Bongs 25" Quad Tree Perc Straight Tube

25" Quad Tree Perc Straight Tube

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Looking for a big bong for your smoking collection? Consider this monster straight tube that includes not one, not three, but FIVE percs! The filtration starts at the base of this 25" beast, where smoke and water first meet in the main chamber through a removable 4" 18mm to 14mm female naturally aspirated downstem housing a colored glass 14mm male bubble bowl. The next 4 chambers each contain their own 10-arm tree perc guaranteeing one of the smoothest hits you'll ever pull. The smoothness does not stop there however, because this superbong features a 3-pinch ice catcher at the base of the colored mouthpiece. 

This piece is handmade and may vary slightly in height and color.

  • Five Perc Filtration
  • 25 Inches Tall
  • Four 10-Arm Tree Percs
  • Removable 4" Naturally Aspirated Downstem
  • Colored Glass Accents
  • 3 Pinch Ice Catcher
  • Matching 14mm Bubble Bowl