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White Rhino Review | White Rhino Weed Strain

white rhino cannabis flower
White Rhino Strain was originally created in Amsterdam by one of the best-known seed companies, Green House Seeds co. This company normally mixes famous strains with landrace strains, which is precisely what White Rhino Strain is. This indica strain, a cross between White Widow and an Afghani landrace strain, has a high THC content that will leave tokers relaxed, happy, and maybe a little hungry.

white rhino weed kush nug
White Rhino looking mighty tasty! Photo: @floridadispensaryguide

White Rhino strain info

White Rhino Strain was created by Green House Seeds co. This is good news for a number of reasons. Firstly, they’re simply considered one of the best, producing numerous fantastic combos. Secondly, Green House Seeds co. seeds are usually easy to come by, as the Dutch seed companies realized that they could make a lot of money simply from selling seeds, and not purely selling weed.
White Rhino weed strain is an almost pure indica. We say "almost" because it’s an original indica strain crossed with an indica landrace strain. This is very common for the Dutch seed companies to do, and they were likely crossing these two strains for a reason. The strain itself is pretty old, having been created around 1996. It’s 20% sativa, 80% indica, meaning that it has strong indica effects, but also a slight cerebral buzz.

White Rhino genetics 

  • White Widow (Brazillian x South Indian landrace strains)
  • Afghani landrace strain
As mentioned previously, the Dutch seed companies loved creating landrace crosses. White Rhino is no different, as they took White Widow, which is a cross between Brazilian and South Indian landraces, and crossed it with an Afghani landrace strain. This delightful cross is an overwhelmingly indica strain, but don’t forget the 20% sativa that is inside this strain.

White Rhino THC percentage 

White Rhino weed strain's official THC percentage is 20.19%.

White Rhino CBD percentage

White Rhino also has 0.11% CBD and 0.05% CBN. This helps balance the strain, and makes it a lot more of a medicinal strain that wouldn't otherwise be possible without this small amount of CBD. 

White Rhino price

Thanks to White Rhino seeds being easy to come by, as well as it being a well-established strain at over 20 years old, White Rhino Strain won't hurt your pocketbook too much. Saying that Green House Seeds is actually one of the most expensive coffee shops (although it’s definitely worth it for its amazing choice of strains and ridiculously high-quality buds) so if you go there you’d probably pay about $12 a gram. The average price in Amsterdam is around $8 a gram. 


White Rhino taste

  • Woody
  • Earthy
  • Pungent
  • Lemon
Most landrace strains or landrace strain crosses taste a little bit fruity. White Rhino is no different, as it has the terpene limonene inside it. The interesting thing about this is that this is the same element that gives lemons their taste. As such, this strain is definitely one to grow yourself and then put into a flower vape, so you know that it’s all organic.

White Rhino oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

White Rhino is a fantastic choice for oil, wax, shatter, etc. This is because it has large amounts of crystals and trichomes covering the strain. This is a concentrate enthusiast's favorite thing, so if you’re looking to make concentrates you should definitely pick this strain up.
Edibles are easy to make with basically any strain, so just get some White Rhino and make sure that you firstly decarboxylate the weed. We have a great guide to decarboxylation which you can find here. You could also just use already vaped bud (AVB) which means you can get high once from vaping your weed, and then get high again with your AVB. This recycling of the buds makes this one of the most cost-efficient and healthiest methods of smoking weed.

white rhino kush grindWhite Rhino waiting to be ground up, photo: @badbabyrose
white rhino cannabis nugsWhoa, check out those nugs! Photo: @ilikebignugs

White Rhino General Effects
White Rhino Medical Effects
White Rhino Effects
Relaxed 100% Stress Relief 100% Cottonmouth 100%
Sleepy 80% Pain Relief 90% Dry Eyes 80%
Happy 75% Headaches 85% Anxiety 35%
Euphoric 70% Insomnia 80% Dizziness 25%
Hungry 45%  Muscle Spasms 75%
Headache 25%

As a landrace indica cross, this strain is very sleepy. This can be perfect if that’s what you want, so if you’re looking to sleep well, or for help with insomnia then look no further. However, don’t smoke this strain in the morning if you’re trying to get active. It will have the exact opposite effect. Couch lock will ensue, you will feel drained of energy completely.
If you are feeling overly sleepy and you’ve lost all your energy, then either have a coffee, a cold shower, or both. This will help you get some energy back and you'll feel less stoned. If you’re looking for the best strain to help with sleep, then you should smoke an indica like this. Wait for an hour or two before sleeping, though. The cerebral buzz from this strain will probably keep you awake for an hour or so if you start thinking, so just be wary of that.


White Rhino flowering time

  • Indoor 9 weeks
  • Outdoor by the first week of October (Northern hemisphere)

White Rhino Grow tips

A very short plant, White Rhino reacts incredibly well to both SoG and ScrOG techniques. The plant is a classic indica and is very short and bushy. This makes it incredibly easy for SoG techniques. For more information about what SoG is, see the video above.

White Rhino weed seeds

White Rhino seeds are available online from the original breeder. This is the best thing about Dutch strains. The Californians may have some amazing strains out there with ridiculous THC percentages, and some crazy concentrates with up to 99% THC, but when it comes to reliable growing and easy to access strains, then the Dutch trump (mind the pun) the Californians every time. 

White Rhino yield

  • White Rhino yields Indoor 900g/meter squared
  • White Rhino yields Outdoor 1200g/plant

white rhino marijuana plant growIt’s fun to watch your babies grow up! Photo: @theultimate1_420

Green House Seed Company

Green House Seed Co. is run by the company you probably saw on the Vice documentary where they go out and try to find landrace strains. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here:

They were created in 1985 and they are one of the most popular seed banks in the world. It helps growers partner with seeds & strains that suit their needs, medicinal, or recreational. They only allow you on their site if you’re from a country that currently has legal weed.
Green House Seed Co. was founded by Arjan Roskam and Shantibaba, and is managed by Franco Loja. The series about them hunting for rare landrace strains is incredibly interesting, and their coffee shops are some of the best in Amsterdam (provided you’re willing to pay the price; it’s very expensive.) They also have some Californian strains in Amsterdam, so this could be a great place to try some #dankenstein strains. The dankenstein strains are some of the most psychedelic strains in existence.


What is the Medicine Man strain?

medicine man marijuana flower

Photo: @michiganjamedicineman
This strain is often confused with its close relative, White Rhino. This is because they're both landrace strain crosses. Medicine Man is effectively a better-bred version of White Rhino. They are both the exact same landrace strains crossed together, but after many backcrosses, Medicine Man was created. This strain is known for:
  • Treating chronic aches, pains, and migraines
  • Reducing stress & anxiety
  • Could help treat seizures, although more evidence is needed
  • Closely associated with the White Rhino strain

People also get White Rhino confused with the following names, most of them are probably just the same strain:
  • Black Rhino weed
  • Purple Rhino strain
  • Nirvana White Rhino (this is Nirvana Seeds version of White Rhino)
  • Rhino 8
  • White Rhino OG Kush



White Rhino marijuana

This strain is a very popular indica-dominant hybrid, which is split 80/20. It’s popular for its medicinal benefits and for its easy-to-access to seeds. The plant is also fairly easy to grow and is a heavy yielder. The White Rhino buds also make fantastic concentrates, making it a popular option for those who want to make homemade concentrates.
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • 80/20 indica/sativa split
  • Very heavy, sleepy high
  • Perfect for sedation and relaxing at night
  • Strong strain, 20% THC potency
  • Created by Green House Seeds co. which is a mark of quality



Have you tried White Rhino before? Leave us your thoughts below! 

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