Bongs 6.7" Lemon Theme Glass Bong

6.7" Lemon Theme Glass Bong

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Another uniquely designed fruit-themed glass water pipe on Puffingbird!

This lemon theme bong is made from high-quality worked glass by exquisite technology which makes it looks like a real juicy lemon. The mouthpiece design as a straw shape which is placed on the top of the bong. It features a 14mm male joint which is suitable for mostly 14mm female bong bowls or quartz bangers on the market.

The standard accessory for this little guy is a lovely 14mm female kiwi glass bowl, or you can choose one quality

quartz banger

on Puffingbird.
  • Standard Accessory: 1x 14mm Female Glass Bowl
  • Height: 6.69"/ 17cm
  • Weight: 173.7g
  • Extra Thick Glass Bong
  • Lemon Theme Bong
  • Heady Glass
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • Straight Neck
  • Dual-Purpose, Good For Flowers&Concentrates
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