Bongs 14" Straight Tube Bong with Perc

14" Straight Tube Bong with Perc

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This is the perfect modified straight tube bong for anyone who loves a good straight shooter. Standing at 14 inches tall, this piece by Bougie Glass is beautifully made. Smoke will travel down the slitted downstem to break up in the base before traveling up to the tree perc above. The thick base fo this bong makes it a sturdy option, not easy to topple.

An ice catcher at the top saves room for an ice cube or two, but also works as a splash guard. The bougie logo on the base, tube, and matching bowl, give this piece an elegance that wouldn't be there otherwise. Pick this beauty up today with free shipping included!


  • Height: 14 Inches
  • Joint: 18mm Female
  • Includes: 18/14mm LoPro Downstem & Matching Bowl