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    Water pipes are becoming increasingly popular among youth for smoking. Water pipe, as its name indicates, utilizes water for filtering smoke. It is a simple filtration device used to smoke Tobacco, cannabis, and herbs. Most of the time, bongs and water pipes are used interchangeably. Bubblers and bongs are two different types of water pipe, while water pipe primarily refers to sophisticated designs like percolators, zig-zagging tubes and ice catchers.

    A Closer Look at Water pipes:

    A water pipe is comprised of four essential parts:

    1. Mouthpiece
    2. Bowl
    3. Down stem
    4. Chamber for holding water

    These are smoking devices having a tube-like mouthpiece. The mouthpiece passes the smoke through water to smoothen and cool it. It can come with different designs having several tiers and chambers, and may have a beaker, zig-zag design or a straight tube. Most bongs have a simple design composed of a stem and a straight tube. 

    The creation of a water pipe feels like an art. Using a bong gives a straight shot to the lungs that can cause instant coughing. Like the bong, the water pipe also holds water, but its beauty lies in how it circulates the smoke. 

    When compared to bongs, they are much more sophisticated. The overall shape of the water pipe and the way smoke feels after inhalation is interlinked. They tend to enhance your smoking flavor. While manufacturing them, many things are kept in mind, like “Will the water pipe break with a slight touch? Will they provide such hits that won’t hurt our lungs? Can we share them with our friends easily? 

    Water pipe acts like a communion when it relates to smoking. One can watch the smoke getting filtered through tiny bubbles and moving through different parts. Hence, it performs a dual function serving as a smoking device and an art piece. Watching the journey of smoke in a water pipe is truly a treat.  

    Filtration in Water Pipes:

    The weed smoke in water pipes is drawn to water in the water pipe before going into the lungs. When the smoke travels through water, it forms tiny bubbles. This causes the smoke to lose a lot of heat. It is beneficial as the cooler smoke is better for your body and does not hit hard on the lungs. The water filters large particles, particularly toxins. These toxins would have entered the body if you were using other smoking devices.

    Features of Water Pipe:

    The water pipe construction resembles that of Hookah, except that it is smaller and portable. The water pipe is constructed using a water and air-tight vessel having a bowl and stem. It guides the air downwards to the water level. During inhalation, air bubbles upward. The hole on the lower part water pipe above the water level is known as a carburetor or choke. 

    This hole is initially covered and then opened during smoking, which allows the smoke to travel into our respiratory system. If the water pipe does not have such a hole, the stem or bowl is removed, so the air moves through the hole holding the stem. 

    The smoker places the cannabis or any other herb in the tube and inhales the smoke. It is made of glass or plastic, using a stem, bowl and water to produce smoke. The water in it clogs the water-soluble molecules and heavy particles that prevent their entry into the smoker’s airway.

    Most water pipes are heat resistant as they are made from borosilicate glass that helps them withstand repeated heat exposure and usage without getting damaged. After packing the bowl and putting water inside, the cannabis is lit. The smoke is then drawn from the water providing a smoother than other smoking methods. Smokers will inhale in the water pipe, so smoke bubbles start coming from the stem; after producing an adequate amount of smoke, the carb is uncovered, allowing the inhaling of smoke.

    Benefits of Water Pipes:

    Wzater pipes are preferred over other smoking devices due to their various benefits. They have a filtering effect that makes them healthier than other smoking devices.

    • One of the worth-mentioning benefits of Water pipes is that they are user-friendly. It is an easy way for new smokers to start smoking. The bubbles produced  during inhaling have a comparatively soothing impact on the throat compared to other cigars and cigarettes. Mild breaths for shorter periods ease the first-time smoking experience.
    • Smokers opt for water pipes as they don’t irritate the throat, which cigarettes, cigars and Tobacco do. The warm water in the water pipe kills the bacteria that provides hygienic inhalation, and the cool water cools the smoke so that it would be very harsh on the lungs. This process decreases the chances of common smoke-related diseases like bronchitis.
    • Glass water pipes help to reduce the additional toxins and chemicals other homemade plastic or aluminum Spoon Pipes cannot.
    • They can filter various carcinogens during inhalation, lowering the smoker’s chances of illness. Water pipes circulate the smoke faster and deeper into the lungs.
    • They are a friendly, cheap, accessible and aesthetic alternative to smoking.
    • They are healthier than other smoking methods as water pipes can trap nearly 90% of toxins that would otherwise enter directly into the lungs. When marijuana smoke is passed through water, it removes cytotoxins that damage your immune system.
    • Smoking through a water pipe is particularly beneficial for smokers with immunodeficiency.
    • You don’t need any additional equipment or skills to use them.
    • For people who don’t want to spend a lot of money but want to try smoking cannabis, then Water pipes are the best option for them. 

    Why are water pipes a Must-Have for Every Smoking Collection?

    Due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance, water pipes are a must in every smoker’s collection. Water pipes give several benefits to their users. Hence, it can prove an aesthetic addition to the smoker’s collection. 

    Their designs deviate from regular beaker types and straight tubes. These features help the water pipe to cool and filter the smoke. It helps to make purer and cooler smoke. As most of them are made of glass, they are available in various sizes, colors, designs and shapes. Customers can customize water pipes according to their tastes and interests.

    Portable Water Pipes for Every Occasion:

    Portable water pipes have a compact design that can easily fit into your purse or pocket. They sometimes have powerful LED lights that display relaxation sensations and vibration colors, making the smoking experience more enjoyable. 

    They are lightweight, bottle-shaped and compact, which you can place in your bag, car cup holder or pocket. This feature helps the customer to enjoy intense and quick puffs during travel, at the beach, hanging out with friends, in theaters or on any other occasion. Water pipes are compact and provide dense vapor clouds and a strong aroma. Hence, Portable water pipes are perfect for every occasion.

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