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White Fire & WIFI OG Weed Strain

White Fire OG Marijuana Strain Bud

White Fire OG Strain is also known as WiFi OG Strain, and it's a 60% sativa hybrid, which has both an uplifting cerebral high, and a nice, relaxing body high. It has a sour, earthy, diesel aroma that it gets from Fire OG and massive, thick, crystal-covered buds from The White. This White Fire OG Strain is strong enough and has enough Sativa dominance to help curb depression.

White Fire OG WiFiOG marijuana budWhite Fire OG looking mighty fine, photo: @honeyspoongardens

White Fire OG review 

Whether you call it White Fire OG Strain, WiFi OG, Fire Diesel or OG Raskal Genetics you're talking about the same strain. If you know WiFi OG Strain, you already know you love it. THC content is high, and it is one of those strains that you will find in many dispensaries out on the West Coast. It was originally bred in the early 2000s by OG Raskal Genetics. 

White Fire OG genetics

White Fire OG is a cross between:
  • Fire OG
  • The White
White Fire OG Strain is known for its earthy taste and diesel aroma. It also has a decent THC content at around 20%. Fire OG is where the OG Kush part of WiFi OG comes from.
The White is known for its thick buds, which are covered in resin. This resin production is what makes this strain so popular.

White Fire OG price

As the seeds aren't particularly easy to come by, the plant itself is more expensive. Although in the US the price will be cheaper than in Amsterdam, it's still not particularly cheap. A gram of WiFi OG will probably set you back about $15.

White Fire OG taste

  • Earthy
  • Sweet
  • Pungent
  • Lemon
  • Woody
  • Pine
Thankfully for those diesel lovers out there, WiFi OG inherits Fire OG's diesel aroma. It has a very pungent flavor and smell and is predominantly earthy when you take that first hit. 

White Fire OG strength

White Fire OG Strain has a very high THC %, which you could probably tell just by glancing at the plant. It’s covered in crystals, which is always a good sign.

White Fire OG wax, oil, shatter, & edibles

WiFi OG Strain is perfect for making into oils, shatters, wax, etc. This is because it's covered in resinous buds, which are fantastic for creating any of these products. The only problem is the actual process, which can be dangerous. There are plenty of tutorials on how to make wax on Youtube, though it's probably better to look for these products in California or in the US dispensaries. 


WiFiOG plant greenWiFi OG glowing green, photo: @herbsuperbia
White Fire frosty budThere she is, looking real frosty! Photo: @greatlakesdank

WiFi OG's Effects

WiFi OG's Medical
WiFi OG's Side Effects

Relaxed 100%

Stress Relief 100%

Cottonmouth 100%

Euphoric 95%

Depression 95%

Dry Eyes 50%

Happy 85%

Pain Relief 75%

Headache 25%

Uplifted 82%

Lack of Appetite 70%

Paranoia 20%

Creative 60%

Anxiety 45%

Dizziness 18%

This strain is 60:40, so it’s no surprise that it makes you feel relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, and creative all at the same time. The best thing about hybrids is undoubtedly the way they make you feel both relaxed and uplifted at the same time. It's like you’re having a massage while also watching your favorite film!

If you’re getting cottonmouth, then get some mint and honey, put boiling water with the mint-like a tea, and then add the honey. Let it cool down, then down the whole thing. You’ll find your cottonmouth has completely gone.

White Fire OG seeds

Unfortunately, this strain is not easy to get. The seeds aren’t readily available online from an official seller, although you can try your luck with one of the sellers there. It’s possible the seeds they sell are real, but it’s not a guarantee. The only way to really get this White Fire OG strain to grow is by getting a clipping of it, which is pretty complicated if you live outside of the US.

WiFi OG yield

WiFi OG Strain has a high yield. This makes it incredibly popular for home growers. However, it’s very difficult to get a hold of as mentioned before. Luckily, if you do manage to get a seed (if you order them online it may just be a similar strain, even if it’s not WiFi OG it may just be a phenotype) you will be happy with the amount of yield you'll see!


White Fire OG flowering time

WiFi OG Strain takes about 65 days to flower, and works well using the SOG (Sea of Green) technique. It’s perfect to grow in a controlled environment such as an inside grow.


WiFiOG nug marijuanaCheck out the structure on this beautiful WiFi OG nug! Photo: @pluuglife

White Fire OG is:

  • Slightly sativa-dominant hybrid created by OG Raskal Genetics
  • Hard to get a hold of the seeds, although many places may say they sell them
  • Fantastic smoke, especially if you’re a diesel lover
  • As it’s sativa-dominant with a high THC %, it can help curb depression
  • Fire OG crossed with The White
  • Will hit you in the mind and the body
  • Smokes great through a flower vape
  • Definitely worth grinding up if you have a grinder

Have you tried the White Fire OG strain before? Tell us how you liked it below! 

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