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For the smoothest water pipe hit imaginable, you can do much worse than a percolator bong. With glass bong manufacturers getting ever more extravagant with their offerings in recent years, a range of different cooling mechanisms has been developed to help us smokers achieve the creamiest of tokes. Perhaps most effective, and definitely coolest looking is the percolator. Percolators come in all shapes and sizes. Honeycomb percolators are popular in smaller mini percolator bongs, whilst intricate tree percolators adorn many high-end pieces. There are even crazy combinations of both available on the market. If you’re really in the pursuit of maximum water filtration, we recommend looking at double percolator bongs, triple percolator bongs, and quadruple percolator bongs. Not only do these create the smoothest hit imaginable but they also look like something from a mad scientist’s lab! Being as they look so wild, a lot of people struggle with how to fill a percolator bong. It’s not really all that difficult. You just fill from the top as you would any other bong and each of the sections will slowly fill. You want the lower sections to have as little air as possible, as this maximizes the size of the hit you can take. If you’re wondering how to clean a percolator bong, this is just the same as you would clean any other bong. Take your spirit-based cleaning solution and fill the bong a little higher than you would usually with it. You can also add an agitating agent, such as coarse sea salt, to help remove any buildup that might have accumulated. Make sure you give the piece a few rinses through with fresh water after cleaning and you’re good to go again! Weed Republic not only carries a load of great glass percolator bongs but a huge range of bong percolator attachments and accessories, so you can have it your way and build the best bong for you!

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  • 12.5" LOOKAH Glass Dab Rig Spiral Percolator Water Pipe
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