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There's no wrong way to smoke our favorite herb. You can enjoy all the relaxing powers of marijuana with none of the buzz with these great CBD cigarettes, or you can go with a bowl of the classic, "full-strength" stuff one hit at a time through these old school chillums. If you really want to personalize your smoke sessions, one of the best routes to go is the ever-expanding world of bongs. They come in so many shapes and sizes, even going as far as gas-mask bongs, which, if you've never experienced one, we highly recommend giving it a shot. The best part about all these modern bongs is the never-ending list of customization options. When you're shopping for bong accessories, one important thing to keep in mind is the joint size of your piece. The most common is 14mm, which can make shopping for your 10mm piece a little tricky. We've got all the best accessories for your size 10mm bowl piece, like GRAV 10mm bowls, 10mm glass one-hit bowls, and even dab bowls 10mm and bigger! If you've got a waterpipe with 10mm bowl, you'll need to make sure you've got a backup 10mm downstem and bowl, just in case gravity gets the better of your glass. You can even get a 10mm glass triple bowl to give yourself even more flexibility and customization options to get your perfect smoking experience!
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