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Avida’s new Spearmint-flavored Tincture offers the best of both worlds: a mint flavor like no other, and a full spectrum CBD experience that’s pure, satisfying, and rich in terpenes and beneficial plant compounds. This product has been manufactured with the latest, most advanced Avida Core Spectrum technology, and has been lab-tested by reliable third parties to ensure that it’s up to the standards of Avida’s legion of customers. The compounds in this tincture (which include various phyto-cannabinoids) act in harmony to create what is called the “entourage effect,” in which various molecules act in harmony to restore a sense of balance to your body. The spearmint flavor is light but unmistakable, engineered to make the otherwise cumbersome process of ingesting tincture fluid a pleasant one (it also comes with a graduated dropper, so you know that the dose you’re taking is accurate). Be sure to start with one full dropper a day, broken into halves at the beginning and end of each day. This product is both gluten and BPA free. Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of the sun.

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