Bongs 8" Mini Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass

8" Mini Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass

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This 8 inch beaker bong by Diamond Glass is a beautiful combination of simplicity and style. This pint-sized bong is made from 5mm borosilicate glass in a traditional beaker shape for excellent durability and stability. A diffused downstem delivers simple, low-maintenance percolation with a colored rim on the mouthpiece to add flair. 

Featuring an ice catcher and included a funnel bowl, this piece is the perfect personal daily driver and the beaker design makes it an easy to clean bong. Enjoy masterful craftsmanship from a trusted brand, all without breaking the bank with this dependable little chugger.


  • Diffused downstem for added filtration
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate
  • Includes: 18/14mm LoPro Downstem & Matching Bowl
  • Color of the trim may vary