Hand Pipe Asymmetric Illusion Hand Pipe

Asymmetric Illusion Hand Pipe

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The Asymmetric Illusion Hand Pipe has a rose gold, mirror-like face. Bright enough to see your reflection, pockets of gold can be found throughout this section of the spoon. The bowl and body of this hand pipe are white with a honeycomb-like appearance even though all the glass is smooth to the touch. On the opposite side of the carb hole are three raised glass marbles to help with gripping the Asymmetric Illusion Hand Pipe. This spoon pipe is 4.5" long and the head is about 2.5" wide.

  • Raised Glass Marbles
  • Rose Gold Front
  • Mirror-Like Face
  • White Honeycomb Body
  • Side Carb
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Width: 2.5"