximity, creating a canopy and giving your sunlamps greater light coverage across your entire cannabis crop) and Tangerine Dream weed prefers temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit/20-26 degrees Celsius.

Tangerine Dream shrubs grow up to about 3 ft or 1 yard/meter tall indoors – or up to 6 ft or 2 yards/meters out in the sunshine and fresh air. These particular pot plants have green leaves and silvery nugs, coated with thick white trichomes, plus orange pistils and stigmas (the seed and pollen producing parts of the plant). The nugs, or buds, of Tangerine Dream strain develop into large and chunky, dense clumps of dank deliciousness. Your expected yield of THC-filled power flowers will be 18 ounces per square meter/yard grown inside, but outdoor growers can look forward to a yield of about 16 ounces per plant.

If you’re in search of a Tangerine Dream seed or several to plant in the ground or submerge in a hydroponic solution then you can pick up 3 autoflowering feminized (feminized cannabis plants produce more bud, and autoflowering means the ganja greens will automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage with age as opposed to seasonal changes in the amount of daylight) seeds for $29.00, 5 seeds for $49.00, 10 seeds for $95, or 25 seeds for $229 at Growers Choice; or Seed has 5 seeds for $46.66 and 10 seeds for $83.75.

On a kind of side note, should you be in the market for some more indica-leaning Tangerine Haze seeds, those you can pick up online at Dutch Seeds with 5 seeds for $43.80 or 10 seeds for $73.00 – at this time, we know of no other seed source for Tangerine Haze.

Another place you might be able to pick up some Tangerine Dream or Tangerine Haze for growing is at your local marijuana nursery, or even a provisioning center where they may have some small seedling pot plants for sale, typically from $15 to $25 per plant. The cannabis growing centers might have some seeds they would be willing to sell you – it never hurts to call or stop in and ask.

In this video, a weed farmer discusses the good, the bad – like russet mites – and the ugly – some lower leaf curling and browning – of his 30-day grow of Tangerine Dream:


Orange juice is popular for its sweet, citrusy taste and health benefits; similarly, Tangerine Dream weed strain is renowned for its own tangy flavor and earthy aroma when toked, and it has some very positive effects on pain, inflammation, degenerative nerve diseases, depression, anxiety and even sleeplessness. The Tangerine Dream THC level ranges between 16-27%, so it can have some potentially pretty powerful psychotropic effects. 60% sativa hybrid Tangerine Dream strain was conceived and cultivated by Amsterdam-based seed company Barney’s Farm, crossbreeding 70% indica hybrid G13, 95% pure indica Afghani, and 75% sativa-dominant Neville's A5 Haze, all with respectable THC levels of their own.

There are a number of strains that have similar names to Tangerine Dream but that are not necessarily genetically related – Tangerine, just plain Tangerine, strain is actually a 4th-generation phenotype of Ch9 Aroma weed strain, both descendants of Super Bud; also Tangerine Kush is another similar name but not-at-all-related strain with OG Kush and Bubba Kush as source plants. Indica hybrid Lemon Dream likewise is not directly connected to Tangerine Dream weed strain, crossbred from either an unknown OG and Lemon Haze, or possibly Lemon Wheel and  Cali Dream – sometimes cannabis lineage is complicated. Tangerine Green is a name that comes up sometimes in online searches for Tangerine Dream (the names rhyme), but it’s not even weed, rather it’s a nutritional superfood. One weed strain that is definitely a sibling to Tangerine Dream is Tangerine Haze, a 60% indica hybrid that shares G13 Haze, or G13, as a parent – with sativa hybrid NYC Diesel as the other source plant.

(A tin of Tangerine Dream weed, image from High Life Exotics 420 on Instagram)
(A tin of Tangerine Dream weed, image from High Life Exotics 420 on Instagram)

There are a number of places you can purchase some Tangerine Dream leaf or concentrates around the United States, prices varying by location due to supply, popularity, and the usual commercial market forces that cause even grocery prices to vary from store to store. If you’re a ganja grower then we gave you some Tangerine Dream grow info along with links to buy yourself some Tangerine Dream seed – and for a bonus, we threw in Tangerine Haze seeds info because we love to help out our fellow stoners whenever we can! Now, if you read through our Growing section, you know how to grow Tangerine Dream strain – with particulars like what humidity level Tangerine Dream strain prefers, plus maturing times, and potential yields. Thus you can go forth with gardening trowel in hand and raise you a crop of Tangerine Dream cannabis of your own – check your plants for russet mites, we hear they can be vicious, just vicious to your poor plants!

We all have dreams, if yours include toking down on some quality weed that gives you a hella good head high that segues smoothly into righteous body relaxation, then you’d be fruity not to at least give Tangerine Dream a try! Light it up and puff yourself into a state of pain-free bliss, settle onto the couch with maybe a bag of chips and reflect upon how life is but a dream… or just watch some Netflix, your call!

Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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