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White Castle Strain Weed Gummies

white castle strain smoke

White Castle weed strain is only just coming into its own, as far as popularity goes. All praise the master breeders, the Dutch. Nirvana Seeds are perhaps one of the best-known breeders in the entire world, and for good reason. When you consider their strains, including Nirvana White Widow, Nirvana White Ice Strain Rhino, and Ice, then you’ll begin to understand. The best thing about these guys is that they sell their seeds online; they don’t keep their strains to themselves. Nirvana Seeds created White Castle by crossing two of their best-known strains together - because why not? White Castle weed has a dense bud structure covered in trichomes, hence the name.

white castle cannabis budReady for a trip to White Castle? And we're not talking burgers... Photo: @bongcloud

White Castle Weed: Sativa or indica? 

White Castle Weed is a well-balanced strain, making it perfect for treating a number of hard-to-treat illnesses, but it’s particularly good at treating insomnia. Both of its parents have won awards in their own right, and this indica-dominant (60/40 split) F1 hybrid, therefore, has a lot to live up to. It’s like being a prince to two of the best rulers known to man, and  White Ice Strain tries its hardest to live up to the hype of its parents.

White Castle genetics 

White Castle weed, as previously mentioned, was created by legendary breeders Nirvana Seeds. They crossed two award-winning strains together, and the end result is named after the fast-food chain in America. It was perhaps a reference to Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, which is a legendary stoner film. For some White Castle isn't overly potent, but for others this is just right and will give them the effects they want, without completely zonking anyone out. The two Nirvana Seeds strains that were bred together to create White Castle were:

  • White Ice Weed strain (AKA Nirvana Ice)
  • Nirvana White Widow

White Castle Weed THC percentage

The average THC content for an indica-dominant hybrid is around 13%. White Castle averages at the exact same THC percentage, with some stronger phenotypes testing out a little higher at 19%. This is a mid-shelf strain, and can be approached by newcomers and medium stoners alike for some reasonably potent effects. However, if you’re a seasoned stoner with a high tolerance, you may want to look for a different strain.

White Castle Weed price

White Castle seeds are available online, which drives down the price. Furthermore, this strain isn’t really considered top-shelf, so it’s even cheaper. If you’re paying any more than $8 for a gram of White Castle, you’re probably getting ripped off. You won’t find this strain in many LA dispensaries, but you will probably find it in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. This kind of weed is more popular in the Netherlands than it is on the West Coast. In fact, outside of Amsterdam, in places like Rotterdam, you’re very likely to find these strains.


White Castle taste

White Castle weed has a very pleasant taste. This makes up for its slight lack of potency, and should definitely be enjoyed inside a flower vaporizer. The main reason for this is that the flavor is vastly improved when you use a flower vape, especially compared to rolling a strain up and smoking it. This is especially true for strains that are a bit older like White Castle. For example, you can roll up a strain like Girl Scout Cookies and it will still taste great. But a strain like White Castle should be ground up and stuck inside a flower vape. The full taste profile of the White Castle strain is:

  • Lemon
  • Earthy
  • Pungent


White Castle oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You can make any strain into Butane Hash Oil. White Castle is actually a great choice for making shatter because it can be grown relatively easily by using seeds found online. Also, just like its parents, this strain is covered in trichomes. It also has a pretty decent flavor. All of these factors combine to make it a fantastic choice for making into BHO. However, making BHO yourself at home is very dangerous, and you could end up burning your house down in the process. So please be exceptionally careful!

You can also make any strain into edibles. You first have to decarboxylate your weed, and then mix it with a fat or oil. This is necessary because the edibles won’t work at all if you don’t follow both of these steps. It’s actually very easy to mess edibles up, so just make sure you do it correctly. If you’re using a flower vaporizer to smoke your buds, the leftover cannabis (which you may otherwise throw away) is actually perfectly decarboxylated weed and can be used to make incredibly potent edibles.

white castle cannabis nugThis White Castle’s sativa side is stronger. Photo: @jenngoldingofficial


white castle hybrid marijuanaAbout to light it up! Photo: @kfortemusik

White Castle General
White Castle Medical
White Castle Negative
Relaxed 100% Insomnia 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Sleepy 65%
Fatigue 80%
Lethargy 45%
Uplifted 50%
Headaches 80%
Happy 40% Pain Relief 45%
Hungry 40% Stress Relief 25%

As a strain that tends to grow as a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, White Castle has some very nice effects for those who light it up. However, others may feel undesirably couch locked, so just be careful. Definitely a strain to smoke at night time, White Castle weed has some nice, not too potent indica effects, which will help lull you sleep. You should wait for about an hour and a half after smoking before trying to sleep, as this is the perfect way to use weed to induce sleep.


White Castle flowering time 

White Castle has a flowering time of only 8 weeks, making it a very quick strain to grow. However, if you leave it for 10-11 weeks, you will experience a much higher yield as well as much higher potency, with some added flavor in there. For those reasons we recommend you wait 11 weeks before harvesting.

White Castle growing tips

White Castle reacts very well to Sea of Green growing techniques. You also need to ensure that it has a very consistent temperature, as without it the grow will be ruined. Thus, it’s best in an indoor environment. It’s an easy-to-grow strain, should you grow it indoors.

White Castle seeds

The seeds for White Castle are available online from Nirvana Seeds, so you have absolutely no worries when purchasing them.


White Castle yield

White Castle yields around 500 grams per square metre, which is a pretty nice yield.

white castle hybrid cannabisThis strain is being grown for medicinal purposes. Photo: @mampy52

What is the White Castle strain?

White Castle weed is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid that is easy to grow, has decent potency, and yields fairly well. This makes it a fantastic first-time grower strain, or for people who want to grow large amounts of cannabis to make into Butane Hash Oil.

  • Easy to grow
  • Seeds available online
  • Needs a steady temperature
  • Has a good mix of indica and sativa high
  • Will help you sleep a few hours after smoking
  • Can be a good strain to make concentrates out of



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